7 Landing Page Optimization Tips For Better Conversion

Landing pages are the single most important factor in your online conversion funnel, start getting better conversions with these 7 landing page optimization tips.

7 Landing Page Optimization Tips For Better Conversion

If you think landing page optimization happens overnight, you’re wrong.

It takes a lot of time and effort. This is a major reason why many marketers get frustrated with campaigns not working.

That makes sense, because if there’s even one hole in your conversion funnel, well, you’re going to lose sales.

Getting A Good Landing Page

If you really want to get a good landing page, then you should start focusing on the collection of data.

Each landing page should be designed based on what you know about the audience, however, don’t just stop there. The more people that visit your website, the more data you can collect.

Just by converting data into informed decisions related to your marketing funnel will bring in more sales as well as leads. There are various strategies you can use for attracting more prospects and even converting more customers.

Today, we’re going to focus on the landing page and how to optimize if for better conversions.

It’s true that many businesses hire experienced UX Designers to build landing pages that convert better, but you’re in luck! If you’re bootstrapping your online store, there are a LOT of tools that can help you do it yourself.

You don’t have to look far online to find landing page optimization tools, for my 2 cents two of the best landing page builders are UnBounce and LeadPages. The great thing about these tools is that they sync with your data so, you won’t end up in scratching your head wondering what to do. You can create the perfect landing page based on actual data and testing.

With that said, there is one major element landing page service providers can’t assist you with, and that is the copy. If the DIY path is too much for you, you can always use expert SEO copywriters or even landing page designers.

Before heading that route, take a look at our 7 Landing Page Optimization Tips for Better Conversion.

Steps In Creating A Good Landing Page

1) Make Messaging Among Ads And Landing Pages Consistent

This seems like a no-brainer, however, you’d be surprised at how difficult this can be – even for pro advertisers. Sometimes there might be a disconnect between what your ad promises and what the landing page delivers. Even the smallest discrepancy can create a bounce.

2) Add Attention-Grabbing Headline

The first thing that people see when they come to your landing or welcome page is the heading. It really needs to be good for creating a good impression. You should put a lot of time and effort into creating an enticing headline or title just to get viewers to move to the next element.

3) Make Changes To Sign-Up Flow Of Your Landing Page

unbounce landing page optimization

Many SEO experts feel that small optimizations will lead to small results. That’s not true at all.

Modifying the font or the color of the button or even the CTA on the button might feel like a stupid little change, but when it comes to moving the needle — it isn’t.

When it comes to sign up forms, changing up the structure of the page can be necessary at times when the goal is to create the shortest path to completion. That being said, often times testing simple word changes, color tweaks or creating more white space can improve conversion rates significantly.

4) Writing Simple Sentence Structure

A common mistake is trying to fit too much into your sales pitch. I don’t know if you’re aware, but online readers have a short attention span.

So, you need to avoid using complex sentences and words. It can be hard to get passionate business owners to not write long-depth paragraphs regarding how awesome their business, services and products are — but the landing page is not the best place for that.

When in doubt, take a look at UBER’s super high converting landing page for an ad campaign:

awesome landing page examples

5) Making Your Landing Page Easy To View And Mobile Friendly

Have you ever tried to fill out a web form using your mobile device?

If not, you could be excluding a lot of potential customers with a crappy mobile experience. Mobile viewing is the new norm and it should be your number one consideration.

81% of mobile researchers are driven by the speed and convenience of the site, and 73% of mobile searches trigger additional action or conversion.

Customizing your landing pages to suit mobile users can go a long way in driving up the business, so make sure you pay attention to it.

6) Segmentation Of Traffic And User

One thing that you’ll find is that one landing page rarely does the trick. Think about if for a minute…

You have different types of users in different locations often with different interests. This is exactly why you should create a landing page for each of the segments and try to drive traffic from various sources. This will help you to measure the effectiveness of your market segmentation.

For example; if your landing page has geo-targeting capabilities or extended logic, you might be able to create a single page by changing the content based on the visitor. If this is the case, then try to make sure that your tracking is able to take care of such complexities.

7) Get Rid Of Clutter

Have you ever clicked on an ad and wondered what it was you were looking for once you hit the landing page? I hate that, and frankly it doesn’t take much to get a viewer off track — if that happens, you’ve lost a sale.

When you are creating a landing page, just step back some times, and look at it from a distance. Ask yourself;

• is the message clear?

• is the message tailored to the specific viewer?

• is there a clear call to action?

• is the form easy to fill out?

• do all of these things support one goal?

Neil Patel used this ad as an example to illustrate the same point – you’ll notice it hits on each point:

get rid of clutter

Wrapping Up

One thing is sure. It is important to get your landing page up and run quickly, rather than spending hours, days, and weeks trying to perfect it. The only way to optimize a landing page is to have a landing page up and building data.