How To Use TikTok For Lead Generation: 6 Powerful Ways That Actually Work

What’s that app your kids are always on? TikTok, that’s it — learn how to use TikTok for Lead Generation with these 6 Powerful Methods.

How To Use TikTok For Lead Generation

Famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the go-to networks to generate leads through social media. Then, there is a new small kid in the space – TikTok.


The TikTok app crossed over 1.6 billion downloads and has nearly 850 million users active every month globally. A user on TikTok spent about 52 minutes every day on TikTok. Now the platform is more than that what they seem to be. Brands or businesses can use the TikTok marketing strategy to generate leads and hike their conversions.


Here are the six powerful ways to use the TikTok for lead generation.
Let’s jump in.


1. Use Ads On TikTok

It’s the fastest way for lead generation on the platform. TikTok advertisements help the brands to reach their targeted audience. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is; advertisements on TikTok help you gain sales and lead generation.


Using these ads, you can also grow your brand awareness, collect audience information, and direct users on the platform to your targeted page.


For TikTok ad creation, you need to have a business account on TikTok. And always choose the correct advertising objective, and it should match your lead generation campaign’s goal. There are three objectives available to you to choose from:

  • Conversions
  • App Installs
  • Traffic


2. Ad a Link In Your TikTok Bio

Whenever a TikTok user gets your content more exciting, their first move is to check your TikTok bio. Utilize it by adding a clickable link in your TikTok bio section.


It helps you to bring more traffic to your targeted page. If you market any product on the feed section, you can use CTA(Call To Action) in your uploads to get the viewers to your clickable link. So, you can quickly turn your viewers into customers.


3. Optimize Your Target Page For More Conversion

When a TikTok user taps the clickable link in your bio or ads, they redirect to your targeted page. It’s more important to optimize your target pages for higher conversions.


It’s a waste if you direct massive traffic to your targeted pages that are not converting. Targeted pages are the most critical part of lead generation, so it’s more important to get it right.


4. Utilize The Challenges Option On TikTok

Challenges on TikTok, both sponsored or organic, are a superb way to increase generated leads and brand awareness on TikTok.


Hashtag challenges are viewed by a massive crowd who might turn into potential clients. Probably, the other videos in your channel will get TikTok likes and shares in large amounts hence boosting overall engagement. Brands who need to cover the teens should add the challenges to their generating leads strategy. 


     Participate In a Famous Challenge On TikTok

Challenges are the active activity on TikTok. It’s more important to participate in the challenges while they are still viral on TikTok. Here is a simple step to find a famous challenge on TikTok:

  • You will get the content suggestions you like on the FYP(For You page) on TikTok. The page content fits your preference if you follow many accounts on the network.
  • You can also get the trending challenges in the sound section. If you tap the famous sound from the list, you can get all the video contents with the selected sound. 


     Create Your Unique Branded Challenge On TikTok

Make sure that it fits your lead generation campaign’s goal when you create a unique branded challenge. With your precise plan, you can successfully measure the campaign. For instance, if you are marketing fitness products, then excitingly challenge the fitness tools.


Here are a few ways you can boost your challenge on TikTok:

  • Utilize the famous influencers from your niche or industry to boost your challenge.
  • Utilize the ads on the platform to boost your challenge.
  • Make your challenges into a competition. Offer some prizes to the participants who obey the challenge rules perfectly. 


5. Join Hands With Influencers On The Platform

Partnering with influencers helps you to reach a vast audience, gains ROI, and generates quality leads. A report delivers that Influencer marketing is a 12% greater ROI than traditional marketing platforms.


     Pick the Micro-Influencers

It’s best to join hands with micro-influencers when it comes to TikTok’s lead generation. They have a better engagement rate than the macro-influencers. Macro-influencers help you to reach a massive audience, but it’s needed for the lead generation. 


Micro-influencers build separate relationships with their followers because they are lesser in number. Their fans are authentic and provide the best opportunity to generate quality leads.


6. Build a Content Strategy On TikTok

You want a great content strategy to gain customer engagement. Perfect content on the platform can attract more leads easily.


Here are some tricks you can follow while creating content:


     Select Your Topic

TikTok is a short-term video content platform where you can use your creative ideas to build your brand, products, and industry using video content. If you can’t find the content that your audience loves, notice the competitors from your niche get the content they make.

Brands mostly upload in these topics:

  • BTS(Behind The Scenes) content
  • Company Culture
  • UGC(User-Generated Content)
  • Customer Stories


     Uploading Schedule

You need to upload frequently to get the lead generation capabilities on TikTok. You want to upload more than one video every day. You will get more engagement on TikTok if you upload more content.


     Go Live On TikTok

The platform gives brands an extra opportunity for engagements. Ensure that you have a strong plan before going live on the platform. Add CTA(Call To Action) at every live session’s end. Go live at least one time every week for productive lead generation.


     Engage With Audience

It is an easy step but more successful for the lead generation. It’s a social media platform, so you want to carefully look at the “social” spot. Responding to the comments is the simplest way to engage with your fans. It’s easy and also a joy to do.

Here are some tricks you can comment on while responding:

  • Reply with a funny GIF
  • Attach emojis
  • Make like to their comments
  • Ask follow-up question


Summing Up

TikTok is the quickest growing social media platform across the globe. It’s a perfect spot for lead generation and gaining brand awareness when it is used in the right way. From advertisements on TikTok to working with the right influencers, there are numerous opportunities to generate leads.


A primary key is to create creative contents to cover the targeted people’s attention. Also, don’t forget to join hands with influencers that fit right for your business or brand.


We hope these six powerful ways to use TikTok for lead generation will help boost your business. Practice these powerful methods yourself to generate more leads on the platform.