Interactive Emails: 6 Ways Brands Can Achieve Maximum Conversions

What are interactive emails and how can you increase sales conversions for your brand by using them? Find out in this post.

Interactive Emails

Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash


Sometimes, a name offers everything you need to know about something. In this case, interactive email marketing does exactly that, but in case it wasn’t clear, let’s break it down.


Interactive emails provide recipients with the tools they need to perform the actions required by the sender, or in this case, the marketer. This email can allow subscribers to add items to their shopping cart, book holidays, take a quiz, or watch a video directly in their inbox.


It follows the basics of email marketing but takes the experience to the next level by encouraging engagement from the person receiving the mail. For example, if you were promoting a weekend away, then your interactive email marketing strategy would include an email offering recipients the ability to book the holiday on offer. No need to navigate through multiple sites, it’s all right there in their inbox.


And on that note, let’s discuss a few interactive email best