15 Free Figma Resources to advance your UI/UX

Web and App designers and developers who focus on UI and UX will love these 15 Free Figma resources to streamline the DEV process.

Free Figma Resources


Figma is the most useful tool for designers when it comes to designing beautiful user interfaces. In this competitive market of web development, everyone wants to deliver their project quickly and efficiently. Therefore, in this post, we have collected some best free Figma resources that you can download for free.

The resources that we have mentioned in this post, will help you quickly build your web apps and user interfaces. Apart from it, these resources will help you to advance your UI/UX skill and save lots of time in UX research.

The design Professionals built these resources, and you can learn from them and take inspiration as well. There are many advantages to using free Figma resources, so before heading on to these resources let’s understand why you should use these resources.

What are Figma Resources and their advantages?

Figma Resources are generally design assets that are pre-built and can be reused by others. These resources are generally built by design professionals that share their works in the Figma community.

These resources are the most valuable tool for the Figma community. Figma designers all across the world when showcasing their skills it helps other designers to upscale themselves.

Apart from it, by using these resources designers save time and effort, improve consistency and collaboration, and provide inspiration and new ideas.

Figma Resources provide a pre-determined set of design elements that promote consistency in design across multiple projects.

Advantages of using Figma Resources

  • Time-saving
  • Consistency in Design
  • Great Source of inspiration
  • Cost-effective
  • To get premium and professional designs
  • Creativity
  • Community support, and many more…

Free Figma Resources

As we have understood the advantages of using Figma resources let’s directly start the list of best free Figma resources. Now, Figma resources can be of many types like Figma UI Kits, Figma templates, Figma plugins, Figma illustrations, Figma tutorials, and many more.

Therefore, we have mentioned each resource with its types.

Figma UI Kits

Figma UI Kits are user interface kits with a collection of design assets. It contains UI styles and components that convey meaning and provides functionality to users.

Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Free Figma Bootstrap UI Kit comprising 300+ organized Bootstrap 5 components built with atomic design system & auto layout. Kickstart your next Figma project drag and drop pre-made components from the Assets panel. Configure them in the right sidebar. Fast and simple, as should be.

It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Figma Library with organized components & atoms. It includes Bootstrap’s colors, grids, and typography so that you can easily customize it to fit your brand or product.

Figma Admin Dashboard UI Kit (Free Editon)

This is a Free Admin Dashboard UI kit that has all the major components required to build an Admin Dashboard. It has easy-to-edit components and UI elements that you can use for your projects.

SaaS design has built these UI kits by keeping simplicity in mind providing a very sleek and modern design. This free design resource can be used to create interactive dashboards and web apps quickly.

Free UI kits by UI Garage

UI garage is one of the best marketplaces where you will find hand-picked design resources which have 700+ free UI Kits. These free resources are not available in Figma but in other important formats like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, AE, inVision studio, Sketch, and many more.

On the website, you will find that they have created separate sections based on the type of resources. For instance, they have Apps UI Kit, Dashboard, landing page, and many more.

To download the UI Kits you just need to sign your profile then, you can download any free design assets.

Figma Templates

Generally, Figma UI Kits and Figma templates work the same but the only difference is that Figma UI kits contain the UI elements like buttons, Typography, icons, etc. Whereas, Figma templates are pre-designed layouts and complete designs that can be used as a starting point for a project.

Free Figma Template Platform

If you’re looking for a place where you can find free Figma templates then this website is for you. Free Figma templates showcase the highest quality free Figma website templates, mobile App templates, UI kits, Design Systems, and 2D and 3D illustrations.

Furthermore, they claim that the Figma templates they show are completely responsive and mobile-friendly. Apart from that, you will also get wireframes on this platform.

They have 70+ free Figma templates that cover all the themes you may be looking for in your next project. These templates are production ready as you do not need to waste your time designing the components from scratch.

Free Figma Template by Captain Design

Captain Design is another platform where you will find premium and free design resources. It’s a marketplace where you will find resources from more than 18k+ creators showcasing their design assets.

They have more Figma landing page templates with a wide range of varieties. For instance, there are around 200+ landing pages, 3 premium UI Kits, 4 eCommerce templates, and 2 Plugins.

Now, they have many templates that are built on Figma and HTML both versions.

Figma Template by SaaS Design

SaaS Design is a platform that provides a wide range of free figma resources that can be suitable for the development of SaaS products. Moreover, it is designed to help SaaS businesses and teams create beautiful, functional, and user-friendly products.

The Free Figma templates on their platform include a range of pre-designed pages, such as landing pages, pricing pages, and dashboard pages.

These templates are having a modern design that can be fully customized in Figma. It allows designers to change colors, typography, and other design elements to match their own brand.

Figma Free Plugins Resources

So far we have said that Figma lets you build beautiful user interfaces. But, you can make your design workflow of building these user interfaces by using Figma Plugins. There are numerous plugins available in figma that you can use to improve the functionality of Figma or FigJam.


Autoflow is a free Figma plugin that can help you to draw flows between two shapes. You just need to simply select those 2 shapes while the plugin is running, and a line will connect them automatically.

Furthermore, it always chooses the shortest path and bends only when it is needed. This free plugin will help you to make your canvas look more organized, uncluttered, and easy to understand.

Now, it also has styles for the lines so that you can represent the relationship between your designs. For instance, it has Happy paths, sad paths, conditionals, edge cases, taps, swipes, force touch, and many more.


DesignLint is a free figma resource and an open-source figma plugin to find missing styles in your figma design. It finds and fixes your errors in the design to make sure that they are ready for development.

So the function of this plugin is somehow similar to Grammarly. When it is running, it will automatically show you the errors and fix them right away. Apart from it, if you have a special layer that is showing an error and want to skip you can use ‘Ignore’ as well.

Furthermore, it also allows you to set the custom border radius values within the setting in client storage.

Exemplar – Free Avatar Library For Figma

Exemplar Free Avatar Library comes with 20 Avatars. You can use them for your application by customizing colors and shapes..!! This free Avatar Library is a hand-picked-style library of user profiles.

If you’re working on a project that involves a lot of profiles, then this free figma resource a styles library is much faster to use than a plugin, so to save time and make it easy.


  • Figma components
  • Sketch symbols
  • 20 Free Avatar
  • Resizable, High Resolution & Customisable
  • Suitable for Web & Apps

Figma Tutorials

You can not master a tool without learning and applying it to your project. You should know the basic usage and controls of tools first to be pro in Figma. Therefore, to learn figma there are lots of free figma resources available that you must consider it.

We have listed this tutorial in figma free resources as they are very useful tutorials as well as free to use and available on YouTube.

Figma UI DESIGN Tutorial – Course for Beginners


If you’re a beginner then in this free course you will thoroughly learn about UI design with Figma. Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool. If you are a complete beginner with Figma then this Figma tutorial can be really helpful for you.

This Figma Course covers the following topics.

  • Creating Shapes
  • Introduction To Typography
  • Shape creating
  • Margin And Padding In UI UX Design
  • AutoLayout
  • Iconography and much more.

Free Figma UX Design UI Essentials Course


Learning from this course will help you to learn everything that is much needed for a UX designer. It will help you to create beautiful user interfaces and interactive prototypes.

Besides, this Figma Tutorial is aimed at people new to design, and new to User Experience design. Even if you’re not sure what UX means, don’t worry.

By the end of this course, you will be able to make fully interactive prototypes. Also, you will take a project all the way through – collaborating with other team members and exporting the right files ready to hand off to your developer or software engineer.

This course covers:

  • How to create simple wireframes.
  • How to implement colors & images properly in your designs.
  • You’ll learn the do’s & don’ts around choosing fonts for web & mobile apps.
  • How to create your icons, buttons & other UI components.
  • You’ll learn Components, Constraints & Multi-Dimensional Variants.
  • Learn to build a simple style guide
  • How to make both simple & advanced micro-interactions, page transitions & animations

Figma Mockups

Mockups are very important when it comes to branding and virtual representation. It helps the client to visualize how their brand will look on different platforms and devices.

As Figma is growing, the usage of Mockups that are built on Figma is also increasing. As a result. we are going to represent you with some of the best free Figma mockups.

Mockups Library by Figma Community

This Figma free resource is designed by Facebook that has a wide range of device mockups included in the library. You will get all the mockups instantly when you download them in the SVG format.

Apart from it, all these mockups have both shadow and no shadow variants

Devices included in the Mockup library

  • Computers
  • Displays
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Watches

Brands Included

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Sony
  • Dell
  • Samsung

Figma Free Icon Resources

Icons are the most useful part of any user interface. It helps the users to easily understand your user interface and make it easier to interact. Now, in figma designing an icon is very easy because of the inbuilt Icon grids and Key lines.

As a result, we have listed the best Free icons in the Figma free resources as they are built completely on Figma and are free to use.

Free Figma Icons by FreebieFlux

FreebieFlux is an emerging design marketplace that provides the best and hand-picked collection of best UI freebies built on Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch including Icons, mobile apps, dashboards, landing pages, mockups, and many more.

They have more than 70+ free icon sets available on their marketplace providing a wide range of icon categories. Using this figma free resource will surely help you speed up your design workflow.

Figma Icons by UXCrush

UXCrush is a great platform to find free and premium figma resources of all types in one place. So far, they have curated and published more than 1000 figma resources. On this platform, you will find a wide range of free Figma icons and icon sets.

Along with that, these icons are free to download and you can use them within seconds. UXCrush has website templates, mobile templates, icons, collections, and many more.

It is found that they have more than 90+ free icon sets and 30+ premium icon sets which are all set to ease your design process.

Figma Illustrations

Illustrations are one kind of design in which an artist draws something with their design tool to illustrate and explain certain information. It can be a drawing, photograph, etc.

Therefore, we have mentioned a free figma resource that has lots of illustrations designed that you can take as inspiration and can use in your project.

Illustration Pack by Figma Community

This free illustration resource comes with 75+ illustrations that are perfectly designed. This illustration comes with all types of bright and eye-catchy colors that can make your user interfaces wow.

All the illustrations are well organized and they have sample screens as well in which you will get a brief idea of how these illustrations will look.


If your approach to design is to not take inspiration and learn from other designs then you will never grow as an individual. But, as far as we know there are very less creatures of such type.

The free figma resources that we have mentioned are worthy enough to use in your projects as well as to take inspiration. So we hope that using these resources will save a lot of your time in designing user interfaces.

Well, you don’t need to use all of them as we recommend you to use them as per your need and requirements.

So far, if you liked this collection of figma free resources then please share it with your designer friends and wish them Good luck!

Hope your designs turn out amazing!