Where to Get Backlinks in 2021

Everyone trying to rank their site is looking for backlinks, but where should you get backlinks in 2021 that will actually help you achieve that? Let’s find out.

Where to Get Backlinks in 2021

The Internet is based on links.

If you want your site to show up in search, you need to get external links (backlinks).

Think of it in terms of job recruitment; when your friend’s got your back in an unfamiliar company, it’s much easier for you to fit in. The same goes for link building. If an authoritative site refers to a resource on your site, it looks much more trustworthy for a search engine. 

So, how do you go about getting backlinks to improve your site’s authority? We’re going to cover that now.

1. Create Useful Content

Before you can get backlinks to any of your resources, you need useful content.

It will be essential to review your page content and then optimize your page content.


Optimized content creation is what will benefit your audience and in turn the entire site. 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a lot of content on the web. If yours is just another compilation of what can be seen on any site, the interest in your page drops significantly. 

You have to try your best to come up with gripping content highly focused on a particular niche. Your readers only find value in content that actually provides value to them. From the very beginning, you must evaluate the usefulness of your article. 

Though Google may say content length is not a ranking indicator, statistics show that the majority of ranking content online is of significant length. It doesn’t mean that you have to provide 2000+ for each of your articles, but you do have to cover a topic in-depth and in a way that hasn’t been done a thousand times already.

Great content usually contains numerous keywords and LSI words, LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords are terms and phrases that are similar or related to a webpage’s target keyword which contributes to page success.

 Blog.pixpa.com provides a nice outline on using keywords and structuring content to rank:

  • Make a target series of search queries in your article. It’d be more convenient to make it easy to scan since a user may need to find some specific information;
  • Modify already posted content. Make some changes and updates to your previous articles.

In this way, you can be sure that the users will make references to your page.

2. Guest Blogging

You may be familiar with some of these ways to get backlinks already. Link building tactics such as, guest blogging are still relevant – just like what I’m doing with this post on this site.

Partnerships with other bloggers by writing articles for their websites is a great way to get backlinks and social engagement. Guest blogging allows you not only to earn references but also to reach a much larger number of users. It’s equally important for improving the ranking of a website. 

Just be selective of the sites you choose, if you choose poor-quality blogs, all your hard work will go down the drain. It really only works if you find authoritative pages to collaborate with. 

3. Infographic Backlinks

Infographics are one of the most popular and highly shared forms of visual content on the web, and many marketers see these combinations of design, words, images, and data as the key to high-quality backlinks.

The quality of your infographic directly impacts how successful your promotion strategy will be. A low-quality infographic that fails to grab the reader’s attention isn’t likely to grab the attention of the person you’re sharing it with, either. If you are building backlinks, put the extra time, research, and money into better infographics. It will make your life a lot easier and your infographic outreach much more successful.

Remember: the ultimate goal is to give value and links will follow.

Most link building services focus on guest post outreach, but again, the best links come from providing valuable resources. Infographics and video are the two most widely shared forms of content. If getting to the TOP search results is important to you, then this will be worth your time.

A properly organized infographic allows you to:

  • Gain traffic;
  • Increase authority;
  • Draw the attention of the target audience and attract new visitors;
  • Get higher positions in the search results.

If you’ve been managing your resource for some time, it will have more external links than most of your core website pages.

Search engines evaluate not only the quality of resources but also their daily quantity.

4. Crowd Marketing

Crowd methodology is a well-known and reliable strategy that still works great. Crowd marketing is, roughly speaking, deals with reviews. Nobody forbids you to leave links to your website in the comments. 

The main thing is that you should post a comment on a blog or forum about the relevant topic. Besides, it shouldn’t look like a direct ad. In a subtle form, you can recommend your resource to readers. You can thank the author for the material and mention your site if it suits the situation.

Link building with the help of reviews has proven its effectiveness for a long time. The main thing is to act reasonably and don’t abuse leaving comments. 

5. Content Gap Analysis

One of the most effective ways to get authority links is by finding and filling a content gap.

What the Hell is this all about?

Great question… it’s really all about finding topics other websites have missed out on, or at least missed the mark on. Since links are very much about great content, you will notice a LOT of it being published online. One of the biggest failures for Ecommerce websites is publishing content that is already vastly covered and well.

Neil Patel identifies a typical content gap is when your competitors only write blog posts, articles and other kinds of text-based content, but they forget that 90% of the information that gets transmitted to the brain is visual.

If we’re looking to find the content gap, then when researching a specific topic, if you find several blog posts on that topic but no infographic, PDF download or video — well, then you have a prime opportunity to create a resource that will be highly linkable.

If you feel that you’ve tapped these awesome Ecommerce link building tactics out, then check out this BigCommerce webmasters resource for link building.


Backlinks have been the backbone of SEO from the beginning and are so powerful that it can make or break your SEO campaign. To get backlinks the simple guide above has proven itself time and again, if you’re looking for more detailed information on the different kind of backlinks to build your profile, click here.

Just remember always connect with popular and authoritative sites.