The Definitive Guide to E-commerce Marketing

The key to unlock the success of your eCommerce marketing strategy is to generate awareness amongst potential customers towards your brand to take action.

Definitive Guide to E-commerce Marketing

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Ecommerce marketing has changed marketing trends due to the advent of online mediums and channels. However, you could still apply the same tricks of traditional marketing to increase sales, that too within a digital realm. 


Before going further, let us know what e-commerce marketing is, in brief. There is hell a lot of brands in the market coming up with their unique benefits and specialties to attract potential customers. E-commerce marketing is a process of increasing your sales by making people aware of a brand’s online store and what they are offering.


Stores can easily take advantage of the online mediums and channels to promote their brands. They can propagate sales by creating advertisements and pull in more customers to the e-commerce website. In other words, e-commerce websites are the final destination to turn a person into a customer.


What are the mediums to attract customers?


Online marketing is a massive portal to showcase your products and services and go to the infinite level to pull in sales. Social media platforms, search engines, and email campaigns are some of the best mediums to promote your business.

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An e-commerce marketer takes advantage of all the above mediums to promote their products, fetch visitors and enhance their business. A potential customer can, therefore, know a brand thoroughly via all the mediums and channels.


Ecommerce website marketing is about generating awareness in visitors about the products and services, evoking their interests into it and taking actions to turn visitors into customers through digital portals.


What are the different types of e-commerce marketing?


Before we count on the different types of eCommerce marketing, you should know about how an e-commerce marketer advertises their products using marketing automation software.


Nuisances of e-commerce advertising :


  • Purpose: The purpose of e-commerce is to boost conversions and enhance brand awareness.
  • Methods: An e-commerce marketer can promote his products via advertisements and banner ads.
  • Success: E-commerce advertising is all about creating awareness about the product and implementing actions to turn all your efforts into sales. Considering this factor, advertising your product becomes quite crucial while you develop an e-commerce strategy.


What are the types of eCommerce marketing : 


While creating an e-commerce marketing strategy, you must know how to promote a brand using the most common marketing channels. Read to know them in detail :


  1. Social media marketing: Many businesses are already flourishing and enhancing their business by creating and posting engaging content on social media platforms. The main aim is to gain attention from potential customers. 


As an e-commerce marketer, you can also create engaging campaigns, but the difference lies in creating them with attractive visual imagery of products. So, customers can strengthen their buying decisions. Therefore, you cannot just use any social media platform to promote your business. Social media portals such as Instagram would be appropriate for your e-commerce business. Ecommerce websites are usually extravagantly visual, and you can use images to drive most of the traffic to your pages.


  • You can use Instagram to create an engaging content containing clear and conducive images of the product with the help of instant filters. 
  • You can take your promotion to the next level by adding the tags to the product images displaying the prices and offers. This way, people will connect immediately and promptly add the product to their carts. It is a popular way to induce customers by displaying ads.
  • Last but not least, Facebook has always been a marketer’s favorite. Almost all have their business pages where they can share product reviews and ratings.


  1. Content marketing: Content marketing always leads a marketer’s way to promote its products. Whether you are posting videos or blogs, all you need is a catchy content. Your aim might be multifaceted ( i.e. to provide efficient customer service and to improve your website’s rankings in search engines), but the critical solution is only one. i.e. content.


 How can you use content to promote your eCommerce store 


  •   Use the right keywords for your product pages

You must use the right keywords on your product pages so that search engines enable the visitors to find you easily. The key mantra is to keep short and product-driven keywords so that when a visitor searches for a similar product on google, they can find you.

  •  Write blogs: Write relevant blogs related to your products. For example- If you are running a salon. You can promote your haircare or skincare products by writing blogs on them so that customers know what your products stand for.
  •  Submit guest posts:  Submitting guest posts enable you to get domain authority for your e-commerce website, proving search engines about your site reliability. You can easily reach your relevant audiences. All you have to do is to search the sites which rank for the keywords associated with your blog.
  • Create a FAQ page: To fetch more users to your site, you can create a faq page with high -volume keywords. Suppose a user is asking questions related to your product or a similar product. They will land up on your page. It will increase your authority and traffic both.


  1. Email marketing: Email marketing is one of the primitive forms of marketing to reach audiences to promote products, engage them and follow them. You can also use email automation for your email campaigns. You just have to segment your customers based on their interests, actions, and other behavioral factors. Further, you can send them campaigns to engage them accordingly.


Note: As an e-commerce marketer, you must be careful while adding website visitors to your email list—the reason being the risk of data leakage.


Let’s see how can you use an email marketing :

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  • Ask the customers their reviews: Your ultimate success lies not merely in delivering your product but it begins after the sale of your product. Once the customer has bought your product and agreed to receive emails from you. It’s time to catch on customer’s loyalty by asking them about the product’s reviews post-purchase. They will consider your consideration of them.


  • Re-Engage the customers who abandoned the cart: The abandoned carts inevitably impact an e-commerce business because it’s easy to engage a customer and re-engage the lost one. Still, you can send them a polite reminder asking them to buy the products or recommend the other products at discounted prices.


4 ) Influencer marketing

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Influencers can be your brand’s most prominent brand ambassadors as they have a strong influence over people. They can be celebrities or politicians who impact people’s beliefs on a massive scale. You can ask such influencers to market your eCommerce business.


5) Affiliate marketing: You can hire affiliates to promote your brand. You can pay them some commission in return for promotion. The members use all the marketing tactics such as paid advertising and effective content marketing to increase traffic to your product pages.

What are e-commerce marketing tips for driving sales :


Let’s dive deeper into some of the useful e-commerce marketing tips to pull in more visitors to the online store :


  1. Use Personalization : 


Personalization can increase your revenues by up to a higher rate. You can send emails to potential customers with their names in the subject line. You can offer them the products based on their interests, behavior, and actions on campaigns. You can simply sail out the journey of a prospect to them becoming a buyer by serving them what the customer needs.


  1. User-generated content: 


You can ask your users to tag you in your posts. You can be creative while creating a campaign.

Such as coca-cola created a “Share a Coke” campaign. The strategy revolved around the people’s names on the coke bottles. The main agenda was to increase sales. How do customers promote it? By sharing the pics with their names on the cans. Customers do push your brand by sharing the reviews on the social media portals or by tagging you using hashtags.


  1. Create a loyalty program:  Your loyal customers are the key to your business success. If you nurture them, they will promote it further to their friends and acquaintances. It is called Word of mouth marketing. It defines the strategies you put in to ask customers and influencers to promote your brand and provide some points or offers and incentives in return. You can create a loyalty program and pull in repeat purchases from your customers.

Other ways to ask customers’ favor to enhance sales and increase brand value is through a referral program. You can ask your customers to refer a person and get catchy offers in return. You can ask them to share the content and link on other social media portals so as to promote the referral program.


  1. Live chat:

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The chatbot is quite an appealing option to help customers right away in their shopping blues. Suppose a customer is buying a product from an online store and facing specific issues. They can ping you, and by supporting them unconditionally on a 24/7 basis, you can fetch in the loyalty and considerably of the customers. Also, you can solve out the frequently asked issues regarding the cashback offers and refund policies on the product. Make sure you clarify all of them.


  1. Responsive website design: Create a user-friendly and responsive website. Nowadays, customers use all forms of gadgets for online shopping. Make sure you provide them with a panoramic experience.


 Let us shed some light on an effective e-commerce marketing strategy, after having a detailed discussion about the e-commerce marketing tips and channels to thrive sales. Let us shed some light on an effective e-commerce marketing strategy.


How to build an effective e-commerce marketing strategy :


  1. Set your goals: The very first step to build a successful marketing strategy is to define the objectives based on your industry. You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns on its basis. For example – goals, conversion rate and click-through rates.

conversion funnel

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  1. Chalk out strategy: Once you have set your goals, it’s time to chalk out a plan to achieve those goals. For example – You want to make higher returns on investment.


So, chalk out a strategy to achieve the same. So to say, you can set up a google ad account. You can determine the amount spent on ads. Further, you can create an ad group based on your targeted keywords. Finally, you can check your account daily to watch out the results.


  1. Delight your customers: Your success doesn’t measure by the count of sales. Your ultimate goal is to stand by your customers and provide them with long-lasting support so that they attract the attention of more leads.


I hope by now, you must have a clear vision of what tools and tips you must employ to create a keen awareness amongst the potential customers about your e-commerce business. At the same time, creating the right foundation for your e-commerce strategy is equally important.