Student Apps: The Most Useful Apps for MBA Students

The most useful apps for students may not be what you’d expect, MBA students find the following Apps the most helpful in maximizing efficiency.

Student Apps: The Most Useful Apps for MBA Students

If there’s a group of students who are the most pressed for time, MBA students would be the ones. Not all MBA degrees are taken on a full-time basis either. That might well be easier in some respects, however, other students actually study online at university and still maintain a corporate job at the same time. 

To help all types of students (working or not) who are currently studying for an MBA, here are some student apps that should prove useful to them in a variety of ways. 

Microsoft To Do

The Microsoft To-Do app has been created following the 2015 acquisition of the popular To-Do list app, Wunderlist. With Microsoft recently finally retiring the predecessor after creating their app from the ground up using feature and design ideas from their acquisition, the company now has a viable cloud-linked organisational app that is ready for prime time. 

It features task lists and to-do items, plus sub-tasks in the form of ‘Steps’ that allow users to create a list of tasks to complete with the project as the named task itself. 

Tasks can be assigned to different people, given a due date and a time as an appointment style setup, or just set as a reminder. The app runs on multiple mobile platforms, plus there is a capable web version for Linux users too. 


Evernote is an excellent cloud-based tool for taking notes. It has many other extra features beyond that, but its best feature is to help students take and file notes away. 

It is available all over the platforms, browsers, and web app scene, so you can access your notes from anywhere on any device. Using this software, it is a simple matter to take notes from class as they happen and have them be immediately digitised and saved for future review. It’s one of the best apps for MBA students – check this site if you want to compare it to the top apps recommended by Aston University. 

Focus Booster

The Focus Booster app is designed to keep a student’s mind on where it needs to be. In this age of numerous distractions either in class or at home when you are supposed to be studying, any nudge in the right direction is useful.

The app is a countdown timer based around the 25-minute work period used by the Pomodoro technique. The idea is to work for 25 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes. This was found to be the most effective for productivity. Alarms sound on the phone or web app when the time is up. 

For MBA students, the studying is intense because of the complexity of the study materials and other coursework. Certainly, this calls for periods of focused time followed by a break period to let the brain recover before the next stint. However, it’s still possible to adjust these types of timers to extend the study period or lengthen the break period as needed, because the 25+5-minute schedule doesn’t suit every student perfectly. 


Meditation apps are beneficial for MBA students who find that they need to give their mind a complete rest between study sessions or when ending work and needing to start studying. They can provide a way to clear the mind and enable it to find some rest first and pursue studying after that.

There are many mediation apps to choose from. However, one of the best is Calm, which has an appealing design and offers different short meditative programs to use between work and study sessions. It is also possible to try a few meditative apps to see which is preferred. They each have original visuals and background music, so it is possible to pick and choose a favorite. 


Instapaper is a useful way to store articles or research papers that are found while studying and review them later. They might be something that requires more thought and time to digest, such as an academic paper or a couple of relevant articles for a course project that is due soon.

The cross-platform app runs best in a browser. You can share an article’s URL using a link within a web browser to save it quickly. This then updates the cloud-saved list of items. The Instapaper app will also automatically sync to the cloud periodically too. 

With apps to assist any student, it often comes down to personal preference and support for their mobile device or web browser. However, finding the right collection of apps can make a student’s life much easier than trying to go it alone.