6 10, 2015

Things to Consider When Designing a Mobile Website

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“Mobile-friendless” is the word of the year for webmasters – well, it's technically a compound a word. Google announced earlier this year that it had updated its search ranking algorithm to boost the ranking of websites that cater to mobile users. So in other words, if you have a mobile-friendly [...]

22 09, 2015

12 Tools to Create Infographics

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Infographics are popular because they are highly shareable and convey statistics in a visually pleasing and easy to understand manner. But can a local business create infographics with a small budget?This post, 12 Tools to Create Infographics, was first published on WebMarketingToday.While hiring a graphic designer may make the job [...]

20 01, 2015

Top Tools for Graphic Creation & Social Sharing

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It's not that everything Guy touches turns to gold—but that Guy only touches things made of gold. Guy's most recent touch: Canva, an online graphics program. Kawasaki, the co-author of APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur), noticed his social media guru was spinning out some amazing graphics. She was using a new [...]

14 07, 2014

5 Things Design Students should be doing now to get a Job Later

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So you’re going to school in hopes of landing an awesome job in graphic design? That’s great! But, are you really leveraging every opportunity to increase your chances of this happening upon graduation? Truth is, many (if not most) college grads enter the real world with the misconception that a [...]

12 05, 2014

Travel for Work? 6 Great Gadgets That’ll Make Life on the Road Easier

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You bring in a sales team, the sales team brings in the dollars. With the worldwide total of direct salesmen and women pushing 60 million and those salespeople contributing $114 billion in sales to the economy (as reported by the Direct Selling Association Census), sales managers are doing everything in [...]

6 01, 2014

Website Design: Get Your Head In The Clouds

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Designing Your Business Website In The Clouds The 2013 Parallels SMB Cloud Insights report finds that 22 percent of businesses develop and manage their websites with IaaS and SaaS tools, and another 30 percent say they will follow suit by 2015. As more companies adopt the use of the cloud [...]

14 11, 2013

Tech Tools No Web Designer Should Ever Live Without

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Being a web designer used to involve a text editor and a very in depth knowledge of HTML. However, times have changed, websites have become more complex, and tools have been developed to make it much easier to create different, interesting, and highly functional web pages that could have never [...]

22 07, 2013

Setting Yourself Up As A Freelancer

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Setting yourself up as a freelancer or consultant can be a daunting task. There’s finances to consider, records to keep, and you also have to market yourself and maintain relationships with clients. It can seem overwhelming, so it’s important to compartmentalize the different elements of your business so that you manage them. Finances First, it’s critical that you keep good records. The two most important things to track are your business income and your business expenses. Your income is your responsibility, and the IRS does not take kindly to freelancers who “estimate” their income. Keeping a separate bank account for your business will save you time and stress when you need to document your business profits and losses come tax time. According to Entrepreneur, not keeping finances separate is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs can make. […]

8 07, 2013

Get Your Head in the Cloud: Storage Benefits for Graphic Designers

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Data storage poses a lot of problems for graphic designers. If you're juggling several types of storage methods, from thumb drives to CDs, you're putting yourself at risk for theft or loss of data. Not to mention, you have to remember what files are on which device and carry them [...]

21 11, 2012

15 (Mostly) CSS Code Generators to Make Your Life Easier

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CSS is the foundation for style and design on the web. Using CSS streamlines web design and provides better presentation control and can improve the way search engines see your site. However, most designers don't want to spend more time fussing over code, they just want to design a nice [...]

27 10, 2012

Top 10 Portfolio Building Sites on the Web

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While it's true that nothing beats a unique, built-from-scratch online portfolio, there are a lot of fantastic out-of-the-box options available to designers who don't want to fuss with tedious code and style sheets. We've found ten great portfolio sites for photographers and designers, some are free and others have paid services, but all focus on presenting your work beautifully.

12 10, 2012

Pixel’s Top 6 Stock Photography Resources for Web Design

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If you’ve read our article on the importance of good photography (seen here), you might be wondering to yourself, “self, where can I get great photos for my website without hiring a professional photographer?” A good answer to that question is... online! There are dozens of great stock photography sites [...]