SEO Link Building is necessary to increase traffic to your business website

While SEO link building has remained essential to ranking content, the subtle tactics of what types of links and where they come from has changed, find out what link building practices your business should be using.

SEO link building

Digital marketing is all about making sure that your website is visible to your audience where they spend their time. Whether it is search engines, clients and customers must be able to find your brand easily online. Digital marketing professionals continue to develop many different strategies to ensure that their client’s business websites are correctly optimized for search engines. However, when it comes to the nuts and bolts of organic search optimization the strategy of publishing great content backed by proper link building is a core technique that isn’t going away.

Link building is one of the most discussed techniques in regards to increasing website traffic. Unfortunately it’s not always clear how one should go about link building, so this article is going to cover the best link building techniques and how you ought to be using backlinks to generate more website traffic to your business.

Proper SEO Link Building – Knowing Good Links from Bad Links

Over the last decade, one thing that digital marketing experts and SEO professionals can agree on is that building backlinks has been one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. There are always rumors online that backlinks will eventually lose their value and disappeared entirely. The simple fact is that backlinks have consistently remained a key factor for search engines to determine authority and ranking position.


When your content earns a lot of these high-quality backlinks, you hit three important ranking signals: number of backlinks, link authority, and link diversity.


It is getting a LOT harder to get qualified search engine traffic let alone any traffic at all, and with the importance placed on ‘established brands’ ranking in search, building high quality links has never been more important.

If you truly want to improve organic traffic to your website, then you must understand the different types of backlinks and what link building techniques will benefit your business. Not all backlinks will be beneficial, and the SEO company that you choose must find out the most relevant backlinks for your particular business website.

The key to a strong SEO link building campaign is to create content people crave, and then to promote that content relentlessly. When other industry authorities read and link to your content, Google will read your backlink’s matching anchor text and consider your content more relevant.

Building great backlinks isn’t easy and many businesses simply arent’ up to the challenge; which is why there are so many people who specialize in link building. Outsourcing SEO services to help you in this area can be extremely beneficial to your business.

The essential qualities of good SEO link building:

  1. The link must be from a high authority website where the content relates to your industry.
  2. Links should be contextual ie: relevant to the topic and your business.
  3. Links that belong to high-ranking sites and well-researched articles will be valuable.
  4. The backlinks that are of the category “do follow” will be more beneficial for helping in the organic growth of your website. However you should focus on building links of both “do follow” and “no follow” to add credibility to your site.
  5. NEVER use automated SEO link building services!
  6. Build backlinks using credible sources online.
  7. Link building with High Domain Authority sites is best.

Some benefits of link building:

  • More visibility of your blog in search results.
  • Receive traffic from other websites linked to you.
  • High-quality incoming links mean your site will be admired as a valuable resource. This can be easily done by writing quality content.
  • Link building also helps in getting indexed in search results quicker.
  • Link building is also considered an important aspect of SEO.


For a detailed strategy on how to build high quality links, click here.

Checking Your Backlink Profile

Your Backlink profile needs to be diverse, find out which types of backlinks you need and the ranking power associated with each type.

Just like a person is known by the company he or she keeps, similarly search engines judge the quality of websites by looking at the quality of backlinks it acquires.

When it comes to building out your backlink profile — it’s essential to understand the different types of backlinks you require to rank your content.


Because, search engines take into consideration many different factors when assessing backlinks for ranking power and there’s a fine line between a diverse backlink profile and one that can draw negative attention from search engines.

I mentioned ‘do-follow’ and ‘no-follow’ links above, but there are many factors that you’ll need to monitor to keep your profile clean. Some key factors are;

Source – Page on the web that is supposed to contain your backlink. The Source of the backlink.

Date – The date source was added into our system. You can change this Date to whatever you want.

Live – Status of the Source. Whether it is live or not.

Present – Shows whether your backlink is Present on the Source page or not. Ideally, you want all of your backlinks to be Present.

Index – Google index status of the Source page.

OBL – OutBound Link count of the Source page (how many other backlinks are on the Source page besides yours).

Rel – Rel attribute of the A tag. Shows whether the backlink is dofollow or nofollow.

Anchor – Anchor text of the backlink.

Link Type – Type of the backlink. Either text, image or redirect.

Anchor Type – Type of the anchor text backlink is using. For example: Brand, exact match, naked URL etc. Must be set manually.

Source Type – Defines what type of page the Source is. For example: PBN link, guest post, web 2.0 etc. Must be set manually.

IP Address – Source’s server IP address.


There are plenty of backlink monitoring apps out there and many of them are great. Some of the best are SemRush and aHrefs, but like any great software they all come with a price. That being said, there is a new software out there, and for a limited time, you can take advantage of their full access with free registration offer. I have personally tested LinkOKay and it is every bit as good as it’s pricey competitors.


Choosing the right SEO link building company

One of the easiest ways to get good backlinks is by hiring the services of a good SEO company. A good SEO company will have a proven process in place to cover all the tasks necessary to boost your website’s authority with proven link building practices.

As a site owner you should talk to any professionals you use to help them understand your vision and goals for the site. This will help them work towards these goals efficiently. It always pays to research the SEO company you outsource to, here are a few tips:

  1. Go to online forums and search for companies who do SEO professionally.
  2. Read reviews by past customers and clients.
  3. Visit the websites which have been optimized by these companies
  4. Check out costs and expenses from several sites.
  5. Looks for essential after sales services
  6. Check how the customer care service of the company is
  7. Check out the range of services that the company is providing and if the charges depend on the services which you opt for or not.

You need to look out for the qualities and consider these factors before you choose a company for doing your search engine optimization. There are many firms that you can hire for your SEO needs.



Link building is and will remain one of the most important factors in achieving search rankings. With a focus on quality content and building a network around your brand – your site will rank. If creating amazing content and building out authority links is something that’s not in your wheelhouse, then outsourcing SEO services to a recognized company might be the right path for you. Get a free audit of your site now.

If you have questions about SEO link building post up in the comments section below and we’ll get right back to you.