7 Data-Driven Ways to Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile

Great infographic for 7 Easy Data Driven Steps to Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile – check it out here.

7 Data-Driven Ways to Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile

With the constant growth of the internet and the ability to have whatever you want delivered to your doorstep just by the click of a button, eCommerce has easily become one of the go-to method for ordering. Online purchases have reached $204 billion in sales this year alone. Whether you are thinking about creating an online store, or are looking into a more omnichannel business approach, this is the perfect time to start optimizing this revenue stream.


As any supplies can be delivered to your doorstep within hours to a couple of days, eCommerce businesses are racking in the sales. Time has now become more important than money proven through a recent study that found 95% of purchases will be made online by the year 2040.


People are more likely to use smartphones and tablets as compared to desktop devices. More than 94% of the people in USA search for local information on their smartphones. 77% of these searches are made at home or at the workplace (places where you would commonly find desktop computers). This is why optimizing your websites and eCommerce stores is becoming very important.

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Thinking about starting your own online store for mobile may sound like a hefty task, it is rather easy when breaking down each step of the way. If done correctly, your business could be bringing in quite a bit of extra pennies year after year as these platforms continue to grow.


Start by understanding what you would like the end goal to be and who you are wanting to reach, and start by taking baby steps. Luckily, Fundera created an infographic for an easy step-by-step guide including some do’s and dont’s for those wanting to optimize your online store for mobile.


7 Data-Driven Ways to Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile