Email Marketing Strategy: How to Find Your Audience’s Pain Points

In fact, it is not difficult to understand the audience’s pain points. Moreover, email marketing is a great tool for businesses to solve these issues. 

Audience's Pain Points


As a producer, making your item perfect is very vital. However, it will be hard to know the disadvantages of your product or service. That is why all businesses should focus on the audience’s pain points. In this post, I would like to share with you how to identify these problems and their solutions!


Email Marketing Strategy: How to Find Your Audience’s Pain Points

What are the audience’s pain points?

4 common types of audience pain points

Financial pain points

Productivity pain points

Support pain points

Process pain points

Why should we determine these weak spots?

Methods to find the audience’s pain points for businesses

Do research or a survey

Listen to customers

Observe your competitors

Give a trial

The email marketing strategy is strong assistance in the audience’s pain points

Final words


What are the audience’s pain points? 

Pain points are the particular issues that your customers encounter when experimenting with your product or service. It will affect your customers’ experiences and make them unhappy.

4 common types of audience pain points

There are so many types of pain points per product. An interesting fact is that not all customers can realize the real weak spot of the product that they have experienced. That will make it difficult to persuade them about the outstanding benefits of your product. Here are 4 common types of customers pain points:

1. Financial pain points

Frankly, it is about the financial status of customers. They might find that they have to spend a lot of money on your product or service. Then, they want to cut back on this budget to use it for other reasons. 

For instance, some salesmen realize that they have to use a big budget to set up a store on dropshipping platforms. So they desire to change to other platforms with a free setup version, such as DSers.

2. Productivity pain points

Productivity pain points are about the uncomfortable feelings when users are dealing with businesses. They might think that they are wasting their time with your product or want your business to optimize the process of registration, buying, etc.

3. Support pain points

Buyers cannot receive assistance from businesses when they encounter problems during their experience. Seriously, they can go somewhere else after trying to find support.

4. Process pain points

This weakness is related to productivity. It shows that your potential customers find it difficult to buy your product. Besides, your internals are also not flexible enough to handle the problem. 

A survey shows that around 75 percent of customers select the easy-to-buy option instead of the complex one, even though it is a luxurious brand. Therefore, they need you to improve the buying process as well as provide internal support.

Why should we determine these weak spots?

Understanding the pain points of customers will help you think about solutions for your products as well as the position in your business. Especially when you are doing AliExpress dropshipping, understanding the pain points of customers is much more crucial for your business success.

Let’s take an example! If you determine that the support pain point is the same issue for many buyers, you will know what you should do. In more detail, increase the staff in the customer care department or set up a support system that is always side-by-side with customers when they need it. 

And, of course, when your product is better, it is easier for you to compete with other partners or persuade customers. 

Methods to find the audience’s pain points for businesses

So, “how to find audience pain points?” This is the most important question of many businesses. Luckily, I would like to show you effective ways to identify what your customers or audiences need.

1. Do research or a survey

This is the most common method that many businesses use to determine the weakest points of an item. You can do this survey online or directly conduct it on the market. With the information that audiences provide, you will be able to change the quality of products as well as customer behavior.

A tip for you is to prepare target questions for the survey. Plus, to attract customers taking part, you can give a small gift, such as a voucher or coupon, after completing the survey.

2. Listen to customers

For any reason, listening to customers is always important. As a result, you will understand what your customers have to overcome when they experiment with your product:

  • Social listening (live chat): You can connect with them through social media or some forums, including Quora, Reddit, and so on.
  • Your sales team: A salesman is always the person who is closest to the customers. Therefore, they can directly ask your customers about their experiences, or even receive their complaints about the products. Create a meeting between the sales team and the customer care department to discuss customers’ real issues. 

3. Observe your competitors

The best way to persuade customers is to make them feel that your product is much better than others. So, you can try the product of your competitors and compare it with your product. Once you identify the problem, it is easy to improve your product to meet the demands of customers.

4. Give a trial

It is hard for you to know the flaw in your creation, but why do you give others a trial? Simply give new customers samples of the product and ask them what they think. Believe me, they will suggest new ideas based on feedback from buyers who first see your product. And, of course, you can realize the weak point.

Email marketing strategy: strong assistance in the audience’s pain points

What should you do now, after knowing about the audience’s pain points? Find a proper solution! And, I believe that email marketing will help you solve your customer’s problems without spending much time and money.

If you choose email marketing, it can automatically send a large number of emails to your customers to let them know about the benefits of your product. Instead of hiring a team of laborers to persuade customers directly, you just need to stay at the office and send your message to customers through this strategy.

Besides, the way to create email marketing campaigns is very easy. You will be provided with many pre-designed email templates as well as images to make your email more lively. In addition, email marketing also has the ability to analyze the proportion of customers who often open your emails and are potential users. 

Final words

Knowing about the audience’s pain points is very important in your brand-building process. And, remember, just improve your product and give the mission to persuade buyers to email marketing strategy!

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