5 Tips and Tricks to Get High Product Reviews on Amazon

When selling on Amazon one of the most crucial first steps to building a successful product is to get product reviews on Amazon; which isn’t super easy.

5 Tips and Tricks to Get High Product Reviews on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be a powerful revenue generator.

That being said, with multiple sellers trying to get your customer’s attention, you need to have a winning strategy that offers value to your customers, increase conversion rate, and get ahead of the competition.


Customer reviews bear a lot of weight in the success of any online store. Product reviews on Amazon mean everything.

There are many factors that may go into how well your product is displayed on Amazon such as; price, description, and keywords, but aside from the price point, people are more influenced by product reviews than anything else.

Increasing your customer reviews on Amazon is a necessary skill every business owner needs in order to gain a competitive advantage. The vast majority of Amazon shoppers rely on product reviews or fulfillment by amazon (FBA) as their basis for their buying decisions.

Ultimately, if your product does not have any reviews on Amazon — it’s probably not going anywhere.


Since Amazon product reviews are the primary step to your shop gaining traction, it’s important to understand how to go about building them.

So, how can you gain more positive reviews to your products and gain more leverage in the online business world?

Well, there are actually several ways that are proven to work effectively in gaining more reviews of your products.

Here are five effective and proven methods on how to get product reviews on the Amazon Marketplace.


Method #1: Printed Messages

Insert printed messages or better yet, write personalized notes inside the package of your products before shipping out.

You can include product care and use instructions and customer care contact details in case the customer encounters a problem regarding the product. You can also lead them to a step by step basis on how to leave their feedback in your Amazon shop. Explain to your customers that their feedback matters most because it could be the basis for the improvement of their business products and services.

Keep your message concise and clear. However, do not offer the customer anything in return for their product reviews. This is against Amazon rules and term of service. Just make sure to stick to the basics but give emphasis on how you write it on the sheet.

You can always hire a graphic design company to help you develop a professional looking product insert design to gain more reviews for your goods. People trust a well-designed marketing material and will likely to respond on what was requested of them to do.

Method #2: Follow-Up Email Sequences

Follow-up email sequences are also known as drip campaigns. This is a marketing strategy that sends email messages to your customers during a designated period of time after they have purchased from your site. It is similar to the product insert strategy only done digitally.

Your email should contain your name, a simple introduction, applicable information about the product, useful guidelines, customer service support or any other content that helps your buyer’s life better.


Here are quick guidelines when constructing your follow-up email:


  • Simplicity is the key. Make it easy for people to take action. Avoid bombarding them with information overload. Make sure you write direct to the point and include only relevant details. If you write with too many flowery words, your clients may stop reading the mail at first sentence.
  • The subject line catches the click! Create something unique for your customers. You can add their name, some emojis or ask a question as your subject line. A study shows that 30% of opened marketing emails are from follow-up email with a question as the subject line.
  • Adapt your writing style to the target audience. With this said, you need to get to know your customers. By knowing who they are, you can use words that they can easily understand.
  • Avoid sending too many messages. Spam emails are truly annoying. Make sure your messages are valuable to your clients. Sending too many messages to your customers could hurt your product reviews as well. Limit your emails to as few as 3 messages- Purchase Confirmation, Purchase Follow-up, Product Review)


Many emails get marked as spam, so you need to make sure that you take the time to format them properly. If you keep it clear, catchy, and concise, you will have a higher possibility of getting clicked on.

Method #3: Create a Set of Complementing Products

Mix and match some products that could work together when used. Combining products can create value for your customers. Your customers could perceive higher value and could lead to greater customer satisfaction.

You can also include a small freebie to delight your customers with your thoughtfulness. A little personal touch can separate you from the competition. Your clients will remember you for that.

Method #4: Free E-Book and Contents

Most eBooks and contents are add-on products in most online shops. Include a simple content or ebook after the customer makes the sale. Surprising them with a freebie will delight them in many ways. After all who doesn’t want to get more than what they paid for!

Method #5: Prioritize Quality

You must source out quality products that you sell in your shop.

It’s easy to get people to leave a bad review for a crappy product.

Most people pay for quality, and it’s much harder to get them to rave about it — so your product has to be amazing quality. If you settle for the average, do you think people would give a positive review about it?

Would your products be beneficial to them?

  • So, sell only what works best and to your customer’s advantage.
  • Always make sure you have your clients in mind.
  • Highlight what problems your product can actually solve.
  • Include it in the details.

Customers will usually write about how the product performed the tasks it was made for.


Getting reviews on Amazon is still one of the most challenging goals that FBA sellers face. As time passes this task becomes even more difficult but, these five tested tips and tricks mentioned above will help your business get the high product reviews on Amazon that you’re in desperate need of.


Every seller is in the same boat. You can get ahead of your competitors by working a little bit harder and applying these tips. The more reviews you build the easier they come.