5 Inbound Marketing Strategies That Will Triple Your Revenue

Inbound marketing gives businesses a way to boost their conversion rates and better engage their prospects. Here’s how your company can harness its power.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing’s popularity is soaring, leaving outdated outbound marketing approaches far behind in its wake. As this trend continues to rise, an ever-increasing number of businesses are eager to learn more about how they should go about increasing their conversion rates using inbound marketing techniques.

Inbound marketing has statistically been shown to generate 72% more leads than standard outbound protocols do. We can simplify the concept behind inbound marketing into three key strategies: 

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Impress

Many businesses spend months—or even years—trying to perfect this approach that can be effortlessly achieved with these three steps.

Many businesses don’t create clear inbound marketing strategies for their operations, and thus cannot effectively implement the practice. This could be because of their use of outdated advertising methods, or an incomplete understanding of what inbound marketing actually entails.

Here are 5 key inbound marketing strategies that you can use to give your business the growth boost it deserves.

1. Creating Impactful Videos

Video content beats text-based marketing in virtually every way, especially in the modern age. It enables viewers to retain information faster, it’s far more entertaining, and from a marketing perspective, video has a superior ROI as well.

Studies show that 54% of surveyed customers wish to see more video content from the brands they support. 80% of surveyed people have bought an app or software product after watching a promotional video about it.

Creating captivating and immersive video content is as close as your business will come to meeting your customers in a digital space. This medium allows you to show off the masterminds behind your products, explain your services and offerings in detail, and engage with your customers effectively.

Video content is highly compatible with an omnichannel marketing approach. Omnichannel advertising is based on developing a seamless customer experience across multiple platforms and includes repurposing content on these respective platforms. If your brand is to succeed within the competitive and growing digital realm, you need to give your customers’ information in a format they welcome. Video content is a solid solution.

2. Sharing Guest Posts

Guest posting allows your business to reach brand new audiences, while acting as an effective tool for growth. You can build profitable backlinks that direct traffic to your blog, ensuring your content is regularly seen by new potential customers.

Guest posting falls in line with the first step of the inbound marketing process—that is, to attract customers. If you publish an engaging guest post that contains a well-placed nod to your products, there’s an excellent chance that a few readers will head to your website to check them out. That fulfills step two—engagement. If they like what they see, you could reach the third stage, which has the power to create a sale.

3. Offering Free Tools

Nearly every type of business you can think of can benefit from implementing a ‘give before asking’ approach. It can be intimidating for companies to offer free tools, valuable information, or value-added free subscriptions, primarily because of concerns that people won’t pay for their premium products if they have free options available.

These concerns are understandable, but they’re also incorrect. Businesses that offer free tools, useful templates (like this business plan template), HR management systems, or document management software can reap significantly more interest in their main products, improving their sales numbers in the process. 

Your business might lose a small percentage of customers by offering a free tool or subscription. However, it will also be more likely to retain big-ticket clients that want to invest in your premium services at the same time.

Ultimately, offering free tools requires a leap of faith on your part. Once you take the plunge, you can expect ample business growth. If you don’t want to offer a completely free tool, you could consider offering customers a limited-time free trial instead. This approach is particularly well suited to companies offering tiered software-based services.

4. Giving Away Email Courses

Email courses work similarly to free tools. They give your prospective customers a chance to decide whether or not your services and products will meet their needs. 

If you plan to offer an email course, you can send this free learning opportunity to new prospects who add themselves to your email subscriber list. Anyone who’s impressed by your free training can then choose to invest in your paid courses, software, products, and so on. 

Giving away a free email-based course allows you to further build your email list for marketing purposes. A good course is a fantastic lead magnet! 

5. Hosting Targeted Webinars

Webinars (or web-based seminars) are filled to the brim with useful information. This feature makes them an ideal way to convert prospects into leads and cash customers. Many companies use this affordable and simple strategy by partnering with affiliates, hosting webinars packed with information that leaves viewers walking away with a plan in mind.

Companies who host webinars successfully owe their success to a couple of factors:

  • They work with every affiliate that reaches out to them, no matter how big or small their audience is. In other words, they work with everyone, instead of selectively partnering with well-known bloggers alone.
  • They host regular and consistently engaging webinars at weekly, or even daily, intervals.
  • They allow any bloggers that approach them to become affiliates, within reason.
  • They give away value that would otherwise cost viewers hundreds or thousands of dollars. Successful companies’ webinars are full of relevant and actionable information that bloggers can easily put into action without spending too much money. This creates trust between viewers and the company, which will make viewers more willing to try premium products later down the line.

If you have software you need to sell, a slim marketing budget, or a niche audience, a solid webinar strategy could be just the ticket to give your sales figures a boost. 


Inbound marketing is the way of the future for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and sectors. It allows you to facilitate value-added correspondence with prospects and customers. It improves your revenue streams and meets the needs and desires of your target group.