Types of Video Content Proven to Attract Viewers

Making smart video content decisions is the key to relaying your brand message in the right way to attract the right viewers, keep reading.

Types of Video Content Proven to Attract Viewers


If a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth millions. Every business that hopes to get some traction and compete for clients online is investing in video content. However, just making videos isn’t enough.

Identifying the best types of videos that will work for you, your business and capture the attention of your potential clients is the secret sauce to making smart video content decisions and saving on your budget. As any video production company in Houston will tell you, not all types of video content have the same results. It’s imperative for you to choose video content that gives you value for money and will catch on quick.

To help you along this journey, below are some types of videos your audience will love. With a little infusion of creativity, and good quality videos, you will have traffic flowing to your website, growing your business in no time.



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There are way too many blog posts on the internet. Compared to vlogs, blogs take longer to read and the content is harder for the reader to digest. Vlogs are far better for consuming information because they don’t take as much time and you can pack a lot of information into short videos, give your brand a personality and have high engagement (if done right).

Many companies today are spending a fortune to create polished introductions for their businesses and product demonstrations. And while these may be working for them, it important to stress on how affordable vlog production can be.

Using a smartphone with a good quality camera, you can shoot a 5 minute video that will portray you as a real person rather than a brand ambassador paid to sell the business.

Instead of blog posts, you can invest in great vlogs that have more personality, take a fraction of the time to watch and have better engagement from the viewers.

Culture Videos

Your company’s culture is the magic in successful brand videos. It’s what will get potential clients intrigued about your brand, products and services. While a multitude of multi-nationals portray the perfect story and culture, yours doesn’t have to be the same.

The whole idea of having a company culture and sharing it with the world is to display your unique personality as a business. It gives your clients something they can relate to and gives your brand depth and a unique feel.

Work with what you have. Those birthday parties in the office, game days and pranks provide you with plenty of content to build a culture around. Everything doesn’t always have to be perfect. In any case, some of the biggest inventions and innovations in the world were preceded by mistakes.

The best thing about culture videos is, they’re not only for the clients. They can also attract potential talent which makes it easy for you to recruit top talent.


Interview Videos

Interview Videos

Interview videos are a perfect way of stamping your authority in the industry.


Well, you can start by interviewing other leaders and authorities in the industry. Interview videos are designed to complement funny and humorous videos. More to this, they help in building lasting relationships in the industry which is great for business.

A good interview should feel more like a vlog. As an interviewer, your one job is to get your interviewee talking. Ask questions that matter and that you know your audience would like answers to. You could ask your audience to send a list of questions before hand or you could research and anticipate it all by yourself.

Another benefit of interview videos is that your guests will also share the interview video with their audience (who are your target audience since you are in the same industry). This expands your reach without having to spend more on adverts.


An Event Video

Event Video

An event video will cover everything that happens at your corporate event. In comparison to other videos, an event video will cost you a pretty penny. It requires a whole crew with multiple cameras to pull it off. However, as Instagram’s 15 second videos and vines 6 second videos grow in popularity, more and more companies are starting to use snippets of their events.

An event video takes the party to your viewers who for whatever reason couldn’t make it. Additionally, it extends the reach of your event to your intrigued followers. It’s also a great way to flaunt your success.



Presentation videos are a great way to throw your brand out there and capture the attention of people who might or might not be interested in the brand. They are more like Ted Talks and if properly scripted and carefully planned, they can be impressive and useful.

Presentation videos can be of anything from facts and figures about milestones your business recently reached to innovations and new ways you intend to use to grow your business and improve customer experience. They are the perfect tools to make your audience feel like they are part of your business.


Product Reviews

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These types of videos are popular in the tech world as well as for marketing eCommerce sites. If your audience trusts you, do them a favor by reviewing products that they will love. They could save themselves a lot of research by relying on your recommendation.

You can start by reviewing some of your popular products or something you hope to be releasing soon. With Product reviews, the angles are unlimited. You can even ask your viewers what they would like to see you review next if you run short of ideas.

In addition to the potential traction these videos can give you, review videos are also a great way to help your viewers gain knowledge and make the right decision on things they are not savvy about. It’s a great way to build and help your audience.

Clearly, there are lots of types of videos you could leverage to grow your company and brand. The beauty of it all is that you can start now. But remember to create videos that are of value to your viewers otherwise they’ll be useless.