How to Get on The Instagram Explore Page in 2020?

The Instagram Explore Page get ready to hit the virtual lottery when it comes to building likes and followers with social media.

How to Get on The Instagram Explore Page in 2020?

According to the latest Instagram statics, it is estimated that more than half of Instagram users i.e., more than 500 million Instagram users check out the Instagram explore page every 4 weeks. 

So it is genuine to say that getting on the Instagram explore page is like hitting the virtual lottery of new followers and likes on your Instagram account. 


The Instagram explore page is actually a page of a huge number of posts where the Instagram users encounter with the posts that are mostly browsed and liked by them. People get to see photos, videos, stories, quotes, and products from the Instagram accounts that have been followed by them or that relate to the followed accounts. 

The Instagram explore page has endless accounts where you find new accounts to follow that post photos and videos and other things related to your liked photos and videos. So, in this way, the accounts get new followers and likes after getting on the Instagram explore page. 

Now you might be wondering if once you get on the Instagram explore page will there be a rain of new followers and likes, right? Well, it just might if you follow the tips and tricks outlined in this article.

Let’s now, list out the benefits of getting on the Instagram explore page in 2020. 


Getting your posts on the Instagram Explore page will make it visible to people rather than making it visible to your limited followers. 


According to this, some benefits are listed below:- 

  • Your posts are visible to a wider range of audiences on the Instagram explore page. 
  • People who have not followed your account can get to see the posts of you if the post is related to their most viewed posts. 
  • A quick rise of new followers and likes on your Instagram account and posts respectively. 
  • You gain popularity by making yourself viewed to a wider range of people. 

Let’s dig into the tips and tricks to get on the Instagram explore page: 




1. Post contents on one topic(niche). 

Try to post things related to one topic. Suppose you post things on food then try to stick on that and post things regularly related to food only. This makes Instagram algorithm easier to show posts to the people on the Instagram explore page who are regularly searching for food items. 

If you do irregular posts such as one day about food and the other day about suppose travel then your posts might not get attention by the Instagram algorithm and hence your posts will not be shown on the Instagram explore page. 


2. Try to post quality content. 

If you want to get on the Instagram explore page quickly, try to post good quality content regularly. Good content is easily noticed by the Instagram logarithm which then they show them on the explore page. 

Don’t rush on to just post the number of contents to get it displayed on the explore page of the Instagram, this will not help you get on the explore page. 


3. Promote emotional posts. 

To get on the explore page quicker try to trigger emotions. Post content related to the emotions of the people. This will let your posts displayed on the explore page faster. People would like to read and see posts that will relate to their life and emotions. 


4. Make time-consuming posts. 

Making time-consuming posts means posting the kind of content on which people have to spend some time to notice the post and to understand the message behind it. Try to post pictures and videos that make people think, question and engage to keep them around longer. 

Instagram logarithms checks for this time-consuming condition also in order to display the post on the explore page. 


5. Try to use popular Geotags. 

Suppose you visit any popular place like the TAJ MAHAL then while posting photos and videos of the Taj Mahal don’t forget to add the geotag Taj Mahal as it really helps to reach your post to wider people making it more engaging and more user-engaging means you have a higher chance to reach the Instagram explorer page. 


6. Use a cause of action: 

Try to use a call on your Instagram posts where people will comment, like, share and download the post. Give them a cause to add more comments and to download and share your posts with a number of people. You may give them small challenges in your post such as commenting any word or emojis continuously for several numbers of times without being interrupted by any other comments. 

This will help reach your post to wider people and will make it more engaging and hence it may get added to the Instagram explore page. 


7. Use the stories as notification of your post. 

Instagram does not show your post to all your followers first. So to make your post-show to all the followers, add stories in your Instagram stories providing the link to your post. Make sure you don’t post the whole content in the Instagram stories as this will not provide any reason to your followers to get back to your post to see and hence you will not get the likes, shares, and comments on your post. 


8. Post when most of your followers are active on the Instagram. 

This is another reason to get your post on the Instagram Explore page. Try to post contents, when you have the highest number of followers active on Instagram. 

You can easily check the number of active followers if you have a business account, but for the nonbusiness account, you may google to get some links to see the active users(followers) of Instagram. 


9. Post long time videos: 

If you have an Instagram account whose motto is just to post only videos then try to post long time videos of more than one minute as those videos get added to the I.G tv and hence it can become more engaging in terms of time spent on the video and you know the higher the engagement on your posts the more is the chance to get on the Instagram explore page. 


10. Reply to comments and like the comments. 

This is one of the most important tips to get your posts always on trending making it popular and go viral. Try to engage back giving likes and reply to the comments on your post this will make your followers happy and moody to give regular comments and likes on your posts. 


these were some tips which you may follow to get your posts on the most visitable Instagram Explore page to gain followers and likes on your posts. I hope this article helped you in getting what you needed.