Building Brand Awareness? Look No Further Than Custom Tote Bags

Custom tote bags have been a successful marketing tool in trade shows for decades, and YES, they can be used successfully when building brand awareness, learn how.

Building Brand Awareness? Look No Further Than Custom Tote Bags

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As a founder or a CEO, how well do you recognize the importance of tote bags as an effective tool for building your brand? Whether out on the streets or at events or gatherings, our eyes cannot help but be drawn to what other people are wearing or carrying. We are naturally more likely to try out attractive things we have seen for ourselves (including custom tote bags used by other people).

At conferences or events, you may notice that business-minded organizations often give out tote bags to the participants. Well, behind the giveaways lie achievable marketing goals.

Are you looking forward to building a humongous business brand? Well, worry not! This article explains why you should look no further than custom tote bags.

What Are Custom Tote Bags?

As simple as they seem to be, custom tote bags are actually more complex than you think. These are usually small (but sometimes large) bags which feature a pair of handles on their sides. Another distinguishing feature of tote bags is the fact that they don’t usually come with fasteners or zippers; they are usually open at the top.

If you’re wondering how tote bags came by that name, then you have to look back into the 17th century. Around that time, “tote” was a term that meant to “to carry”. Sometime in the 1900s, the idea of tote bags became popular. This growing popularity stemmed from the convenience of the bags, exemplified by their astounding versatility and sturdiness. When they were launched, many women started using tote bags as their favorite handbags.

The Importance of Tote Bags in Building Brand Awareness

In the world today, many organizations and individuals attach different meanings to tote bags. Consequently, tote bags are becoming multipurpose items found at the center of storage and branding. Want to buy an awesome tote bag? Check out bespoke canvas bags.

Tote bags can help your business to grow its visibility in the following ways:

Boosts Brand Awareness

How will people discover your brand if you don’t let them know about it? Custom tote bags are designed to carry the logo and tagline of your business. When you give them out to your clients, tote bags act as vehicles for promotion by getting your brand noticed at every location the users go to.

No wonder some companies see tote bags as mobile billboards.

Affordable Means of Advertising

Because they are relatively inexpensive to produce, an investment in tote bags won’t put much of a strain on the financial resources of a company. This budget-friendliness is a plus for awareness creation, without high costs. Cheaper tote bags can be purchased for less than a dollar. Meanwhile, they take awareness of your brand to new places. On the other hand, digital advertising is somewhat expensive.


Made from jute, cotton or other biodegradable materials, tote bags are friendly to the environment. Moreover, they can be re-used several times without wearing out.

The effect of plastic pollution has been gaining significant attention recently. Tote bag recipients would probably endorse your company if they realized that your business cares for nature.

Suits Different Groups of People

Apart from their versatile storage uses, tote bags appeal to many different kinds of people; the old and the young, males and females etc. In the United States of America, over 57% and 42% of women and men use promotional bags respectively.

In conclusion, the custom tote bags are worth the money for brands that are looking forward to converting conference attendees into loyal customers. Awareness creation through tote bags can make that happen. Manufacturers like Rocket Bags UK can help you customize your promotional tote bags for giveaways.