The Latest SEO Trends Your Business Needs to Know

Keeping up with the latest SEO trends to drive traffic? If not, this article will get you up to speed with the SEO trends your business needs to know.


The Latest SEO Trends Your Business Needs to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for every business that has a web presence (or wants one). This is a marketing channel that can consistently offer return on investment for companies and help them to stand out against their competitors. But SEO is an ever-changing beast, so it is vital to stay up date with the latest tactics and techniques.

Here we take a look at some of the key SEO trends that your business needs to know about if you want to maximize your web presence.

The rise of voice search

voice search

There is currently no reliable data around the numbers of people searching using voice search, nor the search terms that they are using. However, it is clear that Google and many other tech giants are taking voice search very seriously – and that means that your business really should be too.

We are already starting to see the rise of devices normalizing voice search, such as Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. But it is currently unclear how much real searching is being done with the voice. There are some suggestions that optimizing for voice search might actually be a case of optimizing for the way that devices or computers search, as the human gives the voice command, but it is the machine that actually searches.

This could have far-reaching implications as SEO may become more of a task of understanding the different ways that specific pieces of technology search in order to rank for those terms.

Artificial intelligence changing how we search

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a major talking point across many industries recently. But it is now becoming more important than ever in the field of search.

Firstly, it is affecting the way that customers and users search, but also it is being used by SEO professionals to help them achieve results.

For example, with Google using AI to become more adept at understanding images which may mean that it is possible for someone to post an image of an item into Google and the search engine will be able to provide results for places to buy it.

Amazon Search Optimization

One of the latest SEO trends that you might start to see a lot more of is ASO, standing for Amazon Search Optimization. This shouldn’t come as any surprise due to the incredible popularity of Amazon’s site.

In fact, there are statistics that suggest 72 per cent of shoppers use Amazon’s search facility in order to find products.

This means that Amazon has the numbers that could rival Google in terms of product searches. If your business sells products then it is important to understand how optimizing for Amazon search can help you dominate Google Search as well.

While people perform all kinds of different searches on Google, many of which are informational searches, pretty much every Amazon search is transactional. That’s why its algorithm actually comes down to only a couple of things:

  • Relevance
  • Performance

If you optimize your Amazon product page for these two, crucial ranking factors, you’ll end up converting and selling more on the site. Read this article by WordStream for more detail.


Great content is still the key

SEO professionals have long lived by the mantra that ‘content is king’ and despite huge changes in the search algorithms over the years, this is something that that has stayed constant. And in 2019 this is still very much a trend that your business needs to buy into.

You need to invest in content that is going to be valuable to the people visiting your site, many businesses are creating long-form content and really going into depth to offer their customers something different and to help them stand out against their competitors.

Google as your homepage

Google my Business

Google My Business (GMB) is becoming an increasingly important aspect of SEO and in fact there is a trend that suggests organizations need to start thinking about Google as the homepage of their business. This is due to the fact that business’ GMB profiles now typically contain many of the details that customers might be searching for.

Additionally, GMB gives you the opportunity to create content such as frequently asked questions or offer posts, which can be effectively curated to present your business in any way that you wish.

A mobile first web

mobile first design

If you haven’t made your website a mobile first priority — it’s way overdue for an upgrade.

Having a mobile-friendly website is essential, and these stats will show you why.

  • 80% of mobile users are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites quickly address any objections or concerns they have. Make your sites easy to navigate.
  • 89% of users are more likely to recommend a brand after they’ve had a positive experience with said brand on mobile.
  • 46% of buyers said they wouldn’t purchase from a brand again if they had a disrupted mobile experience even once.

Even if your business puts one day per week focus on the mobile version of your site it can make a huge difference to your rankings.

Click here to find out why your website needs to be mobile optimized and how to approach it.



If your business has been struggling to carve out it’s place in search, these are the latest and most relevant SEO trends that your business needs to focus on.