Six Ways to Get Authority Links for Your Ecommerce Website

Looking to increase the rankings of your Ecommerce website? Check out these 6 ways to start building authority links to improve your Ecommerce rankings.

Get Authority Links

Every new Ecommerce website is looking for better search rankings and while having a lot of categories and products helps, having authority links is necessary. If you’re new to SEO, welcome to the topic of backlinks. If you’re ready to start ranking your Ecommerce website, we’re going to focus on how you can get authority links to do just that.

Let’s dig in to the best ways to get authority links for your Ecommere website.

How to Get Authority Links for Your Website

First, it’s important to understand that Every link that leads to your site gives it “authority.”

Remember this, because when your building your backlink profile, you’re going to want to make sure that the majority of links you build are authority ones.


Because the most beneficial links come from the most reputable sites — better one useful link than ten wrong links. There are literally dozens of factors that influence the value of a link for example an ‘in-content’ link closer to the top of a page  – transfers more weight.

The fact that there are so many factors that influence the quality of a link it makes it pretty hard to determine the actual quality of a backlink.

So, how do you determine the quality or authority of links?

Here are some signs to help you identify them:

  • On one domain there is only one link to your site.
  • This site has a natural link profile.
  • The link is on an old domain.
  • This site has a recent version in the Google cache.
  • The link is on an official page and domain.
  • There are several more outbound links on this page.
  • The link is on a relevant site.

Now, let’s take a look at how to get authority links.

1. Social Networks

Using social networks is one of the most accessible and most affordable ways to get backlinks and increase the visibility of a company (brand) in search results. Some social networks allow you to get do-follow links, some only no-follow links.

Even though the value of the former is significantly higher, do not underestimate the second type of links: a natural link profile should include not only do-follow but also no-follow links.

Following are the best examples of social media platforms where you can get authority links:

Reddit. Reddit is one of those services that react exceptionally negatively to link spam and require users to consciously and appropriately place links. This may sound intimidating, but as soon as you understand the laws by which Reddit lives, the link placed on it will not only become an additional decoration of the link profile but will also bring targeted traffic to the site.

Youtube. If your content strategy still does not include promotion within the framework of Youtube, it’s time to think about it seriously. At least for the sake of treasured dofollow links and increased visibility in organic search results Google.

LinkedIn. The blog platform within the LinkedIn social network allows users to freely post nofollow links in their articles, useful for the organic dilution of your link profile. But don’t despair: LinkedIn’s value is not limited to this only.

Social media links have been drastically undervalued, click here to learn more about building links on the best underrated social media platforms.

2. Authoritative Blogs

Independent blogging platforms, as well as blog services from leading search engines, can also become a source of high quality backlinks and additional traffic. When posting your publications on them, Publishing your content on authority blogs can happen in a couple of different ways and those are guest posting and submitting existing post for curation.

To build true authority and ranking you will probably want to use both.

Note: submitting your existing post for republication should NOT be the only method you use.

If writing guest posts to build links isn’t your cup of tea, you can certainly hire SEO service providers to manage this for you.

Besides, each site has its unique features that should be considered when developing content.

Related Blogs

One of the best examples of authority link building is finding blogs with topics that match the topics of your site. This is beneficial in a couple different ways;

• the followers of the blog in which you post on can drive great referral traffic

• in content links from similarly themed content typically has a higher value of transferred authority.

Active blogs are very valuable and taking part in the comments section of blog posts can also produce some highly valuable inbound links to your site.

Guest Blog Outreach

Blogger outreach is the process of identifying influencers typically in an industry related to yours and who you could benefit from a relationship with.

You can leverage this kind of relationship to get in front of an already established audience, via guest blogging (which gets a link back to your site from theirs).

For your part, it will take only time and a little effort to write unique and valuable content, which must be approved for publication by the moderators of the selected site.

The hardest part is identifying the blogs that you could benefit mutually from and connecting with them. The most direct approach is to reach out to people within your space who aren’t competing with you directly.

For example; you might share an audience within a niche, but you can offer something different from the influencers that you’re trying to build a relationship with. Not all influencers are created equal for more information on how to identify good ones and reach out to them, click here.

3. Participate in Events

Every business should consider running events as a key method of interacting with its audience base, local community, business partners and other stakeholders. Events are PR-worthy, tangible and portray an air of authority, expertise and commitment to your industry and its stakeholders. ~WordTracker

Participation in specific events can not only benefit you from a traditional PR point of view, but also open up additional opportunities for link building.

Hosting events, setting up groups or meet ups featuring yourself or an employee as a speaker, is a guaranteed way to generate and get links shared quickly and effectively.

One of the biggest benefits is that events make it far easier to build links from sites that are notoriously difficult to get links from. For example; It can be pretty hard to get a link from a major newspaper, TV station, or other prominent local website. However, getting an event into their events section is like a secret back door into getting a high quality link from a great domain.

4. Edu Websites As An Additional Tool

Domains of government and educational institutions, as a rule, have high trust indicators and are therefore especially attractive for link building. Getting links from government and educational sites is somewhat problematic and typically not easy to do.

There are only three scenarios for placing backlinks on educational sites: in comments, in places of broken links and directly in the text.

5. Content Gap Analysis

One of the most effective ways to get authority links is by finding and filling a content gap.

What the Hell is this all about?

Great question… it’s really all about finding topics other websites have missed out on, or at least missed the mark on. Since links are very much about great content, you will notice a LOT of it being published online. One of the biggest failures for Ecommerce websites is publishing content that is already vastly covered and well.

Neil Patel identifies a typical content gap is when your competitors only write blog posts, articles and other kinds of text-based content, but they forget that 90% of the information that gets transmitted to the brain is visual.

If we’re looking to find the content gap, then when researching a specific topic, if you find several blog posts on that topic but no infographic, PDF download or video — well, then you have a prime opportunity to create a resource that will be highly linkable.

If you feel that you’ve tapped these awesome Ecommerce link building tactics out, then check out this BigCommerce webmasters resource for link building.


We’ve taken a look at 5 very effective methods for obtaining authority links for your Ecommerce website. While many Ecommerce services can and should be automated — link building is not one of them. Take a professional and personal approach to crafting content and links. If you struggle, contact a consultant for help.