Top Technology Trends Businesses Need to Embrace Now

Top Technology Trends Businesses Need to Embrace Now

Companies who feel like they’re behind in adopting technology aren’t alone. A recent Forbes article looks at the intimidation businesses that simply don’t have massive R&D departments or deep pockets feel in trying to keep up with the trends.

However, you don’t need to adopt everything on the technology landscape to thrive and stay relevant in your industry. Instead, start with the areas of your company that could benefit the most from technological advancements. To do that, look at where you struggle in your business; whether trying to automate processes to free up more time during your day or work as a team more cohesively. Here are top technology trends to embrace now.

Adopt an Office Automation System

Automating the processes in your business is one of the first areas to look at in technology trends. You can dramatically reduce the time it takes to do everything from email to sending feedback to customers by using tools like Zapier. You can connect nearly a thousand apps to automatically work together when a specific condition is met. For example, every time you receive an email to your customer service inbox, you can set up Zapier to automatically attach a FAQ sheet or alert a team member about the email.

In addition to automating processes, automate your office security. Lorex Technologies has many easy-to-set-up cameras to keep tabs on your parking lot, entrances and exits.

Leverage 3-D Printing

Big car companies and manufacturers are already using 3-D printing to help create cars and parts more efficiently, but small businesses can also get in on the technology trend. As more companies look to push cost savings, they will adapt to new trends in virtual inventory. It’s possible to print the parts as they are ordered to keep up with real-time inventory. Small businesses can use 3-D printing to create their own prototypes, customize products and even create marketing materials like three-dimensional business cards.

Adopt Machine Learning

Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly entering the business mainstream as a new technology trend. One example of machine learning is AI assistant Microsoft Cortana that can help answer basic questions and help you with your day. You can also start using this technology on a smaller scale that helps shape the customer service experience and predict customer behavior. Small businesses can leverage machine learning to help determine what kinds of products customers will want, and what they will likely order next.

Transitioning to Everything-as-a-service

Businesses are already using software-as-a-service (SaaS) for everything from word processing to marketing. But we’ll continue seeing an explosion in the everything-as-a-service economy as more companies adopt and deploy their services directly through the cloud. Businesses that are deploying services to customers can start transitioning to a cloud-based delivery system and recurring subscription model to enhance their own business.

Technology is often obsolete before businesses feel they can fully transition and adapt to the new trends in the marketplace. But the real goal is using technology to enhance your business and simplify your day-to-day. Focus on the technology that matters the most to your business and slowly adopt to new trends as needed. You’ll end up with a more sustainable approach to building your business and running it as efficiently as possible with a little technological help.