create a sales sheet with impactA well-thought-out sales sheet is an important marketing tool for introducing your new products to potential buyers. Think of a sales sheet as a polished, concise, and compelling sales pitch. With the right information, a sales sheet can be more effective in drumming up interest and pre-orders than costly prototypes – allowing you to work smarter, minimize risk, and free up precious capital.

So what do you need to create an impactful sales sheet?
You should provide enough information on your sales sheet for a buyer to clearly understand your product, its intended market, and how to contact you for more information.

Great Pictures
A picture really is worth a thousand words: seeing what the product looks like, how it functions, and how it can be displayed in a retail environment are crucial in making a sale. Even without a prototype, many designers can create digital renderings and that illustrate the product, its packaging, and display. For retailers, understanding what the packaging looks like and how the product can be displayed are just as important, if not more so, than the product itself.

A Benefit Statement
Coming second only to your company logo and product name is your product’s benefit statement. It is important to define what your product offers to the marketplace that no other product has. You may also include the target demographic for your product, which can help a potential buyer decide if your product is a good fit for their stores. In other words, answer the question “why should a retailer carry your product?” This statement should be as simple and clear as possible.

A Call to Action
So you have photos to show what your product looks like, you have defined who the product is for and what differentiates it from others, now you need a call to action – what do you want the reader to do with this information? For a sales sheet, the most obvious call to action is to contact you for further information or to place an order. Other examples would be to visit your website, attend a demonstration during a trade show, or subscribe to a newsletter for product development updates.

Contact Information
The last component to a great sales sheet is your contact information! How can an interested party reach you? Some people prefer phone while others prefer email, so for your contact information to be most effective, be sure to offer contact options, as well as your full name and job title. It doesn’t hurt to also list a web address where interested parties can find additional information or resources.

Remember, your sales sheet can be a huge asset in generating interest in a new product. Because it is such an important marketing tool, be sure to put extra thought into crafting your message and presenting your product in the best possible light. Many design agencies can help you create an effective sales sheet if you want a professional and polished document.

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