The Complete Guide to Social Selling on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is designed for business networking, learn how to harness the power of social selling on LinkedIn to build business more effectively.

Social Selling on LinkedIn


When it comes to social networks, LinkedIn is not only one of the most effective, it is more effective for actually driving business leads.


LinkedIn is generally the only platform that can directly lead to new business.

Other platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, can be useful for gathering information about your prospect’s interests and personality, warming them up before you reach out to them, and building your subject matter expertise; however, LinkedIn is the only platform that can directly lead to new business.


You can make contact with a potential customer on Thursday, schedule a call with them for the following Tuesday, present your product to them on Friday, and then close the deal before the weekend.


However, without in-depth understanding, it could be a little tough for you to execute social selling on LinkedIn as well as other platforms. Sure, you could enrol in a social media training academy, where you or one of your employees can gain knowledge on how to structure the interaction around your company or organization, build customer loyalty, and bring new clients and business associates.  But why not, finish this article and get the information you need first?


Developing an efficient plan for social media will not only help you grow all of your other inbound marketing initiatives, but will also help you develop brand awareness, promote word of mouth, and attract more customers. 


To put it another way, using social media for inbound marketing is the most effective method possible. Now, we’re going to show you how to master social selling on LinkedIn:

What Exactly Does It Mean When People Talk About “Social Selling” On Linkedin?

The term “social selling on LinkedIn” refers to the process of using LinkedIn to locate leads and prospects, connect with them, and create connections with them with the aim of driving sales.

Why Should You Engage in Social Selling on LinkedIn?


Due to the fact that it was first developed for professional networking, many people overlook the fact that LinkedIn is an excellent social media tool for social selling. 


LinkedIn provides all of the capabilities that you require to educate your followers, create authority in your area or business, exchange knowledge, and interact with your followers in interactive conversation in order to advance them further along the sales funnel.


Although social selling on LinkedIn is most effective for B2B companies, it is nevertheless important not to overlook its potential for B2C companies. Since there are more than 611 million users on the site, there is an extremely high probability that your target demographic is adequately represented there.

The following are four advantages of social selling on LinkedIn:


Just a handful of the many advantages of social selling are as follows:


Raise the visibility of the brand.


When your LinkedIn followers share your content with their networks, their connections also click and engage with the post. This results in an increase in the brand’s visibility since those who were previously unfamiliar with the brand are now exposed to the products and services that the brand has to offer.


Improve the Quality of Leads


If you boost the number of people who see your brand, you’ll have access to leads of a higher quality. People on LinkedIn have a tremendous thirst for knowledge and will be excited to learn more about you if you share content on the platform. There is also the additional impact of social proof, which refers to the phenomenon in which individuals are more likely to place their faith in the recommendations of their friends and family members than in what they hear straight from your company.

Drive more people to your website.


If more people share your content, then more people will click on the links that you provide and visit your website.

Boost the number of sales.


Naturally, a rise in sales and an increase in your average order value will follow a rise in leads and an improvement in lead quality.


You are already participating in social selling at its most fundamental level if you already have brand-specific profiles on several social media platforms. Simply having a presence on social media will drive an increase in the number of leads and sales that your brand receives. You can, however, make the most of the social selling features on LinkedIn by utilizing one of the many available tactics for social selling on LinkedIn.

Strategy for Social Marketing on LinkedIn


There are five fundamental approaches that you can take to make social selling on LinkedIn work for you. Before moving on to particular social selling methods with LinkedIn, we will first provide a cursory overview of these five areas.

  • Develop Your Name as an Industry Leader


If you want to be regarded as a reliable authority in your field of specialization, you absolutely must have a robust professional brand. Keep in mind that the power is with the buyers. Because there are so many possibilities for practically any product or service you can think of, it is essential to position oneself as the most desirable option in the market.

  • Interacting With the Appropriate Audience


You can more quickly locate potential clients and engage with them if you use social selling. In point of fact, almost seventy-six percent of consumers are willing to interact with companies via social media. Additionally, LinkedIn’s audience targeting capabilities make it simple to locate the appropriate audience for your content. You can target users on LinkedIn based on your desired criteria, such as industry and geography, or you can target specific positions and job functions instead.

  • Discuss Your Opinions


You need to position yourself as a professional in the field if you want to create greater interactions with other users of LinkedIn. This requires commenting on the content that people in your sector share as well as sharing content that is pertinent to your industry to share. Be sure to be abreast of the most recent developments in your business, as well as who the key decision-makers are.

  • Build Relationships

When it comes to social selling on LinkedIn, credibility and connections are absolutely crucial, as you can see for yourself. You can demonstrate that you understand the suffering of your target audience by sharing your own opinions and experiences. When you begin having discussions about the requirements of your target audience, you will be in a better position to demonstrate to potential customers that your brand is capable of satisfying those requirements.

How Well Are You Doing? Measure It!


With its Social Selling Index, LinkedIn is able to provide businesses with a measurement that assists them in quantifying the value of social selling (SSI). 


This index, which rates your success on a scale from 0 to 100 and is based on LinkedIn’s pillars of social selling, includes the following:


  • A reputable and established brand
  • Reaching out to the appropriate demographics
  • Establishing one’s dominance
  • Developing partnerships

LinkedIn as a Platform for Social Selling

It is not difficult to engage in social selling on LinkedIn; however, it does require some organization and work. You will be able to construct a highly qualified brand image that is appealing to your prospective customers with the help of each of the recommendations that we have given in this post. 


After reaching this point, you will be in a much better position to develop authority and generate trust through the material that you are publishing on the platform, and it will be much simpler for you to increase your LinkedIn network.


Remember that you don’t have to accomplish everything all at once when engaging in social selling on LinkedIn; this might be an extremely daunting activity.  As time goes on, you will cultivate an image that is authoritative and trustworthy, which will make social selling on LinkedIn an absolute breeze for you.