7 Levels of Customer Loyalty: How to Keep Your Clients

Uncover 7 Important levels of customer loyalty to help you build your customer base and more importantly keep the clients you already have happy.


Levels of Customer Loyalty: How to Keep Your Clients

Keep reading to learn how to create a customer-friendly business in order to keep your clients coming back.

Business owners should always keep an eye on profit and earnings but also customer loyalty.

Taking care of clients is a key component to driving brand success. These 7 Levels of customer loyalty will help you keep your customers happy while building sales.


Sure, you started your business to make money, but making money isn’t your only business goal.

In fact, the way you care about your clients has a lot to do with your ability to make that money.

After all, It’s those customers that keep your business alive. They’ve chosen your product or service and it means they’re a part of your world.

As a business owner, it’s kind of your duty to show your customers that you really appreciate them. And if you really want to build your brand, you should go the extra mile to make sure that they’re a part of the process. Building a wise customer loyalty strategy will help a smart leader to heighten the regular clients’ interest and win new ones.

Does this sound like something you can do?

Of course it does!

Keep on reading to get the list of 7 levels of customer loyalty along with important recommendations that will help your business to get real customer devotion.

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Learn How to Keep Clients with These Levels of Customer Loyalty


1. Communication – Expand Your Communication


Google and Forrester insist that it’s essential to build strong relations with your customers, and the emotional part should be the basis of this connection.

That means you need to step out from behind that corporate facade. Customers like to see real people behind all these services and products – it’s the way they determine the value of the company they choose. If you’re not a people person, boy are you going to be able to embrace the technology of the 21st century…

Digital technologies provide us with numerous resources to help us to build the communication connections and retain loyal customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to connect with your customers:


  • Personalization is the right way how to keep clients.
    A welcoming email containing the name of a new user or customer will have a right impact on a fresher. You can also use direct messages on Twitter or Facebook showing that your company is not just a logo on your page. Thinking of someone to become the face of the community is also a great decision. Select a manager or turn into the brand ambassador by yourself.


  • Photos and comments.
    Download images containing members of your team and work processes on your Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. Such regular gestures will build customer loyalty and increase the engagement level. Don’t forget to ask questions on your pages and comment the answers. Your clients will appreciate an attitude like this.


  • Use a blog.
    Write the stories about your product/service, add educational articles, and something entertaining, etc. The biggest way to help yourself is to help your audience find what they’re looking for. Seek meaningful insight to answer pain points your customers may have. Your posts should be useful and they have to contain legit info about the author to increase the trust factor.


2. Audience – Explore Your Audience


Using social media platforms is a “must-have” for any business but a wise leader has to know his audience.

Determine your customers by groups to create a proper style of communication: age, gender, interests, specialization, hobby, etc. Use this data to provide the right content, target the advertisement, learn their needs, and make excellent decisions. The right approach is a great method for how to keep clients.


3. Engagement – Use Tools Like Contest Mechanics


We all like to get presents, don’t we?

Use the desire to receive free products or services to engage loyal customers and attract new ones.

For example, select one of your social media communities to entice with some great prize. Ask them to share your post containing the contest information, tag friends in the comments or add some photos. You can also be more creative and set up tiered gifts layered on top of your initial promotion to incentivize actions.


4. Be Better – Expand your Horizons


Having a business also means following trends and improving your product/services. Your brand has to be the best one in the occupied niche. That means offering something above and beyond standard services offered by many.


Don’t be afraid to involve fresh blood in the company’s life. New people come with innovative ideas that can upgrade your business and boost it to the new level. People will see that you move and develop while trying to be the best in the market. It’s the way how to keep your clients and make them stay with your brand for many years.


5. Community – Invite Customers to Become the Part of Your Brand


Who wouldn’t like to be the part of something big?

In truth, you don’t even have to be a part of something big; people just like to a part of something.

Your customers are your best assets to help bring a story to life, humanize your product and build an engaged community.

Use your website and social media accounts to invite your customers in. These assets are designed for your customer to engage via comments, likes, posts, questions, emails, etc. — it’s all user-generated.

All of this user generated content provides rich SEO material that will benefit your business. Not only that, but it makes your customer feel included in your community.


If you really want to find out How to build customer loyalty, then open up an invitation to meet your customers face-to-face. Host an event and offer special promotions to attendees.


6. Feedback – Appreciate Your Customers’ Opinion


You have to learn to listen to people and notice all their remarks.

This is kind of an extension to the previous point, in that with all of that user generated content, you’re going to hear some things that might not be that pleasing.

It could be a comment concerning your product/service, management, community moderation, content, etc.

Turn this into an opportunity.

Take into account any information coming from your clients and try to draw the right conclusions. Usually, their comments are fair and in case you understand the value of loyal customers, you’ll accept the constructive criticism.


7. Transparency – Be Transparent, Informative, and Quick


People have to understand what you do and how you do it.

Share the information concerning your products/services, delivery methods, payment, contacts, partners, etc. Nothing has to be hidden from your customers. If you’re solving the problems quickly and provide excellent support, even unsatisfied clients may be transformed into loyal ones.

The research data shows that around 70 % of customers become loyal customers when their issues are masterfully attended to.


The Conclusion

These 7 Levels of Customer Loyalty are your key to maintaining customers for the long run.

Real success is attained through customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty is built on communication, engagement and follow through. Show your customers and clients that real people are standing behind the brand — give them something to buy into.

By the way, do you have your own methods to increase customer loyalty levels?

How to keep clients engaged?

Share your recipe with us!