3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Top Quality Video Production

Producing Top Quality Video means reaching more people, establishing trush and credibility with your audience and ultimately more leads.


top quality video production

When it comes to predicting the future of marketing, some will argue that it is visual.

I will take that one step further and say that high quality video is the future of marketing.

Through innovative, clever and well-curated visuals, paired with high quality sound and a pertinent message, businesses can reach audiences they couldn’t before.



All businesses can benefit from top quality video production. Read about 3 ways video can aid your marketing endeavors.



Video content for businesses: what does it look like?


With social media being so prevalent in contemporary business, the scope for brands to flex their creativity and reach larger audiences is boundless.

More and more businesses are harnessing video to deliver their pitch and shine a spotlight on their services, and are sharing video across a multitude of social media platforms (namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest).


Videos for marketing purposes can take all shapes and sizes, but to be received well on social media it should be between 30 and 90 seconds in length.

In terms of a restaurant business, for example, video content could be a behind-the-scenes look at the chefs preparing their signature dishes; a beauty brand may create a mini video series that demonstrates how to use a product; a marketing consultancy may produce something abstract with few words.

What you create depends completely on your business and the audience you are targeting.


If you’re unsure about what video marketing content your business should produce, utilize the expertise of a professional video production company.



Three reasons your business should leverage video content


  1. Through video you can showcase products and services


When creating a video for your business, you should think of it as delivering a pitch.

The power of video means that, if done well, it can capture an audience a lot quicker than stand-alone words can (written or verbal).

Humans are visual beings and respond positively to well-curated images and sound. Therefore, showcasing your products or services through visuals is a great opportunity.


The style of your video depends wholly on your business, industry, your services/products and your audience demographic.

For example, if your business is professional and deals in topics that are more serious in nature, your video content will be different in style to that of a business whose ethos is about lightheartedness and fun.

In other words, video marketing will mean something different to, say, an insurance company than it will to an ice cream cafe or a gift shop.

That being said, there is opportunity to harness video in whatever industry niche, and all businesses can find benefit.


  1. Through video you can tell a story


Through high resolution video, premium sound quality and a powerful story, you can capture the imagination of an audience.

Just think about the rapid growth of YouTubepeople love to learn about new experiences and see behind the scenes.


Video is a powerful way to communicate the message and ethos of your business; it takes a matter of seconds to project a feeling and provoke an emotional reaction.

On social media users are not “reading” anymore, they are “skimming” and “scrolling” at high speeds.

Your aim should be to create visual content that halts users in their tracks (aka stop their fingers scrolling).


  1. Through video you can increase your brand’s reputation



Association is key when you’re selling a brand, and that’s why you should always endeavor to associate your business with quality.

If you produce well-considered, interesting, engaging marketing content, people will associate your brand with high quality.

On the other hand, if your online image is shoddy, unprofessional or misjudged, consumers will assume your products and services are of a similar caliber.

This is why it’s imperative that everything you put out to your market with your name on should be carefully considered and planned.


Implementing high quality video production into your marketing strategy will position your business as contemporary, digitally savvy, abreast of online trend forecasts and, most importantly, trustworthy.

Even if you think your industry isn’t the typical fit for creative videos, you should look as it as an opportunity.

In fact, if video marketing is not common in your industry, you should consider it as a way to stand out among your competitors and capture the zeitgeist.



Content marketing is the future


Today’s contemporary consumers demand creativity and innovation; traditional marketing is now antiquated and does not always secure sales.

This is because the younger generations are digital natives. They are more attuned to sales approaches and can recognize when they are being sold to. Therefore, in order to connect with and engage younger audiences, you need to offer them something in return, and this is where content marketing comes in.


Content marketing comes in many forms – news articles, blog posts, “how-to” guides, images, video, podcasts, etc. – and provides value to the consumer.

For example, if your business is an dentist surgery, you could create content that gives free advice around dental hygiene and tips for preventing tooth decay.


The reason this works so well is that by creating high authority content that is well-researched, informative and is built around a keyword strategy, you will capture the search queries of many online users. Thus, the more people who interact with your content, the more people will become acquainted with your services.


Furthermore, if you create good content, in any form, people will feel inclined to “like” it, “comment” on it and “share” it, which will give your brand greater exposure and increase its awareness.

(Note: be sure to include links in your posts and add CTAs to drive users to your website.)





By leveraging video marketing, your business can reach new heights.

If produced well and shared effectively online, you can reach wider audiences, increase your brand awareness, generate more leads and stand out among your competition.


Nowadays, most people have access to an advanced smartphone, so there’s really no excuse not to produce top quality video content.