Anatomy of The Perfect About Us Page [With 8 Stunning Examples!]

The about us page is one of the most frequented pages of any website and possesses the power to sway a customers decision, that’s why you want to nail the anatomy of the perfect about us page.

Anatomy of The Perfect About Us Page

As consumer awareness grows and people analyze more than just the price point when purchasing goods, the importance of trust in the business-consumer relationship continues to gain significance.

Consumers now want to buy from brands that are looking for more than just to sell their products – brands that share the same core set of beliefs and values as the customers themselves.

In a saturating economy, consumers are often left confused which brand to choose – and this is when an effective About Us page can tilt their decision in your favor.

About Us pages are some of the most frequently visited pages on a website, but despite their significance in forming a relationship with the customer, they are not paid their due share of attention.

This article will shed light on how to create the perfect About Us page.

The Anatomy of a Perfect About Us Page

Exemplary ‘About Us’ pages aren’t just well-written pieces of content, but so much more than that. They engage visitors, tell your brand’s story, and build consumer trust – ultimately growing your business.

Here are some tips (with examples!) on how you can create a perfect About Us page:

1. Personalize Content to Your Target Audience

Bar a few sectors, not every business caters to the general public. It is imperative for companies to realize what drives their consumers, and who do they look to address in their ‘About Us’ page.

To align with their objectives and ‘pain points,’ companies need to research their target audience and ensure the About Us speaks to them, rather than in a generic tone.

Personalize Content to Your Target Audience

Bentley, the prestigious car brand, does an excellent job of captivating its target audience. Bentley owners are likely to be affluent people that look more from a car ­­– a luxurious experience. Their About Us page does an outstanding job of crafting that illustrious vibe through stylish imagery and extravagant text.

2. “Pull” Them with An Attractive Headline

The headline has the power to pull or push people away from a website. The headline is the website element that ensures if the visitor is going to stay on the web-page or bounce. Sometimes your website visitor is in doubt between you and your rival, so it’s not unusual that they decide to check your About Us page to make a decision.

Chances are if you had a killer headline – you would’ve held on the lead. As one of the first things a visitor sees, headlines can intrigue, interest, and attract a consumer to read through your About Us page.

Attractive Headline

This is what the company CultivatedWit, looks to achieve through the use of over-sized text and humor in the About Us page. They made a statement and tried to showcase their company’s personality with just this simple text and one high-quality image.

3. Create A Story

Customers place great value on the creation of a brand story. Not only does it lend the much-needed relevance and context to the brand’s existence – but it offers a chance for the consumers to relate to the story and develop trust.

Create A Story

For instance, ProBlogger’s About Us page does an excellent job of conveying Darren Rowse’s story. The story unfolds in a way that it lends trust to Darren’s stature as an industry expert. The personal branding unfolds very subtly to give credibility to ProBlogger’s brand.

4. It’s More About Them Than Us

Even though the page explicitly states it’s ‘About Us,’ truth be told it’s ‘About Them’; the loyal customers of your brand. The content of your About Us page serves to build a relationship with your customer.

It should address their concerns, how much value you place on your customers, and how you look to solve any problems they might have. Take a look at what CopyBlogger has done.

It offers a refreshing contrast to the usual “I am so and so” template. They start by emphasizing their efforts, and then how the consumers can look to benefit from their website. Also, they use minimalistic and clean website design, which is great if you don’t want to distract your visitors from important things by using too many elements or colors on the site.

5. Leverage Social Proof

As opposed to displaying your credentials in the outline, social proof has always been one of the most visible signs of success. In a digitalized economy, your About Us page should definitely make it a point to highlight your credentials, major affiliations, and impressive data-driven statistics to carve an impression.

Leverage Social Proof

A brand like Tumblr needs no introduction. Still, they make it a point to highlight their major social influence through social proof statistics placed right at the very top.

Add A Human Element to Your Page

A good About Us page makes sure to add the ‘human touch’ to their brand story. When you have a brand that impacts lives, and pays back to the community, the About Us page is a great place to host that tale.

Not only does humanizing the brand story reaches out the customer, but they also connect with them. Every company has a story, and humanizing the story adds a magnetic aura that helps influence visitors.

Human Element

This is where Yellow Leaf Hammock serves as a great example. They weave an empathetic tale around how hammocks liberate poor artisan weavers and their kin, stating “this is the basis for a brighter future.”

Visuals Are Always Welcome

In this era of ground-breaking design innovations and impressive graphical advancements, visuals are significant for every digital experience on the website. But how far are you willing to go until your About Us appears to be overdone?


If you’re Adidas, you’re adept at finding the fine line between visual brilliance and a webpage that is overdone. The German sportswear giant starts with an inspirational heading – and what follows is a graphical journey exploring the roots of the multi-national brand.

A CTA Is a Must-Have

Whether you deal with clients who outsource link-building to your business or run a manufacturing unit that mass produces clothes – your branding efforts have a principle aim: consumer conversion.

CTA, short for a call to action, are of various types. They can be asking the consumer to subscribe to a newsletter, or an innocent plea to donate for a charity – but them being there is crucial to nail the coffin on its head and get consumers to do the desired action.’

For instance, have a look at how Bulldog – a men skincare product – alternate between adorable bulldogs and a subtly placed link stating “Get Started” in their About Us page.


About Us pages are some of the very first opened by consumers when they visit a website. As more and more consumers base their decisions on the values and beliefs the brands share, an About Us page has evolved into a marketing necessity. Creation of an impactful About Us page should be viewed as an investment to ensure high conversion.