5 Clever Moves to Make Your Way in E-Commerce

How to Start an E-Commerce Business in 5 Simple Steps; that is if you want your E-Commerce business to be a successful online business.

5 Clever Moves to Make Your Way in E-Commerce


The growth in the number of Internet users worldwide affects many branches of the global economy. E-Commerce is one of the fields that completely depend on the Internet. According to the research conducted by eMarketer, the global revenues in this field will surpass $4 trillion by 2020.

So, if you’re planning to build your business with E-Commerce, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon of e-retailers. However, there are some potential risks for beginners in this business, which require some clever moves, as well.


Choose the most suitable form of E-Commerce

When you have a creative business idea, the most natural thing is to transform it into a tangible business as soon as possible. Still, if you rush into launching an E-Commerce business without preparing the ground for it, your entire effort might end in the gutter.

First and foremost, you should choose the form of your e-store. On the one hand, you can place your e-store on one of the popular E-Commerce platforms. On the other, you can start out by adding one of the trustworthy shopping carts to an ordinary website.

The former option is recommended for the business owners who are launching a specialized e-store. The latter is better for small and mid-sized businesses whose primary activity isn’t E-Commerce, but it’s only an addition to their business.

Prepare the online features for a successful launch

Including a cart in your website means nothing if it isn’t accompanied by a proper social media audience. A rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t launch an E-Commerce business before you make sure it will get the attention of Internet users.

What you should do first is launch a business page on Facebook. As you start writing posts, publishing the content from your website and gaining followers, your online business potential will keep growing. Also, go for a reliable Facebook analytics tool and make any necessary changes in your Facebook campaign on the go.

Apart from that, you can aim at a large audience of potential customers via Instagram. This is especially practical for an E-Commerce business that wants to attract younger customers. Posting photos of your products or your business preparations to this network, as well as using hashtags and other Instagram business features will contribute to your online visibility even before you launch the E-Commerce website.


Simplify the website for advanced user experience

Smooth user experience is the essence of contemporary E-Commerce. In a nutshell – if you want to convert visitors into customers, your E-Commerce website has to be as simple as it gets.

Only an intuitively navigated e-store will enable its visitors to crack its shell and become loyal buyers. Translated to everyday use, you need to leave out any distracting features from that website. This is even more important when it comes to the shopping cart. A simple E-Commerce website will swiftly lead potential buyers from the home – or landing page to the shopping cart.

Simplify the website for advanced user experience


Apart from that, add a search button to every page, so that a confused customer can immediately look for the desired item.

Also, if you have to place ads on your E-Commerce website, try to put them somewhere where they won’t annoy the visitors and customers.

Finally, avoid popup ads, because they’re pain in the neck in regular websites, let alone an e-store.


Strengthen reliability with various payment options

The issue of payments is one of the crucial topics in E-Commerce. Due to various cons and fraudsters lurking behind on the Web, both E-Commerce owners and buyers need to be cautious in the online environment.

As a business owner, you can take some steps to reduce the risks of online payment fraud.

What you can do first is enrich your business offer with a variety of online payment options. Regardless of the locations where you target your audience, using PayPal for E-Commerce is always a practical option. You can connect it with your bank accounts and credit cards, which will add to your business adaptability.

Moreover, you have to be ready for larger orders, in case you get in touch with bigger enterprises. In line with that, prepare some handy invoice templates for different business partners.

When talking about payment options, it’s essential to mention the importance of proper data storage. You shouldn’t keep some sensitive information about your clients, such as the CVV numbers from their bank cards. If necessary, store their names and addresses, but do not save their account and credit card details. That way, you’ll protect them from fraud and your business from security issues.


Offering special conditions to your customers

In order to make your E-Commerce website even more customer-friendly, it’s clever to offer some special conditions to your shoppers.

In this day and age, when the number of e-stores is rapidly growing, you need to be prepared to always offer something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

For instance, free shipping is something that’s taken for granted in many countries. However, many E-Commerce retailers have some special rules pertaining to some countries or parts of the world. If you want to improve your competitiveness, introduce the flat-rate free shipping policy for all the locations.

Additionally, show your customers that you’re an honest and far-sighted entrepreneur by accepting a flexible refund policy. To be more precise – give refunds to everyone who has a right to it. That way, you’ll get some free promotion from your satisfied customers who will spread your name across the Web.



Seeking success in E-Commerce is a daring move these days. While the market is huge and still growing, there are many competitors trying to win the race and become a household name in that niche. Therefore, E-Commerce rookies should use every smart piece of advice to improve their knowledge. The tips provided in this text will help you make your way in E-Commerce and learn more about this lucrative business field.