How to Increase Your Online Business Revenue in 3 Months

Want to know how to increase your online business revenue? Turn your eCommerce store into a sales magnet in 3 months with these simple tips.

Increase Your Online Business Revenue

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Online sales growth is unstoppable. 

In fact, online retail sales will reach a staggering $6.169 trillion by 2023, with online stores accounting for 22.3% of the total retail sales. 

Further, the number of online shoppers is projected to reach 200 million by 2025, increasing by 80 million from the current 120 million customers. 

Do you know what this means?

It implies that it’s a high time small business owners started implementing strategies to help them grow their online sales, fast. 

This way, they can enjoy their share of the ballooning online marketplace, and by extension, grow revenue.

So, how do you increase online sales for your business in as fast as 3 months?  

Here’s how:

1. Increase Your Customer Base  

The more the people buying from your store, the more the revenue you’ll generate. You can increase the number of customers by:

Solving Customer Pain Points

Customer pain points are broadly categorized as financial, process, support, and production. 

The first step toward increasing online sales is positioning your business or product as a solution to your prospect’s problems and what is required to achieve customer satisfaction.

If the prospective customers’ pain point is financial, for instance, you can showcase your business within the context of an affordable monthly subscription package or underscore the increased ROI of satisfied customers that have used your product or service.

Perfect Your Digital Marketing Skills 

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, an online business doesn’t have to deal with geographical barriers.

With the global reach, however, comes the need to hone your online marketing prowess — and that’s where taking a digital marketing course like Legendary Marketer comes in. 

Sure, you may come across blog posts outlining the basics of digital marketing, but these barely scratch the surface. 

To become a formidable marketer who can drive sales and revenue to their online store, you’ll need crucial skills to do the following:

With the right digital marketing skills, you can learn how to identify a potential customer and develop strategies to retain existing customers, generating more sales online in the process.

Perfect the Art of Writing an Honest Sales Copy 

Not only is an honest copy vital to your store’s reputation, but it also nurtures and encourages prospects to trust your brand, two crucial elements when trying to increase online sales.

So, you’ll want to be as straightforward and approachable in every sales copy from your email marketing campaigns to your landing page. 

If you’re a sole proprietor, for instance, you don’t want your sales copy to bring out the notion that you’re a multinational corporation. Not only will this make your business unapproachable, but it will also damage your brand’s credibility and, by extension, harm your efforts to boost online sales. 

While writing an honest and compelling copy isn’t the easiest of things, enrolling for Blog Growth Engine (BGE) can give you the perfect start you need.  

BGE is not only designed to show you how to write a sales copy but also to generate blog posts and product pages that convert potential customers into buyers.

If you’re a small business, be sincere about it — potential customers opt for smaller businesses because of their personalized services.

2. Increase Your Average Order Size

You’ve driven potential customers to your website; you’ll now want to make them buy more merchandise from your online store.

At this point, what matters most is how you handle customer engagement.

First, the prospective buyer will need to trust your brand and believe in your offer. On top of that, they must convince themselves that your product or service is the right way to spend their money at this moment.

So, how do you turn prospective customers into paying customers? Most importantly, how do you persuade them to buy so that you can increase sales?

Here are some pointers:

Upsell Products 60% Cheaper

Picture this;

A customer buys a suit from your store. Which is the best upsell, another suit or a tie?

A tie, of course. 

If your upsell is expensive, you’ll have to apply the same marketing efforts as you did with the first product.

On the flip side, leveraging the 60×60 rule — which says that a shopper is likely to buy an upsell 60% of the time if it’s 60% cheaper than the original purchase — will help you boost sales.

That said, you can also use the following strategies to increase average order size:

  • Offer Quality Discounts: Buy more, save more! How many times have you come across this phrase? Many times, for sure.
  • Offer Upgrades: Remind target customers that they’ll get a swankier product or service for a few more bucks.
  • Bundle Products: Leverage the “frequently bought together with” bundling strategy to increase sales volume.
  • Remind Customers of Complementary Products: If a customer needs batteries, for instance, you can close more sales by reminding the shopper of a need that’ll arise as a result of buying the initial product, in this case, a flashlight.
  • Leverage add-on Services: Boost sales by getting shoppers to add small items to their initial order for a small fee.
  • Faster deliveries: Increase online sales by getting your customers to pay more for expedited delivery.
  • Offer money-back guarantees to generate customer confidence in your product or service
  • Offer longer warranties 
  • Give free trials to entice customers to sign up for your services
  • Offer limited period discounts to create a sense of urgency

3. Focus on Increasing the Number of Repeat Customers 

Winning new customers can cost you 5x more than retaining existing customers.

Further, increasing customer retention by as little as 5% can increase sales and profits by 25 to 95%.

With these statistics, you’ll want to retain customers to help you boost revenue.

Still, you only want to keep the profitable ones. Offload any customer with additional overhead costs.

Some strategies you can use to retain more repeat customers by:

  • Ensuring a smooth checkout process to improve customer experience. You can also offer multiple payment options.
  • Offering free shipping
  • Reducing shipping costs for a given period (say one year to lock the customer in)
  • Offer promotions and remind your customer of your business’ value
  • Implementing customer feedback to make your clientele feel valued

The Bottom Line

Increasing online sales don’t have to take years.

All you need is a proper implementation strategy and the skills to roll out your campaigns.

More customers will buy from your online business if you implement the strategies highlighted in this article to a T.

As a rule of thumb, business growth requires dedication, so you should be willing to put in the work.

One more thing — remember to put your business in front of potential customers by leveraging marketing tactics, building engaging landing pages, running social media campaigns, and creating Google ads that rank high in search engines.