SaaS UX Design Best Practices To Improve Engagement

When you’re offering Software as a service, there is no single more important aspect than SaaS UX Design as the entire basis is founded on a great customer experience.

SaaS UX Design

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Software as a service (SaaS) means offering software to customers while they pay you to use it. A SaaS business must provide excellent features and work on its user experience (UX) design to appeal to as many people as possible.


To improve your SaaS engagement and overall appeal, you must work on your UX design. If you don’t know where to start, research the best practices and determine how to apply them to your UX design strategy.

Contact SaaS Communities

If you have a SaaS startup and want to make it as appealing as possible, you should find SaaS communities. Doing so not only helps you find more information, but you can also get direct advice from people in similar situations.


You should reach out to different communities to see which groups work best for your situation. For example, you can go to forums, join specific groups, and even find social media groups that hold these discussions to see what’ll help your business.


Not only will you meet people who also work in the industry, but they may present you with a new perspective to get more ideas going. You can also ask them for different strategies, apply them, and see what works for your business.

Perform UX Tests

UX tests remain the best way to improve engagement and focus on SaaS UX design. If you can get people to come in and test the product, you’ll understand what aspects interest your customers while identifying the confusing or boring parts that prevent SaaS use.


A UX test should consist of a few steps.


  • The customer tests it
  • You take notes
  • You ask questions afterward


You should let the customer test your SaaS without providing guidance. Let them review the product and see what they can learn from it. Don’t tell them how to navigate the app; let them naturally go through it to see what comes easily and causes issues.


You should take notes and pay attention to what they try, so you can make adjustments later. Doing so will ensure you don’t forget anything from the UX test while looking for recurring issues people face while utilizing your SaaS.


Once you finish the test, let them explain their feelings and any difficulties they faced. Doing so will help you identify ways to improve engagement and SaaS overall. Think about what questions you plan to ask, so you can guide the conversation and collect the details.

Balance the Effort and Benefits

Creating an ideal SaaS UX design requires you to balance the parts, so you’ll even out the effort and benefits. That means the customers must feel like the effort they put into the system leads to enough or more help than they need for it to remain functional.

If they think your system requires too much work or time to use appropriately, they’ll look for a more user-friendly design. However, if they don’t have to put in too much effort but get excellent results, they’ll want to stay with your system and engage with it.


Having a SaaS UX design with minimal use will cause engagement to drop, so people may turn away from your software. As such, you’ll want to encourage them to check it regularly through information, updates, and other points so they recognize its value.

Perform Surveys

Surveys work as an effective way to improve engagement since you can collect direct details from your customers. Instead of guessing and trying to figure out what your customers like about the UX design, you can ask them what they like and dislike.


When it comes to surveys, you want to ask multiple questions and have people rate their experiences on a scale. Doing so makes it easy for them to gauge their feelings, so you don’t encounter miscommunication or similar problems with the surveys.


At the end of the study, you can include a section where customers can type any additional details they want. Many businesses follow this process since it collects crucial details while allowing customers to share anything else that comes to their minds.

Collect Customer Data

As you focus on improving the UX, you should collect customer data on the situation. Doing so involves seeing what your customers mention during customer service situations and what parts of the SaaS they use the most.

Have your customer service section keep track of details about customers, but as they do, let customers know you plan to record them for quality assurance purposes. As you collect the information, you can see which aspects of UX design people struggle with the most.


As you identify those areas where they struggle, you can figure out how to make changes, so your customers won’t face those problems.


If people focus on certain areas of your SaaS, that means either it provides the most worth or they find the other features difficult to use. Either way, you should improve the others areas to make them more appealing and user-friendly.

Understand Your End User

Some businesses think of their customers as a general concept, but you want to think about your end user instead. The end user refers to the type of audience and people who’ll use your product regularly to accomplish their goals.


Improving engagement means appealing to these people, so they’ll stick with your SaaS and pay for any fees or costs. Doing so means adjusting the UX design to make it easier for them to use while offering the ideal features to make your software useful.


Regarding SaaS, your end user usually refers to a business or person who plans to use the software. They may even use it to help them make money, remain organized, or accomplish another goal, so remember those points as you adjust your software.

Final Remarks

SaaS UX design helps your business boost engagement so more people want to stick with your software and pay any associated fees. You’ll succeed as you focus on your UX design and make it easy for anyone to use when they need it.


No matter what SaaS you offer, UX design will always play a vital part in it. Look into the best practices available, choose the ones you want to apply, and get started to improve your SaaS.