Grow Your Business by Empowering Channel Partners and End Users

What are channel partners and how can I empower them to grow my business? Find out in this post and market your business better.

Empowering Channel Partners

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Why Empowering Channel Partners and End Users Improves Operational Processes

Without a doubt, running a successful business in an age of constant distractions through advertising isn’t easy. There are already so many other businesses trying to get the attention of your target demographic, making it challenging and frustrating to market your business—especially if you’re new to the industry.

As such, it’s a good idea to look into ways to help market your company and improve business processes, such as the use of channel partners. For companies that offer software as a service (SaaS), there’s no denying that empowering channel partners and end users can benefit the company in more ways than one. Managing software can be challenging enough without potential issues causing all sorts of problems that can lead to a downward spiral. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to put more power in the hands of channel partners and end users.

It allows you to focus on vital aspects of business management, such as compliance

The trouble with running a new business is the fact that you’re constantly bombarded by responsibilities. You’ll be forced to multitask in most cases, resulting in certain aspects of your company being neglected as a result. When you put more power in the hands of your channel partners and end users, it gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your company.

For example, compliance and licensing can be a monumental challenge for even the most experienced business owner, but you’ll have a much easier time if you focus on flexibility and automation through entitlement management software. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to improve your relationship with your suppliers and your customers, as you’ll have more time, resources, and manpower to spend on improving your software.

The thing about business management is there are so many unexpected issues that could end up causing all sorts of trouble if left unchecked. Insurance is one such aspect, as you could end up in legal trouble if there are holes in your policies. Compliance leaves you in the same boat, as neglect will lead to hefty fines. It’s not easy for company owners to focus on compliance and licensing when they already have to deal with so much, hence the empowerment tactic.

Everyone loves a flexible pricing model for products

Whether you deal with software or physical products, there’s no denying that a flexible pricing model is what most people ask for. It also makes things easier for channel partners to market your business if you’re willing to put the customers first. It gives channel partners more ammunition to market your company and your startup the opportunity to succeed even in a competitive business landscape.

Flexible packaging and pricing can take time and effort to perfect, but it’s well worth the price of admission. Most customers are unwilling to put up with second best, so it’s a good idea to work on improving your business model ASAP. It’s not uncommon for some people to move on to other products and services due to a lack of flexible pricing, as they know they can get better treatment from competitors. It’s gotten to a point where even those who want your products might go for a competitor’s offering simply due to the addition of other pricing models.

Everyone loves a flexible pricing model for products, as it empowers everyone involved. Channel partners gain an advantage through marketing, end users benefit greatly through usage-based pricing, and the vendors benefit from the added popularity.

Empowerment can translate to scalability

Your operational processes depend on how much you empower your end users and channel partners, as they can pave the road for your company to grow. Modern tech solutions such as entitlement management also offer a foundation for your business to thrive and expand. Many company owners face issues with scalability due to how quickly a business can grow, but you can circumvent many of the problems by focusing on automation and empowerment as early as possible. It seems a little strange to think that a growing business can be problematic, but there is such a thing as growing pains. When your business isn’t ready to tackle the extra demand that comes with popularity and growth, it can lead to a loss of revenue that can cripple a business.

Empowerment can translate to scalability, as with the aforementioned entitlement management and other data management platforms. The more you seek to empower channel partners and end users, the more you future-proof your company. It’s not an easy task to accomplish as empowerment can mean a multitude of things, but you can rest assured that most modern solutions can help you keep your business afloat.

Empowerment can boost enthusiasm, leading to more sales

The reason why channel partners are so crucial in marketing a company is they are often knowledgeable and enthusiastic—a potent combination to get the attention of potential clients. Empowerment of channel partners involves developing a system where your partners aren’t left out of the loop, such as entitlement management. The more your channel partners understand about your products and goals, the easier it is to get the attention of curious users. 

Empowerment of channel partners will also lead to more enthusiastic marketing, as well as ongoing support for the end user. In many ways, empowering either the channel partner or the end user results in both benefiting from the tactic. That said, seeking to empower both at the same time is one of the ideal ways to elevate a business.

Empowerment can lead to more efficient business processes and endeavors

As stated above, empowerment of channel partners and end users can help company owners focus on what they do best, as well as deal with issues such as compliance and licensing. Empowerment can lead to more efficient business processes and endeavors as it frees up more time and energy on research and development. For those offering software as a service, it can help the company grow and maintain its relationship with their customers.

For example, the subscription-based model is well-known to be a fantastic pricing model for most types of software. It doesn’t ask much from either the company or end user, allowing you to focus on software updates and keeping your customers as satisfied as possible. You can even automate processes and open the doors to remote team management, allowing you to run your business and team from the comfort of your home. Your staff can enjoy the same amenities, leading to less stress and anxiety in the workplace and increased productivity overall.

Initiative promotes initiative

Companies that take the initiative to empower channel partners and end users will help encourage them to do the same for your business. For example, the former can take the initiative with regard to marketing and support, offering a platform that helps users through the customer journey. With regard to the latter, it encourages them to ask more questions and make suggestions regarding the best way to move forward for your business. It’s not just about allowing channel partners to market your business; it’s also crucial that your customers feel like they belong enough that they try to make a contribution.

It might not seem like such a big deal, as feedback is typically the most significant contribution of end users. However, there are quite a few diamonds in the rough out there, and your business might just benefit from the insight of your end users. It would be wise not to underestimate customer feedback, especially with regard to software. SaaS companies can elevate their position or slip into a downward spiral depending on whether they listen to user comments and make updates based on popular opinion.

Channel partner training results in more efficient operation processes

While most channel partners will already have a good idea of your company’s products and act accordingly, software is always subject to change. As such, it’s never a bad idea to train your channel partners, especially when you’ve added new content through updates. If you want your marketing arm to thrive, ensure that you add review material so your channel partners are always up to speed. While there are many ways to empower your channel partner, one of the best ways is through consistent training, as it helps them focus their marketing strategies to create something unique to your business.

It also helps that training and review can translate to enthusiasm, which can help you market your business to new users. Moreover, training and review can help your channel partners keep your end users up to date regarding all aspects of your software and services. The more you give to your channel partners, the easier they can represent your company and its products.

As a company owner, it’s up to you to ensure your business stands the test of time and grows to be an industry powerhouse. While there are plenty of ways to grow a business, empowering channel partners and end users can lead to a more substantial, more stable business in the future.