Effective Ways to Increase Search Engine Ranking

By focusing on ways to increase search engine ranking for your topics, you’ll be generating great content for all digital channels, let’s take a look.

Ways to Increase Search Engine Ranking

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Running a business is both a rewarding and challenging experience. You will find that business growth isn’t just about just selling products and services.

Today, building a successful business has become more about building a relationship with your audience and defining a place in the market.

For that, businesses require well-crafted strategies to boost their market and audience reach. There are many different marketing strategies that you could implement, but in this post we’re going to focus on one — Ways to Increase Search Engine Ranking.


Because consumer behavior is changing, and with this change, businesses need new strategies to be visible. Online all of these strategies are rooted in the content that is ‘your brand message’.

No we’re not getting off topic…

Digital marketing includes social media, email, and video and posting. The common denominator for all of these strategies is brand content and that is exactly how you increase search engine rankings. If you’re looking for ways to increase your search engine rankings, it’s by enhancing the quality and quantity of the content to reach your target audience. 

By focusing on content that will increase your search engine rankings, you will effectively be creating branded content that works across all other digital marketing channels.

We’re going to cover some key ways to increase search engine ranking, if after reading this full post you don’t feel like this is in your wheelhouse, you can always consider a professional SEO services provider.

How do you go about finding the right agency for you? Start by doing a Google search for a digital marketing agency near you. For instance, if you live in Newcastle, Australia, you can search online by typing Digital Marketing Newcastle, it’s a safe bet that the agencies showing up in search know what they’re doing

To learn more about different ways to increase search engine ranking on your own, let’s get into it.


1. Go Above and Beyond with the SEO-Friendly Content

When it comes to search engine rankings, SEO-friendly content is never an exception. Content is considered the foundation of the website’s ranking on Google. It means that whenever a user searches a query, it may never rank if your website is not relevant to that query. For that, it is essential to start with the content strategies for ranking your webpage. 

It is essential to know your relevant audience and their interests in the search engine to get started. Keyword research can allow you to identify the most searched queries and the content that is ranking for them. You will need to optimize your content for these keywords by incorporating them for the header tags, meta tags, and content structure. Remember never to spam your content with keywords as it will never work and can also lead to penalties from Google.


2. Build a Responsive Website

It is easy to consider content optimization as the only worthy strategy for increasing website rankings. However, today, businesses are competing even more than before. The rising competition online is encouraging business owners to devise new strategies that are both unique and effective. Meanwhile, Google also encourages businesses to incorporate essential elements to take their website higher in the search engine rankings. Responsive website design is also one of these elements that have a crucial impact on search engine rankings. The responsive design means a higher user experience by allowing your website to fill every type of screen. You may never know if most users would be searching for your products or services through mobile phones. Yet, it is never ranking because of the unresponsive design.

Google’s algorithm enforces business owners to enhance their website design for higher adaptability to any user’s device. Google establishes this algorithm to enhance its user experience. Since users will be searching for your website on the search engine, if Google takes them to the unresponsive and cluttered website, that will impact their credibility. That is why Google considers responsive design as the ranking factor for websites.


3. Build Links to Your Website

As the competition among online businesses soars, link building remains a crucial factor in achieving a prominent ranking position. Link building is all about gaining a vote of confidence by building a backlink profile from authoritative websites. When the outbound link of your webpage is placed on a higher authority website, Google determines the link juice shared to your webpage. Moreover, the crawlers from the algorithm also measure the content quality and relevancy to allow your webpage to index. The higher the quality and relevancy of the content will be, the higher your website will rank.

Most people think that link building is no longer effective and will never assure higher ranking results. The truth is completely contrary to the misconception. Link building indeed requires some portion of the marketing budget and time. But building the best backlink profile can pay dividends in the long run. Ensure to produce high-quality content and avoid spammy blogs that will hurt your business credibility and ranking performance.


4. Write Engaging Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are also an essential part of the overall SEO strategy. These are the snippets of the information displayed just below the headline of the search engine results. Meanwhile, you will be putting your efforts into crafting the headlines, but that does not mean you should ignore the meta descriptions. These snippets are the key to increase the click-through rate on the search engine results page(SERPs).

Your meta descriptions should be crafted to engage the users for clicking the search results. The click-through rates are also ranking factors of Google. This way, you can easily enhance the search engine rankings by optimizing the meta descriptions of each webpage.


5. Link Out to Good Resources

Outbound links can also benefit your website with ranking juice. Meanwhile, many people consider it a distraction for readers or take the users off your website. However, the outbound links build the relevancy and accuracy of the information on the webpage. Google determines the relevant outbound links as trustworthy and thus ranks your website for the relevancy of the content.

Professionals always advise using the outbound links on each web page to gain more trust signals from Google. There is no set amount for using the outbound links, but that depends on the type of content and length. Never use excessive outbound links as they can impact the page experience for users.


Final Words

SEO is not something that will happen overnight. It is a continuous process that requires consistency and new strategies to gain the most out of the search engine rankings. Always look for new ways to increase your search rankings through quality content and relationships with other sites online.