30 09, 2015

How To Ensure a Pain-Free Sign-Off Process

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There are many companies reluctant to let their marketing execs have free reign with their owned and earned media.This is understandable where reputations are easily won and lost. It doesn’t pay to give just anybody the keys to your website, email builder or social media channels and ask them to go at it. Social media [...]

29 09, 2015

How Can Data Turn Your Content into Marketing Gold?

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Data is the backbone of a good content plan. By analyzing what it shows, marketers can fuel content and get optimal results.Every marketer and their dog has heard that saying "content is king" but what is the best way to analyze the data behind that content to ensure it really does get the throne? According to [...]

7 09, 2015

What makes great marketing?

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In honour of the Masters of Marketing awards, Marketing Week caught up with some the members of the Masters jury, the 60+ group who will judge the entries, to ask them the simple but $100m question: what makes great marketing activity?This post, What makes great marketing, was first published on Econsultancy.Simon Carter, marketing director of Fujitsu [...]

25 08, 2015

Dealing With High Competition and High Costs Per Click

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When Google AdWords first began, not many businesses even had Web pages, and fewer still used the advertising tool. As a result, competition was relatively low for any business that did use Google AdWords. That, in turn, meant the cost was low too. However, things have changed and now, for many businesses, the cost per […]

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25 08, 2015

Integrated Marketing: Five Specialists Share Their Insights

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How do agencies approach integrated marketing, SEO, Web development and conversion rate optimization? We asked these digital specialists in the U.K. to tell us: Why is Search Phrase Analysis Data Important when Planning the Information Architecture of a Site? MediaVision CEO Louis Venter Search phrase analysis is one of the quickest and most accurate consumer […]

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24 08, 2015

Searchmetrics Search Ranking Factors 2015: What You Need to Know

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Few industries change as regularly as marketing. We’re kept on our toes constantly by audiences, technology and search engines, among so many other outside factors. To continue being successful, we have to keep up. That’s why the release of the latest Searchmetrics Ranking Factors report is so important. The document is packed with useful data […]

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24 08, 2015

The Single Most Powerful Word In Marketing

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Are you familiar with the most powerful word in marketing? It’s not the four-letter word typically associated with that claim. For years, you’ve probably heard that the most powerful word is “free.” Other people will suggest that it’s “sex” or something similarly salacious. But the fact remains that no word is as effective at grabbing […]

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24 08, 2015

8 Tips from GQ for Crafting Great Headlines

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It’s every writer’s nightmare: you create an article that seems perfect and you expect your readers to love it. Instead, you click “publish” and you can virtually hear the crickets chirping. Hours go by and still, nothing happens. Don’t despair though; it’s likely that the issue isn’t your writing. More likely than not, the problem […]

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27 10, 2014

Tips For Creating An Impactful Sales Sheet

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A well-thought-out sales sheet is an important marketing tool for introducing your new products to potential buyers. Think of a sales sheet as a polished, concise, and compelling sales pitch. With the right information, a sales sheet can be more effective in drumming up interest and pre-orders than costly prototypes – allowing you to work [...]

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