Marketing and Mandalorians: Lessons From the New “Star Wars” Series

Marketing lessons from Mando and Baby Yoda that you can apply to your small business marketing plan today.

Marketing lessons from Mando and Baby Yoda

Image: © Disney

By Jessica Larson,

The new hit series from Disney+ is taking the nation by storm with its action-packed sequences, “Star Wars” storyline, and of course, the adorable Baby Yoda. While the 30-minute segments are certainly entertaining, “The Mandalorian” also offers plenty to learn. Looking beyond the science fiction story, viewers can glean valuable marketing lessons and tips from the hit series.

Be Part of Something Big

While “Mando” works on individual missions and pursues specific bounties, he ends up becoming part of a greater plan. What is the role of The Child (aka Baby Yoda), and what part will Mando play in the fate of the galaxy? That has yet to be revealed, but he’s undoubtedly dedicated to taking part in something big. Your product or service can be, too. If your company has an overarching goal or vision, don’t be afraid to share it. Be passionate about your mission and proudly promote it to your customer base. You’ll never know what might connect you to something big.

Protect What’s Important

If only we all had an adorable Baby Yoda to protect and call our own! Unfortunately, many of us have to settle for a business or product we care about just as strongly. In marketing, your word and integrity mean everything. Be sure to protect your morals, ideals, and beliefs like your life depends on it. If you don’t protect what is sacred in your business, you’ll be left with nothing in the end. Once you shatter a reputation, it can be almost impossible to rebuild.

Eliminate the Clutter

With everything going on in the galaxy, it’s pretty easy for Mando to get distracted. Yet, by following his rock-solid code of ethics, he’s able to stay focused on what is important. The same can be said for your own business. Don’t get distracted and weighed down by clutter surrounding you, whether it’s metaphorical or physical. If debris is scattered across your storefront or workspace, it might be time to clear out the old to make room for the new. Hire a dumpster for your office to get rid of useless flotsam that is weighing you, and your company, down.

Focus on Substance, Not Appearance

Consider the appearance of the Mandalorians. The members of this elusive tribe all look nearly identical, but they’re able to accomplish some pretty remarkable feats. On the flipside, if your product or service can’t meet expectations, it really doesn’t matter what it looks like. Don’t worry so much about appearances; focus instead on the substance within. A solid product or service speaks for itself.

Never Stop Evolving

Our Mandalorian friend had a good thing going. He took assignments, completed them, got paid, then set off to find another bounty. But when he encountered Baby Yoda, his whole life changed — and really, who could blame him? In an instant, he changed his entire life to focus on a greater cause. Don’t be afraid to do the same with your marketing plan. Because of the ever-changing nature of business, marketing a successful brand is about staying agile and adaptive. Be ready to evolve at a moment’s notice to deal with fluctuating market trends and conditions.

Find Help Wherever You Can

Even when all hope is lost for Mando, he seems able to find help from the most unlikely sources. The simple fact that a fearsome bounty hunter and a small, wrinkly, green child can work together speaks volumes. You never know where that help might come from, so it’s important to not rule out the possibility of finding it in unexpected places. In marketing, you’re not going to be the expert on everything, so it’s more than all right to ask for help. Sometimes, it’s necessary. Don’t burn your bridges, and keep your social channels open.

Remember: Character Matters

The Mandalorians follow a strict code of ethics to help dictate their day-to-day lives. While your own code doesn’t have to be nearly as rigid, it’s still important to respect yourself and take care of your own affairs. Your word and reputation mean everything in marketing and in personal life, too. Watching and building your credit score is a great way to help build your reputation. Not only is your credit score a reflection of your character, but it also can help save you time and money, and prevent unnecessary distractions in the future.

Don’t Rely Solely on Technology

Although Mando has a pretty cool arsenal of weapons and gear, he’s wary of droids and doesn’t trust their programmed technology. You can apply these same principles to your own business. Use technology when you can to assist you, but don’t forget how to perform tasks the old-fashioned way. Be ready to roll up your sleeves when necessary and dive into your business, unassisted by modern-day help. Not only will you be able to keep your business running if technology stops working, but you’ll understand the process better if you know the mechanisms and methodologies behind the tech.

Promote Your Brand

One thing “Star Wars” certainly gets right is its ability to self-promote. Everything from the recognizable title font to the trademark scrolling opening sequences to the adorable and absurd Baby Yoda ears: It’s always distinctive. Treat your company and business the same way by creating a brand all your own. You want people to be able to recognize your product or service instantly, so use your own branding on products whenever possible. Everything from promotional items to marketing materials should include your company’s brand and image.

As entertaining as “The Mandalorian” is, there are also valuable lessons any marketing professional can take away from the show. Emulating Mando and his ideals can lead to success in marketing your product or service. By staying true to your mission, focusing on the bigger picture, and looking for help in unexpected places, you can make your own marketing efforts pay big dividends.