How UX Will Have an Effect on Marketing in 2021

Investing in UX will allow you to increase customer engagement and generate more leads, find out how UX will impact your marketing strategy in 2021.ux design

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If you’re looking for ways to build a stronger marketing strategy with your existing customer base or want to generate new, high-quality leads, you might want to start with UX design. For the uninitiated, UX stands for user experience, which applies to nearly every aspect of your business, from product to web design. At its core, UX design aims to improve how your customers interact with your business, namely online. Investing in UX is one way you can build customer trust, which can translate to longevity, lead generation, and revenue.

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at how UX design can boost customer trust, empowerment, convert leads, and more. 

1. It starts with basic UX best practices

At its core, UX refers to how a user uses your website. From navigating through pages to loading up a cart and checking out, your website should be easy to use and understand. Any user-related challenges can cause disruption in lead conversions and impact your brand’s online presence in general.

How does this translate to actionable items for design? Make your website as user-friendly as possible.

Some tips for basic UX design include:

  • Use standard templates rather than challenging the status quo
  • Make sure imagery and graphics are legible 
  • Don’t add too many layers and make it easy to get back to important pages, including:
    • Home page
    • Cart
    • Contact
  • Keep color and style consistent throughout
  • Use colors, bold fonts, and size to add hierarchy

2. AI and chatbot features will empower customers

Just because a user is connecting with the virtual version of your brand, doesn’t mean customer service should go out the window. With the help of contact forms, live chat teams, chatbots, and AI technologies, you can live up to your high service standards with your online users. Plus, it saves on time!

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This step will help empower your customers and promote a closer connection between your clients and your brand. When implementing communication features like chatbots, you’ll want to make sure that the features are as prevalent and user-friendly as possible.

3. Highlighted security and privacy features will be used to instill trust

While the digital age has its share of perks — like accessing information at any time, from anywhere, it also presents some challenges, too. Data security is a big one. From identity and financial theft to social media imposters, the modern internet user has plenty to worry about when they’re browsing the web. One thing you can do to instill trust in your brand, and your website in particular, is reassure your customers that you take their privacy seriously. Implementing privacy policies as well as adding security seals such as Norton and McAfee will really help to provide guarantees of the overall protection of your product and how you would treat the personal details of your client.

4. Voice interface will start to provide insight and improve user experience

There’s no denying that voice chatbots and virtual assistants will begin to rise in popularity in 2021. When it comes to digital experiences, consumers keep searching for functionality and efficacy. Consumer demand, high expectations, and the rapid growth of technology for artificial intelligence have left brands with no choice but to incorporate voice-based features in their products.

As for marketers, we can expect to see voice-based features become a key element in campaign creation and in how we measure success.

5. Mobile and tablet design will be a primary focus

Whether you’re shopping, researching, or connecting with your social network, much of your time online is spent on mobile. But still, brands focus on web development for desktop computers, where far less customers are spending their sessions. In 2021, designing for mobile isn’t just an added step, it’s a requirement. 

A bad experience with mobile users will harm engagement, and even your brand eventually. Successful businesses pay great attention to optimizing their eCommerce store for smartphones. Streamlining the app or website for the mobile user experience has shown a significant effect on conversion rates and customer interaction.

6. Content informs, generates leads, and delights

It’s no secret that content is a vital element in digital marketing these days — it serves as a powerful SEO tool, informs customers, and helps bring your brand to life. In 2021, marketers can expect content to continue to reign king. Because so many brands are competing to create great content, you’ll want your UX to set you apart from the crowd.

Using compelling images, infographics, and interactive elements can not only help make your content stand out, but it also makes it easier to digest and more compelling to share.

Here are a few other ways you can improve UX design and create successful written content:

  • Use bullet points to make it easy to extract key points of information
  • Highlight important quotes using text blocks
  • Include headers to add hierarchy and break up sections
  • Use jump links at the beginning of posts so users can jump around as they please

Final notes 

Digital marketing revolves around generating sales. At the heart is the company’s financial well-being, but to achieve these goals requires buy-in and loyalty from the customer. That’s where UX really comes in. UX architecture revolves around the client and their emotions.To make them want to come back, it’s about giving the customer the best experience possible, whether they’re trying to learn about your product through blog posts or want to contact a service representative. A great user interface built for the target customers plays a central role in establishing a loyal customer base.

There’s no doubt UX design will be a major topic in 2021’s digital marketing sphere. We hope this insight and tips will help you develop a UX-focused strategy that will inch you closer to your marketing goals in the new year. Don’t forget to share your progress in the comments below and subscribe for the latest trends in tech and design today!