Tips for Using IP Data to Drive Marketing Campaigns

With more companies and browsers restricting third-party surveillance, using IP Data is going to be essential in capturing customer data for marketing.

Using IP Data

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

By 2023, many more companies are going to be joining Apple, Mozilla, and others in restricting third-party surveillance in their browsers.

What does this mean for data-driven marketing’s future? Do you still have the resources to pinpoint your precise audience and gauge the success of your campaign?

The answer is categorically YES for the following reason:

Third-party cookies are not the only source of data. For instance, IP data, which is pervasive and permanent, is extremely beneficial to marketers since it can be used to enhance targeting, evaluate inventory quality (for instance, by identifying counterfeit impressions), drive campaign performance, and link business outcomes to certain channels. Additionally, IP data offers detailed profiles of individuals when combined with your first-party data or other pr