4 Interesting Ways in Which Custom Packaging Can Help Your Brand

Launching a new product? Before you source the cheapest standard packaging find out how custom packaging can help your brand and sales.

custom packaging

Photo by Peter Rerko on Unsplash

The Difference Between Basic and “Custom” Packaging

Basic packaging that isn’t customized tells a quick and direct story: whatever project “X” is, it doesn’t have a big budget behind it. Now for some products, being made “from scratch” and distributed accordingly, basic does have a certain charm to it, but that “charm” may act as a barrier to total potential success.

If you want to get the most profit from whatever you design and distribute in terms of business products, having customized packaging is worth the expense for a number of reasons. Here we’ll cover several interesting perspectives on this you may not have considered.

1. Custom Packaging Advertises Your Brand

When someone is eating a confection you made that has your branded packaging, or opening something your business designed which has your name on it, others seeing it are privy to a free commercial. Say you’ve got a brightly-colored, or at least sleekly designed, package around something you sell. You want something flashy that catches the light in a room.

When someone who has purchased that opens it up, anyone nearby will see the reflected light and be drawn to look. Make your packaging look “delicious”. Ever heard of “gummy” headphones? They literally sell them at the candy aisle in department stores like Walmart. Why? Well, there’s a subconscious connotation that puts tech in the place of hunger.

So if you package what you produce in an appealing way, the desire for a “snack” could prompt a purchase of the product from inside a given store. The same sort of visual cues can have a similar effect through online stores. Certain colors and design schemes are literally appetizing. Check out this article for some more tips of this kind of marketing.

2. A Collector’s Item: Think “Crown Royal”

Packaging need not be disposable. The velvety “royal” sack which surrounds a bottle of Canadian Crown Royal whiskey is something people tend to keep. Those little pouches can be used for storage, they can be used for Christmas wrapping later on, and a whole variety of things. Bottles, pouches, sacks, and boxes that are themselves a product double-down on value.

When you increase the value that is associated with what you produce, that can have the effect of facilitating increased consumer loyalty. People keep coming back because they actually get two products for the price of one. So look into not only packaging, but packaging which can be reused for another purpose.

Beyond secondary utility, this really advertises your brand well. Just be sure your brand logo, slogan, or mascot is clearly emblazoned on that “collector’s” packaging so those who aren’t “in the know” get an opportunity to discover what you sell when they encounter the packaging separate from what it houses.

custom packaging
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

3. Quality Control

The postal service of the United States is certainly one of the best in the world, if not the best. But in the wake of the present pandemic, quality control has definitely lagged.

Employees on-hand and other issues have slowed things down a lot. So sometimes big shipments of product aren’t necessarily cared for as best they could be. Fed-Ex, UPS, and worldwide shipping companies are in the same boat.

A good solution to help assure your products are delivered properly is strong packaging that can protect what you ship while taking a mild beating during transit. Custom-designed, branded packaging can help with that.

4. In-Store and On-Site “Curb Appeal”

Whether packaging is so strong it can withstand an impact, or simply puts your label on a product in a stylish and attractive manner, it gives what you sell better “curb appeal”. That goes not only for products sold on-site, but those sold online as well. Attractive packaging increases buying potential between two products of the same kind and quality.

Just as curb appeal increases the value of a property, providing quality branded packaging increases associated curb appeal of the products you sell. So it’s worthwhile to look into that if you haven’t.

Professional Custom Packaging Solutions For Your Business

There are a lot of custom packaging solutions out there, one of the most straightforward and cost-effective is deepkinglabels.com. What makes sense is exploring available options and choosing those which most precisely match the needs of your business. Different business sizes have different needs.

That said, going this route will make your operation privy to a number of key advantages, included among them: free advertisement when someone opens something you sell in public, quality control, potential collector’s item possibility, and curb appeal both in-store and on-site.