Why Having an App is Good for Your E-Commerce

An App allows you to reach your customers where they are with a personalized message, createing better customer engagement for your E-Commerce business.


Why Having an App is Good for Your E-Commerce

The concept of m-commerce as an addition to e-commerce has been on everyone’s mind lately. It refers to the process of shopping online via a mobile device. Phones and tablets have become ubiquitous parts of our daily lives and companies are trying to use this fact to present their services to the customers in a fast and convenient way. This is more than just a tech trend that comes and goes. It’s a very useful tool that can revolutionize your marketing efforts and seriously help your bottom line.

Better user experience

Apps can be used to create a more compelling and personal user experience for your visitors. A website is quite limited in this regard because it can’t interact with the users in a way an app can. On the other hand, phones are much more personal, and they are almost always near their users, which means you could target different users at specific times and based on the location of their mobile devices.

A phone can also serve as a reminder of any future offers that your business might have. Reminders are much easier to ignore when they are presented via website or e-mail, but push notifications make your business just a swipe away from the customer wherever they are.


Phone data

A phone contains a lot of information about its user. Most of our phones contain all of our friends and contacts, browsing history, music, and all the other apps we use. All this information could be of great use to a company looking to create an advertising campaign.

The app can gather these details and thus help you understand your clients better. This, in turn, makes the campaign more personalized and more effective.

Customer support

Customer support is a feature that could make or break a business. It’s a storefront window for your company and you need to pay special attention to how it represents your business and its values. The most wanted features in customer service are speed and availability.

An app could help with this immensely. It would mean that the users could reach the support via the app at all times and get the response in a simple and written form. However, don’t forget to add an F.A.Q page because most of the common questions are pretty similar.


Many people don’t realize that having an app can help you double your SEO ratings. Both of the major search engines, Google and Apple spotlight, rank the content of the apps as well as the website content. That’s why using both platforms could make your content rank better and therefore drive more traffic.

At the same time, you need to be aware that the content you create for your app needs to be equally good as the one created for the site. However, its formatting should be adjusted to the specs of most mobile devices.

User engagement

The app should engage your audience with your site, your content and the business itself. This way, you will keep the company and its message on the minds of the clients. It’s a matter of content, but also of the design. From the moment they first learn of the product until they recommend it to someone else, every step of the customer journey through your online store must be implemented in your app. In order to maximize user engagement, you should include polls, feedback, recommendations and reviews in your mobile app development plan.

Cross-channel targeting

Many users have more than one mobile device. A lot of people have two phones and work-related tablets, as well as tablets for reading only. This isn’t really convenient for businesses because all the personal information needs to be entered twice.

Apps allow you to use cross-channel targeting and offer the same experience when dealing with your business on all devices. This way, you get to pick up a lot of potential users that get lost in the process of switching devices after noticing your ads or your content.

Customer loyalty

In the end, an app is a way to inspire and improve customer loyalty. It shows that you care about your visitors and that you’re working on the ways to make their interactions with your brand more comfortable and convenient. It also reflects on the way you see your business by trying to put it on the cutting edge of trends and tech innovations.

The app could also be used in conjunction with other advertising tools both offline and online. This raises brand awareness and brings more conversions, which is the most important goal.

Every business can benefit from having an app. It brings more sales and improves the advertising campaigns while being cost-effective at the same time.