Top SEO Tactics To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Pro SEO Tactics That You Can Use to Increase the Number of Your Instagram Followers 

Top SEO Tactics To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Whenever you search for a celebrity, a brand, or a business on Google or any other search engine, you will normally find the official website listed first with sites like Wikipedia following it and the social media platforms like Instagram thereafter.

Even when the search engines want to push traffic to social media networks, the visual nature of platforms like Instagram makes it a very difficult task. This is because even though Instagram allows indexing of the profiles by the Google bots, the images themselves are blocked from being indexed. As a result of this, it can be a big challenge though not impossible to boost Instagram SEO for acquiring more likes or followers.

Some practical tips that pro marketers on Instagram find useful in enhancing the SEO of Instagram accounts:

1. Link Instagram to Other Social Media

All professional marketers will acknowledge the fact that a multichannel marketing strategy is far more preferable than depending only on Instagram for product or brand promotion. Establishing your presence on other popular social media platforms and then linking your Instagram profile to them will be effective in informing your target audience of your presence on Instagram.

This type of linking will allow you to be able to use the power of all the social media you are on to leverage your Instagram advertisements, announcements, events, and promotions on other social networks.

Apart from linking your Instagram account, you should connect your Instagram feed also as by permitting Instagram feed on Facebook or Twitter, interested users will be directed back to your Instagram account and allow all your followers on social media to locate your Instagram page easily. According to, it is also very important to keep posting regularly to consolidate your brand presence. 

2. Keep Changing Your URL and Location

Each Instagram photo you post gives you the option of changing both the URL and the location and you can take advantage of this to find out how your posts are engaging with your followers.

By thinking of it as a type of customer engagement and ROI metric, you can get a better idea of how often, what, and when to change it.

For example, the most obvious benefit is that by using different URLs, you can lead different audiences to different product pages or promotions. Even if your business does not stand to benefit from an exact or accurate location, you can use the location field to communicate interesting information about your business, brand, or product. The trick is to think imaginatively and use entries that you users will find attention-grabbing. You can also think of using the services of agencies like to boost your follower count quickly while you strategize on a long-term plan.

3. Optimize the Photos

Every Instagram marketer will do well to remember at all times that the appeal of Instagram to its users lies in the fact that it is a visually-oriented platform. This means that the success of the marketing strategy will largely depend on how well you can select your photos and give your audience the best opportunity of seeing them in their feed.

Remember Instagram uses an image recognition technology that classified all visual matter according to their nature so you should try and post images that can be easily classified by Instagram so that these images can be showed up in the feeds of users who may be interested in content of a similar nature but may not as yet be a follower. Wisely choosing your images is a very significant contributor to the number of followers you have. You can make even ordinary photos sparkle by using a good photo-editing app so that users will find them more appealing.

4. Use Alt Text

Instagram now allows users to add Alt Text to the images they post. The concept of Alt Text originally was evolved to allow people who could not see properly to read a description of the photo, however, now the same thing permits Instagram to organize its content better so that when a user types in a search, it can offer the photo with a matching Alt Text in the search results. Since this feature is relatively new on Instagram, not many users know of it. This means that you can get a head start if you start adding the relevant Alt Text to every photo you publish on Instagram. Your posts will appear more in the search results and allow you to acquire more followers.


Instagram can be a very powerful marketing tool in the hands of marketers who know exactly how to use its strengths to reach out to the target audience. If you want to Increase Instagram followers, using the methods discussed above as well as tried and tested methods like researching and using the proper hashtags, using image captions as “Title Tags”, creating and conducting interesting and engaging contests can result in more followers and a big boost in all the engagement metrics.