7 11, 2019

Seven Sustainable Packaging Trends Businesses Can’t Ignore

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Seven Sustainable Packaging Trends Businesses Can’t Ignore Sustainable packaging can't be viewed as a passing hippie mindset, in fact, sustainability must be a priority for companies across the board including packaging. Whether it is the rise in veganism or the push towards electric cars, it is almost impossible to look [...]

27 07, 2018

How to Develop an Effective Product Launch Strategy

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How to Develop an Effective Product Launch Strategy Launching a new product is NOT easy, so understanding the stages of product packaging and development is key to an effective product launch strategy. You have a new idea for your business, and the new product seems like it should be a [...]

30 11, 2017

3 Ways 3D Printing Is Disrupting the Manufacturing Industry

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3 Ways 3D Printing Is Disrupting the Manufacturing Industry Image Credit MoonRay Desktop 3D Printer 3D printing was a big winner in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Manufacturing 2018 list, with five of the top spots being taken by 3D printing entrepreneurs. One of the leading spots was claimed by [...]

29 06, 2017

5 Things Consumers Hate About a Product Package

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5 Things Consumers Hate About a Product Package Product package design is so much more than just the graphics; if your packaging doesn't nail function as well as aesthetics your consumers could hate your products' package enough to look elsewhere.   Packaging quality control and product package design plays a [...]

3 12, 2014

Is My New Product Launch Going To Fail?

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It can be an exciting time when a business launches a new product. You've tested it, conducted surveys, completed market research, and done a full market analysis, so you know that it will be received well by the consumers. You launch your campaign with great anticipation and sit back and [...]

28 01, 2014

Simplicity: Making A Big Impact On Over-Crowded Shelves

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Minimalist Package Design Is Making A Bigger Impact On Over-Crowded Shelves Our markets and grocery stores have come a long way when compared to those of a century ago. Shoot, even 50 years ago we saw a much different scenario than we see today. Fewer brands were available to choose [...]

19 11, 2013

Packaging Design and What Many Entrepreneurs Fail to Understand

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So, you've developed a great product, a product that customers are going to be eager to buy. Now, you need to package this product and let the public know it is out there. The step between a good product concept and a successful retail product is where many entrepreneurs make [...]

22 12, 2012

Epic Retail Sticker Fail

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When designing packaging for the retail environment, there are many considerations designers must be aware of - how will the product be displayed, what materials are best, what are the competitors doing, etc. However, even the best packaging design can fail on the retail shelf when labels and price tags [...]

7 06, 2012

It’s True, LinkedIn Was Hacked With 6 Million Passwords Compromised

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You may not have heard it here first, but there are plenty of people who haven't heard yet. . . LinkedIN was hacked and they said in a blog post on Wednesday that some of the more than 6 million passwords that were compromised correspond to LinkedIn accounts. It did not say exactly how many.

22 02, 2012

What to Consider When Designing Packaging for Retail Sales

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Whether you are a new or established business there is one aspect that you need to keep in mind if you are hoping to make your business a success and get your products selling, this is of course your product packaging. Your products’ packaging has the job of acting as the face of your business, get it wrong and the people you are trying to reach will be getting the wrong idea about your business.