Top 25 eye-catchy business card design trends for 2021

Business card design is a real brand opportunity! Check out the top business card design trends for 2021 that will tie your brand together.

Top 25 eye-catchy business card design trends for 2021

The days of generic business or contact cards are long gone. Today, your business card needs to sell what you are selling and significantly impact the viewers’ minds. Instead of thinking of your business card design as an afterthought — think of it as an opportunity to showcase your brand.

Your business card design is like a handshake that leaves potential clients impressed and inclined towards choosing you over the rest.

A powerful yet simple and easy to read business card portrays you as a professional who is savvy and tasteful. It also shows potential leads that you are someone to do business with.

A great business card design is your calling card as an entrepreneur, quite literally. A well-executed business card design gives insight to people about your approach towards the business and leads them to think that if you can create an impressive business card, wonder what you accomplish for your clients. Each year comes with some great new business card design trends, with each trend spiking a wave of inspirations for many designs to come. 


Here we have 25 eye-catchy business card design styles all set, ready, and making the rounds for 2021.

These designs or their adaptations are bound to impress your clients:


1. Understated and Tasteful


When it comes to design, “Less is More” is a golden rule that always works. Appropriate and tasteful use of fonts, colors, white space makes the understated look a sellout. More companies are going with this clean look in order to communicate the necessary details such as name, phone number, email id, website, etc. while maintaining a sophisticated look in-line with their brand personality. 

understated business card design

Image Source: plantmade


2. Heavy and Strong Cardstock


Business owners often focus on a handful of aspects while designing a business card such as the Font, Colour, Layout, etc. Printing and Cardstock GSM are a few crucial features that are often overlooked in searching for a great business card design. Using the right cardstock can be instrumental in setting the right tone for your brand personality. Heavy and thick cardstock translate that your business stands for substance and quality, two essential qualities customers look for. Most businesses prefer a 24 point cardstock to create a lasting impression for their business. Ask your business card maker for some cardstock samples before choosing the one that suits your needs and meets the budget requirements. 

bold thick card stock

Image Source: Publicide


3. Die Cut Business Cards


Each day millions of business cards are exchanged worldwide, and most of them get lost amongst the piles of cards in a desk drawer, never to be seen again. Choosing a shape different from the generic rectangle for your business card gives it a finding chance. If you have a computer for graphic design, you can enhance your logo’s outline by adding it to the card design’s edge or even create a die-cut for the company’s initials. These add flair to the design and make the business card and, therefore, the business memorable. In case you do not wish to opt for a dramatic card shape, you can choose a portrait-style business card instead of the traditional landscape design. 

die cut business cards

Image Source: nvision-that


4. Big and Bold Typefaces


Companies usually avoid using bold designs, fearing it would come as too strong. In 2021, this trend seems to be changing, and more organizations are adopting the mantra of “Bold. Strong. Exceptional.” The key is to ensure that the card design’s solid colors are the same as used across all marketing tools such as brochures, posters, etc. You should use the same typeface being used in all other marketing campaigns to reinforce brand identity. 


5. Rustic and Natural style 


Vintage was the new look in 2020. What started as a somewhat whimsical theme trend for weddings and furniture has made its way to graphics as well. Today, companies are looking for a more rustic and natural style for their business cards to portray long-standing relations. 

rustic business cards

Image Source: autosmasestilo


6. Interactive Business Card


Business cards used to be a one-way communication platform where the business owners would share their details with prospective clients. The use of interactive design is one of the business card design trends which has reformed this. In 2019, you will find a lot of unique designs that are great for user engagement. Such designs make your business memorable for years to come if appropriately executed. 

interactive business card design

Image Source: feeldesain


7. Focus on Branding Elements


It is always recommended to keep in mind the various surfaces where you will be using your brand’s focal elements such as your logo. Hence as you set out to create a logo, consider how it can enhance a business card design. But in case you already have a logo design ready, and in place, you can add it cleverly on your business card to make a larger impact. Companies are now opting for designs with the branding elements as the star. 


8. Minimalist Design


Minimalist design trends have been gaining popularity not only for business cards but also when it comes to other marketing tools such as a logo or Email Signature. The clean and simple design makes it easier for users to focus on the relevant details such as your contact information, company details, etc. 


Minimalistic design settings also provide ample area to add clear and modern fonts in various settings. The designer can also add a single bright element to introduce intrigue or keep the design simple based on the client’s needs. 

minimalist business card design

Image Source: Creative Market


9. Bright Painted Edges


Edges were one of the most underutilized spaces of a business card design. But with the new trends of using a single color and bold typefaces, painted edges have emerged as the latest business card trends. Bright edges give a business card a distinctive look. It creates a unique visual element as compared to traditional business cards. 

painted edge business cards

Image Source: brokeradvocate


10. Artsy and Fashionable


The audience has a significant influence on the execution of a companies design. For instance, the first step you take towards building a brand is designing a logo, and the very first question a logo designer raises is the kind of audience you are targeting. 

Nowadays, companies have stepped out of the shadows of traditional cards that all looked the same, no matter the brand personality, product, or even the industry. Now, if you are dealing in areas such as fashion, home furnishings, handicrafts, etc., you can create your business card to mirror the tastes and preferences of your audience. 

artsy business card design

Image source: Zcache


11. Transparent and Clear Business Cards


The trend of using transparent and clear materials to design business cards is a breath of fresh air in the world of conventional business cards. Most of the business cards come off as similar, while clear cards have the potential to shine in the limelight. You can choose to keep your business card as entirely transparent or partially based on your design preferences. 

transparent business card design

Image source: Pinterest

Image Source: Cleverhippo


12. Recycled Cardstock


Companies are becoming environmentally friendly each year and looking for more ways to give back to nature. This also sends a powerful message to the audience that you care about the ecosystem and indulge in positive impact activities. Recycled printing materials are, therefore, no longer limited to paper bags and notepads in 2019. Now business cards printed over recycled cardstock are gaining popularity because of the environmental benefit as well as the potential to connect with the audience emotionally. 

recycled business card stock

Image Source: reubenmiller.typepad


13. Plantable Business Cards


What’s better than a business card that has contributed to the environment by being recycled? A business card that can be planted! The trend of plantable business cards is growing on people. The material is textured recycled paper with seeds embedded below the surface. All that needs to be done once the card has served its purpose is to tear it and bury it. This process forges a bond with the customer making your brand memorable for them. 

plantable business cards

Image Source: Stationary Scoop


14. Glow in the Dark


Who doesn’t love the glow in the dark elements? Business cards need not be serious; adding fun or humorous features can go a long way in adding to the brand’s memorability. This trend is undoubtedly staying with the companies for a while since more companies are opting for mirroring their brand personality in their marketing campaigns. 

Image Source: behance


15. Tearable Cards


A client will remember the cards which are not only relevant but also involves them taking action. For instance, this business card for a divorce lawyer can be torn in half and shared by both the parties. This would leave a lasting impression on the clients more than a conventional business card. The key is to note that both parts of the card have the contact details to still serve the purpose, even after being torn. 

terable business cards

Image Source: Pinterest


16. Multi-Tool Business Card


In 2020, companies were focused on lasting impressions. Multi-tool business cards provide users with small tools that can be used for performing some useful functions. Imagine how much impact it will make on your clients if your business card, instead of being tossed aside in a pile, becomes a keepsake for them. 


For instance, this business card can also be used in minor issues and maintenance of your bike. Apart from setting you apart from the crowd, such designs also help you convey your audience that you care about their convenience and needs. 

multi-tool business card

Image Source: sevenwaysto


17. Business Card that is also a Seed Packet


Another alternative to using a seed paper that eventually gets destroyed is creating a small sleeve that carries seeds. This would ensure that there is a contribution to the environment, and the client will also remember your brand for a long time. 

seed pack business cards

Image Source: Pinterest


18. Cards made up of Fabric instead of Cardstock.


When it comes to using recycled materials in the marketing, it is not limited to just paper. The latest trend for business cards, especially in the furnishings and fashion industry, uses fabric swatches from the leftover cloth to create attractive business cards. These industries run on creativity, and using fabric business cards provides a brand new avenue to showcase even more creativity. 

Image Source: Pinterest



19. Unusual Materials


Using unusual material for your business cards automatically provides an added advantage over everyone else. It makes your business card stand out and add an innovative touch to your marketing campaign. As you hire a freelancer or a graphic design services agency, sit with them and discuss at length how some unconventional materials can be utilized for your business cards. You can also use an online graphics tool such as Designhill and create your own simple design, which can then be printed on the surface you want for your business card. 


Some yoga studios consider creating business cards with rubber just like a yoga mat. A cheese store creating a business card shaped like a cheese grater and a protective sleeve is another example of how non-traditional materials can create some powerful and unique business cards while showcasing brand philosophy

Image Source: Jemome


 20. Edible Cards


Edible business cards are great for companies offering edible items. The business card can be your product samples such as chocolate, cookie/cracker, meat, or fruit leather with your information engraved on the surface. This sparks maximum engagement with the customer and ensures that they remember your business for a long time. Add to that the intrigue of trying more of the merchandise once they have had the first taste, and you have a lead conversion. The key is to make sure that the item has a longer shelf life and would be welcomed by the masses. 

Image Source: Pinterest


21. Sample Business Card 


Business cards serve the purpose of telling the prospective clients more about your business, sometimes even when you are not present there physically. There is no better way of introducing your company than serving a sample of your product along with your business card. For instance, this business card also doubles up as a teabag, which helps users sample the tea they offer. 

Image Source: Pinterest


22. Sliding Business Cards


Sliding business cards employ the effect of movement to capture users’ attention. It adds a playful or even whimsical element to the business card. The user can slide one part of the card to view contact information, or the sliding action can result in an implied message for the client. 


For instance, in this card design for Caroline Boisvert, a training and development consultant, designer Michel Valois was able to create something interactive, meaningful, unique, and yet simple at the same time in the form of a sliding business card. As the user slides up the tab to reveal Caroline’s name, it shows growth. They are able to convey that the growth has begun even as you make the first contact. Impressions like these may appear subtle but have a lasting impact in the long run, especially when it comes to branding. 

Image Source: Behance


23. Business card design with QR Code


The QR code is the new kid on the block. From payments, registration, identification to even tattoo designs, QR codes are everywhere. Adding a QR code that takes the user to your website is a new way of combining traditional and modern marketing techniques beautifully. 

Image Source: 708 Media


24. Thermo Sensitive Cards


What started as a unique business card trend for photographers initially has caught up with everyone else. The business cards made with black colored heat-sensitive material turn to different grey shades with various heat and finally white at body temperature. This is yet another trend coming up to interact with the clients using the business card. 

Image Source: Fast Company


25. Coaster Cards


Who would have thought coaster as business cards would be the talk of town one day? But today, more and more companies, especially the restaurants, event planners, caterers, etc. have embraced this trend for their business cards. Not only are the business cards reusable as coasters obviously, but they also act as great conversation starters at events when appropriately designed.  

Image Source: webfx


Final thought


Whether you think you need it or not, your business needs that boost of fresh energy that a creative business card design brings. Anything that gives your business an edge over the competition is always welcome. It also proves that you take the business seriously and are a professional through and through.

With great graphic design ideas on your side, you can create a unique and innovative identity for your business while generating leads simultaneously. The best part is you don’t have to be restricted to using the unsaid rules for designing a business card anymore. You can combine more than one of these trends for 2019 and create a spectacular design for your business card.