One of our most common requests is “How can I create custom forms in BigCommerce” or “Can I create custom multi-page forms in my BigCommerce Store?”

The short answer is yes!

BigCommerce is a fantastic Ecommerce Solution and just like any platform it has it’s limitations. One of the primary limitations found in BigCommerce is in creating customized forms. Successful online businesses recognize that there’s a whole lot more to selling online than simply listing your products such as collecting customer information.

Businesses may have various types of information to collect as well as reasons to do so. To get this information custom forms that go beyond the standard name, email and phone fields are required.

For Example; one of our clients runs a buy/sell/trade style website. provides both free and paid office furniture removal services and in order to do so there is a fair amount of information that needs to be collected that goes well beyond the core functionality of BigCommerce.

DeskDonkey required not only a much more robust form, but a well designed form, customized to match their brand and website styling. You can see below how we created a fluid and responsive custom multi-page form integrated into their BigCommerce website.


custom forms bigcommerce


file upload form bigcommerce


multi-page form bigcommerce

If you would like to see the form in action click here.

If you need help setting up a custom form for BigCommerce click here.

Create Advanced, Feature Rich Forms To Improve Conversions!

Need more advanced features? You can have the ability to populate your forms with dynamic data, implement a save & finish later option, use conditional logic to show and hide fields and so much more.  Create dynamic PDF documents or populate PDF forms with form submission data.

If you’ve ever wanted to add this type of functionality to your BigCommerce store, just click here!