Relevance of Social Media Management for SaaS Enterprises

Social media management is important for every business using it, but for SaaS enterprise business it’s exponentially more difficult and essential to stay on top of.


Social Media Management for SaaS Enterprises

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Does it ever seem to you like the top-notch SaaS brands were born social media superheroes, making an impact with viral posts and winning hearts? After all, if they can do it, why can’t you?


If only it were that easy.


The truth is, there’s an art to managing social media for SaaS enterprises, but that doesn’t mean it’s rocket science. Whether it’s your dedicated team of experts or you working as a tie-up with an agency, you can become a successful social media climber by mastering the art of social media management. 


But why should SaaS enterprises stay on top of managing their presence on social media? Dig deeper into the blog to find out how much you can accomplish as a SaaS enterprise with social media management. Before that, let’s first find out what social media management actually means.

What Does Social Media Management Mean?


Before we get into the relevance of social media management for SaaS enterprises, let us first understand what social media management is and what tasks it includes.


The ongoing process of strategically creating content, publishing, and monitoring your brand’s presence across multiple social platforms is known as social media management.


Often social media management involves using automation tools. Enterprise social media management tools perform several major functions:


  • Monitoring, management, and governance
  • Listening and moderation
  • Publishing
  • Analytics

So, What Is The Relevance Of Social Media Management For SaaS Enterprises?


To Build And Maintain A Better Brand Reputation


Software buyers are becoming more inclined towards providers with a good online brand reputation. In fact, buyers are willing to pay a premium price for products and services when they feel a high connection with a brand.


From security breaches to privacy policies and software bugs, buyers are judging software providers more than ever before now. The online narrative around your SaaS brand can have huge implications for your bottom line.


Hence, it becomes essential as a SaaS provider to manage your brand reputation in this online space and shape it to build a trusted brand name in the market. There are several ways to protect and improve your online reputation, such as the ones listed below:


  • Deliver great customer service
  • Highlight positive testimonials and customer success stories
  • Build credibility through software reviews sites
  • Control what you say on social media
  • Be proactive
  • Moderate comments on your social real estate, such as hiding Facebook comments that are spam, trolls, or irrelevant


Though you may prefer receiving reviews on your website or software review sites, customers aren’t always present there. Also, they might not want to sign up for a new platform just to drop a review. 


But you can create social media accounts just for customer queries and respond to all your comments received on the profile proactively. This way, you will be making a convenient space (where your customers already spend a lot of time) to express their reviews and engage with your brand.

To Shorten The Sales Cycle


A study made by LinkedIn revealed that 84% of marketing managers and C-level executives are influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions. It’s not quite uncommon to see people asking their networks on social media to recommend tools and solutions that could solve their problems. People post such questions daily (especially in the form of a poll).


It becomes easy for people who have experienced your offerings to recommend your name to their network when your brand has an active social media presence. And this way, you even get to shorten the sales cycle, which often includes several touchpoints for most brands in these competitive markets. 

Also, those customers who come from references have higher trust in you as compared to new customers.

To Build Authority In Your Niche


Nothing drives marketing like perceived authority. People want to know that you are able to solve their problems as you initially promised you could.


When they see your products or services on social media, they unconsciously search for a reason to believe you. At that time, it’s your job to give them reasons to choose you. Actively managing your social media presence comes in handy here. 


At least 55% of executives check a brand’s social media before going ahead with a purchase. Don’t you feel that your SaaS business should pivot to benefit from this huge sales opportunity? But how can you do that? 


Well, it’s simple: you need to engage regularly with the social community and share case studies and testimonials from your previous clients or customers (basically, manage your social media well).


But there’s a caveat here: you can’t be salesly. People don’t usually come to social media to buy stuff; they come to do their research before going for a purchase, and this is extremely important in terms of social media influencer management


When people are in this kind of mood, they don’t respond to promotional posts. So, you need to follow the 80/20 rule for social media. That is, 80% of your social content should be educating your audience, fun, and engaging, and only 20% of it should be promotional. This way, you can hit the right cord.


Here are some social media elements that leave the first impression of a brand on people’s minds:


  • Profile name
  • Profile username
  • Profile picture
  • Profile link/URL
  • Profile bio (get inspired by some Instagram bio ideas)
  • Profile background or cover image
  • Social media activity



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To Take Care Of Your Social Customers


Using social media for addressing customer complaints, questions, and requests are known as social customer care. Customer care has evolved from the good old days when the only option was calling customer service. 


Today, social media has made it much more convenient for your customers to voice their concerns. Not to forget, there are services, self-help chatbots, and even self-knowledge bases on websites making the job easier for you and your customers. 


But the closest option to phone calls is interaction on social media between the SaaS brand and the customer. An email is an option, but people today, particularly Gen Z and millennials, prefer to sort their issues over social media than via emails.



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Hence, it becomes of utmost importance to regularly check your social media for any customer complaints, given the fact that negative comments spread faster on the internet than on fire. If you leave several customer complaints hanging on social media for a long period of time, it will ultimately affect your brand’s social presence. 


Such angry customers will resort to dropping negative reviews about your brand on several review sites, which will affect SEO and pull down your website’s position in organic search results.


You should contact the customer immediately if they say anything negative about your brand on social media. You can use this as an opportunity to apologize publicly and move forward. This interaction will be personalized and help strengthen the customer’s trust in your brand. Plus, the public will appreciate your willingness to own up to your mistake and improve.

To Prove Your Company Culture 


You may have the best company culture in the world, but not many people will know about it unless you show them. Social media is a good place to showcase your culture through text and visuals. This investment is useful in creating UGC content for social media. 


Your company culture is one of your organization’s biggest motivations and bragging points. Showing good company culture on social media also helps attract the right talent.


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Your customers don’t just look at mere reviews, but they also look up to what your employees say about your company and the CEO. This helps to get an idea of how your customer service will look because, let’s face the fact: your employees are your first customers.


While you showcase the good side of your company culture, taking care of those who might not have had a great experience at your place is also important. Managing social media will help you get a hold of such people and prevent them from razing your brand reputation on the internet.

To Form The Correct Brand Narrative


A brand’s image is attributed to what it says and how it says it on social media. So, it’s crucial that you show a narrative that highlights your brand’s values and not the narrative that others want to showcase on social media.


While you will be posting all positive aspects of your brand on social media, there will be some accounts that will only try to defame you and prove you wrong. It’s essential to manage your social media presence and build a strong brand so that your audience chooses to trust what you say over such people.


Social media opens the door to expressing how your SaaS brand can benefit customers. You cannot just showcase your company’s culture but also demonstrate your product’s worth.


So, you need to sit down with your team and explore how you can bridge your brand with your target audience. Then, you can broadcast those insights on social media.

To Reach A Wider Audience


Your audience trusts what your customers say about your brand on social media much more than the content that you share directly. So, you should use user-generated content to your advantage!


You can engage with your customers by sharing their user-generated content on social media. For instance, someone may publicly talk about your brand on Twitter. You can then retweet what they say about your brand and use it to increase your brand authority and trust. 


If you are actively sharing and commenting on such types of posts, customers will also want to be more engaged with your SaaS brand. They will continue to talk about your brand or their experience with their own community.


This will increase your chances of being seen by potential leads. Customers searching for businesses online are much more likely to use ones with an informative social media presence.


So if you are actively engaging on your social profile, you have a better chance of being chosen than your competitors who are not actively managing their social media presence.


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To Enhance Your SEO Rankings


Social media can increase your content’s visibility in search results. Search engines provide a second home for your content, making it incredibly easy to share and be found by your target audience.


Increased shareability means that you are increasing your chances of creating high-quality backlinks because your content is much easier to find.


Ensure you are using your social presence to your full advantage. Optimizing your profiles and creating catchy social media posts can not just make your engagement skyrocket but also boost your SEO. Since your social media profiles get found more quickly in search results, your brand awareness is bound to increase.

Key Takeaways


We hope you are now able to understand how important it is for SaaS enterprises to manage their social media presence. Here are some key takeaways:


  • Those who have already used your product can recommend it to their network. This not just shortens the sales cycle but also increases trust in your brand.
  • People want to find a reason to choose you and are actively searching for it on social media. Give them the reason by delivering excellent customer service to your current customers.
  • Managing your social media presence does not just help to calm angry customers but also helps increase your website’s SEO ranking.
  • Showcasing your company culture on social media can help you attract the right talent at the right time.
  • Prepare a narrative on social media that highlights your brand’s values and demonstrates your product’s worth.
  • Engaging in social media with your current customers and community increases your chances of being seen by potential leads.
  • The online narrative around your brand can have enormous implications for your bottom line.


Because of all these reasons, it has become crucial for SaaS enterprises to not just have a strong social media presence across various platforms but also manage it actively. And a modern social media monitoring solution can help manage your effort and experience growing results.


If you really want to get your social channels in the right shape in 2022, you should seriously consider adding social media management tools to your marketing toolkit. These tools will make staying active and engaging on social media easier for SaaS brands, paving the way for greater impact.