5 Important Benefits of Carrying Out a Website Audit

Carrying out a website audit regularly is essential to making sure your website’s performance is up to par, learn why.

Carrying Out a Website Audit


Websites are a pretty difficult thing to manage. There are many maintenance issues and technical aspects that go into owning a website. Although creating a website can be easy, running a website is hard. You need to know what you’re doing. A reason why websites are no easy thing is because of the aspect of SEO of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that it performs well on search engines like Google. There are many aspects of SEO, such as keywords, link sharing, link building, and website audit.


A Website audit is a detailed study of your website, in order to detect any bugs, or fixes, or weak points in your website. SEO experts, who are professionals in the SEO industry, best carry out website audits. A lot of small business SEO services provide website audits, so that the small business can better understand the performance of their website, and boost their marketing capabilities.  If you are a website owner, or operate an online business, or rely on the internet to promote your brand and business, then performing a website audit is pivotal so that you can get a better insight into whether or not what you’re doing, in terms of marketing, is working. If that still isn’t enough to convince you, then here are 5 important benefits of carrying out a website audit.



#1- Achieving Better SEO


Google, the number one search engine out there, is constantly applying changes to its criteria and algorithms. The reason why Google changes its metrics a lot is to keep up with the ever-changing user experience. The number one interest for Google is to keep the user happy. Unfortunately, for the website owner, these changes will have an impact on their website and its performance. Meaning if you don’t keep up to date with Google’s algorithm changes, you risk losing your progress and that of your website. A website audit is the best way to get an inside look on how your website is performing, in accordance with the latest SEO standard. SEO audits will look at things like bounce rate, core web vitals, and other Google essentials, and see how your website is performing in those categories. Depending on those figures, you will get an idea of which areas to improve, and which areas you are doing fine in.


#2- Discover any Potential Errors in Your Website


Things such as broken backlinks, spam, broken videos, images that aren’t loading, and any other unattractive SEO feature can have exponential harm on your website’s search engine performance. However, discovering these harmful facets is not easy. Unless your users report them to you directly, it will be pretty difficult to fish them out on your own. A website audit is the best way to spot these technical errors in your website and repair them before they’re able to cause too much damage to your website. If you’re wondering why your website has not been performing up to par lately, technical problems may be the reason. Repairing technical issues like broken backlinks and any other onsite or offsite faults will succeed in stopping traffic from leaking away from your website.


#3- Highlighting Where Your Content is Lacking


Website audits are a magnifying glass look into your website and its content. Performing an SEO consultation and website audit will help you get an idea of the gaps in your content, meaning which content users find interesting, but is missing from your website. Identifying content gaps isn’t just limited to what is missing and what the users want. Identifying content gaps also tells you how to better structure your content, and whether or not your content is clear enough that the user knows what the website is about. Website audits will tell you whether or not your content is of high quality or low quality. Audits will also tell you if your website is too long or too short. Google’s web crawlers pick up on all these details, and if you are performing poorly in all of them, then you could be penalized and de-ranked.


Website audits also show you ways to improve your content. By highlighting the content gaps, you are better equipped to identify areas of growth and expand your content to meet those areas.


#4- Improving Your Sales and Business Performance


This is probably the best reason why you should want to carry out a website audit so that you can know which parts of your website are gaining you the most money. A website audit will help you improve your sales and business performance by telling you which sections of your website are generating the most click conversion. They will study your landing pages, menus, call to action, and all other marketing pages for your website. Through this deep insight and analysis, you should be able to come up with a precise strategy on how to boost your conversion and get a higher click conversion. Keep in mind, this is sensitive and complex information and will take a lot of time to generate and compile. But in the end, it is worth it, considering that this information is a snapshot picture of your customer’s behavior, their likes, and dislikes.


#5- Ranking Higher on Google


Finally, the most important benefit of a website audit is to get you to rank higher on Google. This differs from better SEO performance because doing website audits will help you identify a lot of SEO features and aspects. For example, a website audit will inform you of your keyword performance. Insight into your keyword performance means are you using your keywords properly? Are you using them often, too often, or just enough? Can you enhance your keyword strategy? A website audit will research potential keywords, which you could then integrate into your on-page SEO and for off-page marketing. However, that’s not all website audits do. They also inform you about errors in your Meta Data, which ultimately help match you to ranking for search results.



In Conclusion


So basically doing a website audit is like undergoing a performance evaluation. From the results of the website audit, you will know how users, and Google, are responding to your website. Website audits give you the best look available, into your website, how it’s performing, where it’s lacking, the fixes and improvements you can apply. If you really care about how your website and business are doing, then doing a website audit will guarantee you get the best idea of their performance. Use the results of a website audit to better understand your customers, and the market, and to grow your business and your online presence.


Author Bio: Ethan Thomas is the writer of this article. He loves to write about technology and new SEO trends.