Does your logo need to be redesigned?

5 clear signs that will help you know if your logo needs to be redesigned

Does your logo need to be redesigned?

Your logo is the visual representation of your company. The first impression matters a lot and your logo is the first impression of your brand that leaves a lasting impact on the mind of your target audience. It helps to build an identity that works across every imaginable touch point. This is the emblem that people see on your website, products as well as on your branding collateral. Keeping the significance of logo design in mind, it has to be designed to embody your brand values and vision in an effective manner.

Nothing withstands the test of the time, not even your company logo.
The logo which has served as the most critical element of your brand identity may no longer be a fit to send your brand message across. In order to stay ahead of the curve, your logo needs to be tweaked. There can be several reasons that define if or when you need a new logo or a design overhaul.

This post sheds light on 5 fundamental signs which serve as an indication that it’s about time your logo needs a redesign.

Your Logo is Filled with Intricate Details

You see them from time to time, but complex and detailed logos just aren’t the perfect representation of your brand. While some detailed logo illustrations may hold their value, typically, the more straightforward and minimal the logo, the more effectively it sticks to the mind of the target audience. Show your company logo to someone who is not your customer if they fail to get the message that your logo wants to convey, then you should contemplate a redesign decision.

Take the example of Apple’s old logo redesign here, Apple’s original logo was filled with intricate details. It didn’t take much longer for the company to realize that they have committed a design blunder. Within a few months after their first logo, the company went for a 360-degree design overhaul and came up with a simple multi-colored Apple’s logo, which they tweaked further to make it more simple and minimal.

apple's logo redesign

In a nutshell, simple is the new classy. A simplistic design is easily recognizable and memorable. The purpose of your logo is to get you identified in the crowded market that’s the reason it is known as the visual identifier of your brand. It does not have to tell the entire story with the stuffed details.

Your Logo is Not Versatile

Logos today are not only designed for your storefront, a newspaper or billboard ad — your logo has to be adaptable to modern media. For instance, your company logo was created 15 years ago for your storefront, it has served as a successful brand identifier for a long time. Now you are going to expand your business to the digital sphere you need a website, social channels and much more to set off your digital presence. It is not necessary that has served your company for years, will work equally well on the digital media.

Ask yourself if your logo is good to go for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. As on these mediums, people mostly get to see a teeny tiny version of your logo.

• Can you make adjustments to its size without disturbing the dimension of the logo?
• Does it work equally well in black and white?

If you are unable to see all these qualities in your logo that means, your logo might need to be redesigned.

Premier Logo Redesign

Have a look at Premier League logo redesign, the logo has undergone a significant change in order to align with the modern needs. They have kept the multiple versions of their logo, which they use across multiple platforms without losing the true essence of the brand.

You have a DIY Logo

How Your Cheap Logo Could Be A Huge Liability

When you first started your company, you may not have had enough money to invest in professional logo design. At that time, you cut corners with it and opted for an online DIY tool to design your logo. Now you have flourished into a successful brand and you want to expand your business even more. You cannot go further with an unprofessional logo as it may leave a bad impression on your potential customers. Further more cheap logos can come with great risk.

Find yourself a professional logo designer who has the grasp on the nitty-gritty of logo design aesthetics. When you switch from a DIY logo to a professional custom logo design, it leaves an impression that you are growing and improving each day and your they will have more trust in your company.

Your Logo Doesn’t Define Your Brand Anymore

Most businesses grow and evolve over time. 5 years ago you started off with one product or service, now you are selling something different, or you may have expanded your services and line of products. In this scenario, an old logo might fail to do justice with your brand identity.

Remember your logo defines what you stand for in the present. It is not to express something what you used to do in the past. Instead, it should be advanced enough to describe where you are headed and what are your goals for the future. If your logo does not reflect your values, ideas, products and services, then your logo might need to be redesigned.

Your Logo Looks Dated

Does your logo need to be redesigned? Chances are, if your logo was designed in the 80s — it does! Your logo may be the most robust identity of your brand. Still, you can’t keep it without making any tweaks. Why? Because a dated logo with plenty of grids, shadows, outdated fonts and style wouldn’t be able to stand out when displayed on modern devices. At the same time, it would fail to grab the attention of potential customers who are habitual of seeing contemporary designs.

Needless to say, internet browsing on mobile devices is increased as compared to computer devices and big screens. Therefore, your logo should be adaptable to the new display formats; otherwise, the newer audience and potential customers wouldn’t be able to develop a sense of connection with your brand.


Your logo is the face of your brand. It is something that can never be compromised. By redesigns, we do not mean to bring an intensive change in your identity. It is not necessary for you to opt for a 360-degree transformation in your logo. Neither we suggest that you should go for a trend which is not going to last more than a year. Instead, you can pick a unique element which you think is the most noticeable and crucial feature of your logo design and you can play with that 1 element and create an improved design around it.