How to Change Your Business Image in Gen X Y Z

Understanding the purchasing motivations behind your consumers has never been more important and it might just be that you need to change your business image as we transition in Gen XY&Z.

How to Change Your Business Image in Gen X Y Z

Branding and content marketing are core approaches of every business in efforts to acquire more customers as well as maintain their current customers. However, it can be complicated to market a brand when you are dealing with dynamic demographics.

A successful business is not oblivious to the fact that every country’s demography is categorized into generations X, Y, and Z.

Your business might not be paying any attention to these letters of the alphabet in its marketing strategies, but maybe it should. You should realize that the larger percentage of the world’s consumers will be dominated by generation Y and Z in the next few years, lest your business loses a grip on its customer base. Businesses must be prepared to re-evaluate and adjust their practices, including their business images, to remain competitive in the market, and remain relevant to generation X, Y, and Z.

Understanding Generations X, Y, and Z

A generation is defined as a cohort of people born within the same period, within an approximate range of 15 years.

Generation X comprises of individuals born between 1965 and 1979.

Generation Y, also known as the millennials, are those people that were born between 1980 and 1994.

Generation Z, the newest generation, comprises of individuals born between 1995 and 2015.

Each generation differs in their consumption habits and patterns.


Generation X is known for being conservative in their shopping.
They are extremely skeptical about marketing techniques, and they will not purchase an item before they conduct intense research on the same.

Generation Y, on the other hand, is characterized by heavy usage of web devices for every life aspect, including shopping across stores.
They view shopping and purchases as a social event. They, therefore, prefer authentic interactions with the seller over marketing tactics that push products via emails and messages.

Generation Z comprises of individuals who are not familiar with a period without internet and web gadgets. They make a purchasing decision based on an aggressive online value.


Changing Your Business Image in Generation X Y Z

To accommodate the different tastes, preferences, and purchasing patterns of generations X, Y, and Z, here is an overview of how you can change your business image.

1.         Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers across generations X, Y, and Z are geared towards making more purchases from companies that are committed to social responsibility. Most of them will be interested in companies that advocated for social issues that concerned them. One significant step into rebranding your business is by getting involved in community work and events. Sponsoring local charities or improving the community’s infrastructure is likely to gravitate more customers towards your company’s products and services. They can spread the word about your goods and services via online platforms or by word of mouth.

2.         Outsource Skills

When it comes to rebranding a business, changes in elements such as color, logos, website, and even the business name are inevitable. However, you may not have the skills to bring these changes to practicality. While you may not have the financial capability to employ full-time workers, you can always outsource freelancers and workers who will do the work for you at a reasonable fee. Outsourcing these skills from individuals across the relevant generations targeted by your business will enable you to put a touch of their taste in your new business outlook.

3.         Digital Transformation Strategy

If your business has not yet adopted digital technologies in the running of day-to-day operations, then you could be lagging behind time and competition. With the growth in the innovation of mobile gadgets and the internet of things, it is expected that consumer habits have changed as well. Individuals across the three generations are after a streamlined purchasing process with a touch of technology, which is enhanced by digital transformation. You should build or update your business details across the web. Through this, customers can quickly locate your business when searching for businesses near them.

4.         Customer Centricity

Customer centricity means putting your customers first. It means giving customers a great experience before, during, and after purchasing. Whether you are targeting consumers online or offline, your services should be tailor-made to suit the needs of your customers. You should analyze how royal and potential customers interact with your website to enhance it to their needs. Customers across the digital age are after companies that work on their feedback on certain products or services. Engage your clients in a voluntary survey to incorporate their thoughts and needs in your new outlook.

5.         Going Green

Recent studies show that most consumers across the three generations are willing to initiate more purchases with companies that are committed to environmental impact and sustainability. A company that is committed to green marketing strategies and products is likely to earn the royalty of most consumers. Going green entails processes and strategies such as green logistics, design, positioning, and pricing. But one of the most effective green strategies to adopt as a business is green disposal.

Green disposal ensures sustainability from the production of a product to its disposal. You can collaborate with car wreckers to get rid of business vehicles in an environmentally friendly way. You can also dispose scrap metal off your business for money. An arrangement to sell wrecked car is not only beneficial to the environment, but it is also profitable for your business.

6.         Content Marketing by Generation

Today, every customer is looking for visual or written content across web pages to make an informed decision about your company. Whether it is through emailing, social media platforms, or blogging, your content should be designed to address customer needs as well as give an outlook of services or products that you sell. Recent studies show that most of the successful businesses spend over forty percent of their budget on content development and marketing. This is because customers make purchase decisions based on what they know, what they hear, read, or see.

Content marketing by generation means creating content that is tailored to the needs of specified generations. For example, individuals of generation X find the internet to be more of a research tool than a marketing channel. They might, therefore, be skeptical of marketing messages channeled via the internet. Generations Y and Z, on the other hand, are well versed with technology, and they can rely on marketing done via social media platforms. This is so as long as they find the content authentic and consistent.

The Final Thought

With the changes in trends and technology, rebranding a business is a vital requirement. To change your business image, the various tastes and preferences of generations X, Y, and Z must be taken into account. This is because each generation differs in purchase patterns, habits, and orientations. Some of the ways in which you can change your business image include corporate social responsibility, digital transformation, content marketing, going green and outsourcing skills.