Interactive Emails: 6 Ways Brands Can Achieve Maximum Conversions

What are interactive emails and how can you increase sales conversions for your brand by using them? Find out in this post.

Interactive Emails

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Sometimes, a name offers everything you need to know about something. In this case, interactive email marketing does exactly that, but in case it wasn’t clear, let’s break it down.


Interactive emails provide recipients with the tools they need to perform the actions required by the sender, or in this case, the marketer. This email can allow subscribers to add items to their shopping cart, book holidays, take a quiz, or watch a video directly in their inbox.


It follows the basics of email marketing but takes the experience to the next level by encouraging engagement from the person receiving the mail. For example, if you were promoting a weekend away, then your interactive email marketing strategy would include an email offering recipients the ability to book the holiday on offer. No need to navigate through multiple sites, it’s all right there in their inbox.


And on that note, let’s discuss a few interactive email best practices as well as showcase some impressive interactive email marketing examples to give you a better idea of how it can benefit your business.


The benefits of sending interactive emails

As with any marketing content, knowing the benefits can help you determine if it is the right fit for your next campaign. So, to help you on the path to interactive marketing greatness, here are a few benefits associated with interactive emails:


1. Improve engagement

Interactive emails support conversations instead of passively reading content. You can improve user engagement by creating interactive emails that allow them to click, scroll, or compose emails. Greater involvement with your customers can build stronger relationships, positively impact your business and support your growth.


2. Increase your conversion rate

Isn’t that your ultimate goal? Who wouldn’t want their email recipients to be his loyal customers? The conversion rate is the most important metric, although positive open rates are also great. 


3. Get ahead of the competition

By designing interactive emails, you can provide quality content and encourage participation. It doesn’t matter if others have done it; the most important thing is to make sure that your design is better than everything ever done before. No pressure.


4. Strengthen your brand identity

Your brand identity should always be the primary goal when designing an email template. This is because brand identity is what people remember at the end of the day. Incorporating fun interactive elements into your emails makes it easy to create a positive image of your brand. 


5. Highlight new product features

There are several interactive elements that you can use in your interactive email templates to develop new features creatively. You can use a simple GIF to help users quickly understand new products and get recipients excited about your product’s features.


6. Announce an upcoming event

Let’s say you’re planning a big sale or an upcoming event. You can use your email to create buzz around them.


7. Stay connected

You may have a short click-through or open rate and want to encourage your subscribers to engage. Or maybe you want to stay connected with your customers. For any reason, you can include interactivity in your interactive emailer.


8. Make your email unique

In marketing, it is very important to stand out from the crowd. This also applies to email marketing. With the interactivity added to your emails, you can ensure that your emails are educational or informative while ensuring customer loyalty. 

9. Get valuable customer feedback

Interactive emails can also give you valuable insight by providing customer feedback. This is important for making changes to your products, services, and even business methods. With feedback, you will also understand how your customers see your products, your brand, and the support you provide. This is especially relevant following the end of third-party cookies


10. Users want interactive emails

Consumers love interactive content and are likely to engage with the brands that offer it. And that’s why you should consider creating interactive email content.


6 Ways to use interactive emails.          

Actions and conversations can now take place in interactive emails. Here are six types of interactive e-mail that you can use to interact and turn customers into customers while lowering your access barrier.


1. Interactive forms for customer feedback

Customer feedback forms in emails may ask your customers what their recent experience with your product/service, sales team, support, or other departments has been. 


2. Net promoter score surveys

Companies use Net Promoter Scores (NPS) scores to determine how loyal customers are and how likely they are to recommend them to friends and family.


3. Event registration

Do you use your email list to share upcoming events? Whether it’s a personal conference or an online webinar, subscribers will receive registrations in their inboxes.


4. Cart notifications

If a shopper forgets something in their cart, a friendly reminder can be used to seal the deal.

5. Demo bookings

Create a sample booking form with your sales team via email, ensuring that people can get in touch with your sales team faster – and more effectively.


6. Reviews and ratings 

Want to know how your latest email, webinar, blog post, or newsletter was received? You can include interactive emoticons and star ratings at the end of each email to see how well your emails are received.


Examples of brands leveraging interactive emails

While we could go on and on about how you can use interactive emails to take your brand to the next level, there are a few examples that can paint a truly colorful, and accurate, picture of what interactive emails can achieve.


1. Bobbi Brown

dynamic email

Image Source: Mailerlite

Makeup and cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown successfully incorporates interactive content into most of its emails. The image above shows her email and allows users to explore their wide range of products using clickable buttons. Interactive email, like the one from Bobbi Brown, is a new way to take care of existing customers and acquire new ones.


2. CompTrain


Image Source: ImageMailer

CompTrain, a well-known company that provides training programs for athletes to maximize their potential, is known for its highly interactive emails. One of their marketing emails is simple and attractive with a black and white design. The email includes a video explaining the details of their next training cycle, their goals, and the content of the weekly training programs.


3. Expedia

dynamic email marketing

Image Source: Expedia

Expedia shared a clean and efficient survey that is part of the email for its users to provide feedback. The survey is minimalist and easy to complete.  The survey shows that user preferences will be considered and implemented in the future.


4. Forever 21

interactive emails

Image Source: Forever21

The information is revealed when the reader scratches the cards. This technique catches the reader’s attention and makes them appear to have won a discount, providing a “unique” discount driving sales and rewarding loyalty.


Achieve maximum conversions with interactive emails

It’s clear to see that when used correctly, interactive emails can take your brand to the next level. This is because it prompts user engagement and provides a space for customers to share valuable feedback.