Landing Page Tweaks That Will Boost Your Conversions in 2021

Non-focused landing pages can decrease conversion rates by 266%, what landing page tweaks should you make for a huge boost in conversions?

Landing Page Tweaks That Will Boost Your Conversions


Conversions are one of the most, if not the most important metric a website should be tracking. 


After all, securing a lot of traffic to your landing pages is a great accomplishment, but it won’t turn your visitors into customers. Unless your website earns money through ads alone (which we assume it doesn’t), you need to be mindful of your conversion rates. 


Luckily, there are all sorts of tweaks you can implement to ensure your pages are converting to the best of their ability. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Sign Them up 

To get conversions, you first need to get yourself some leads. Lead generation is a science and an art in itself, so we’ll briefly touch upon one useful and effective strategy: gated content. 


Offering content that will be particularly valuable to your audience and require them to give their email address in return has been a lead generation staple for years. Brands in all industries use it with more or less effect. 


The key to the success of this tactic is value. If what you offer is subpar and uninteresting content, you are not likely to have that many signups, or you might end up with a lot of people unsubscribing from your list.


Zen Maid has a popup on their pages that offers a straightforward way to become a lead – all you have to do is enter your email address. 




The copy of this popup provides a clever hook, and it should be enough to tempt a lot of their visitors. Not to mention, the content is actually useful. 


Offer a Free Trial 

Letting people test your product or service is always a great way to convert them. After all, they’ll have the best possible opportunity to learn if what you offer is what they are actually looking for. 


Free trials work exceptionally well in the SaaS industry, but you can do them for other products, too. Free samples, an initial free consultation, or a free first visit are all fantastic conversion boosters.


Consider first how much you can offer for free, though. You don’t want to be setting yourself back and not actually converting anyone. You should be aiming for a 25% conversion rate for opt-in trials and a 60% conversion rate for opt-out trials. 


Aura offers a free trial that lets you test out the abilities of the solution and figure out whether it fits your needs. If not, no harm done. 




Cut to the Price Chase 

Sometimes all a visitor wants to know is what something will cost them. Understandably, there are services where you won’t be able to list a specific price as it might depend on a whole host of factors. But even in that case, you can list your starting price at least. 


This will save your visitors a lot of time. If they need to get in touch, wait for a reply, and only then learn that your services are way out of their budget, they will only feel you’ve wasted their time. 


And if you are able to clearly list your price, do it in a visually appealing and straightforward way, without any hidden costs. List what the price includes, along with any downgrading or upgrading options you also offer.


Bluehost has a great pricing landing page, and it’s nothing fancy. 




It is, however, informative, and it tells potential customers everything they need to know to make an intelligent choice about their hosting needs. 


Highlight Your Best Features 

Sometimes, all you need to do is explain what the product is and how it helps. Come to think of it, this is something you should always be doing. All the other tactics are just a great way to enhance what you already have on your landing pages. 


Always consider your target audience first and what they would like to hear. How is your solution, product or service going to benefit them, specifically?


When it comes to landing page tweaks, focus on your future customers as opposed to yourself in your landing page copy. They might be interested to hear how something works, but they would also like to know how they will be able to use it. Filecamp has done a great job of this on their digital asset management page. The content is easy to digest and also highlights how their product can be used.


Grab Attention with Your Headlines 

While we’re on the subject of marketing copy, let’s touch upon another important aspect of it – headlines. 


We normally associate headlines with blog posts, but your landing pages need them as well, and they are equally important. A headline is meant not only to grab attention but also to provide all the necessary information in a nutshell, even if someone chooses not to read another word. 


Writing short, concise, and conversion-driving headlines is certainly a challenge, so you might want to try several versions before you settle on the one you like best. Consider your audience and what they want to hear, then sum it up in a short and punchy sentence.


Drip does this well, with headlines that use plenty of powerful words. Notice how they showcase what a customer is going to get if they choose to use their product. 


Brag about Your Clients 

A lot of brands like to showcase the major brands they worked with, which inspires trust and establishes a certain level of authority. 


However, you don’t want this to sound like you are actually bragging. 


Simply adding the logos of your clients will do wonders. You can also write case studies or analytical posts that go into more detail about your partnership. Whatever you opt for, you don’t want to use that major brand to rub someone’s nose into your success.


inFlow has handled their wall of fame, if we may be allowed to call it that, very intelligently. 



They didn’t feature it at the top of their page, showing it only to users who have scrolled down pretty far. And they don’t make a show of it either. 


Final Thoughts 

Sometimes, you don’t need to change much on a page to get it to convert better. Adding a social proof section, reworking your copy a bit, or rethinking the layout of your page can be all it takes. 


Don’t forget to test out different solutions, though. A/B testing is your best friend when looking to improve conversion rates, as it will tell you exactly what your visitors like and what they’re not so keen on. 


Even when you’ve found a landing page version you’re satisfied with, take it for a test every once in a while. This will help you ensure you’re staying on top of the latest trends and in step with your audience.