How to Create a Product Bundle on BigCommerce

Trying to bundle products on BigCommerce? This post covers the different approaches you can use to create a product bundle on BigCommerce.

How to Create a Product Bundle on Big Commerce

Screen Capture: Brooklinen



Product bundles are best for selling more products at the same time. E-commerce bundles are a win-win for the sellers and the buyers by letting the customer experience a new product with a low risk of losing money. Customers tend to choose attractive product bundles as they want to enjoy the product features while spending the least amount of money.

E-commerce store owners rely on product bundles to boost their sales, keep low-selling products in rotation, and improve AOV. Store owners can also reduce the cost of marketing by designing fascinating product bundles. However, designing successful product bundles for SaaS e-commerce platforms like Big Commerce is never easy. That’s exactly why we’re going to show you some actionable ways to design flawless product bundles for your business using BigCommerce.

The first thing I will say about BigCommerce product bundles is that you are absolutely NOT going to be able to replicate fluid product bundling shown in the screen capture above from Brooklinen. BigCommerce does not accomodate bundling of products with options.

There are workarounds and some apps that get you closer to this type of product bundling of products with various options and that’s what we’re going to look at.

Efficient Ways to create a BigCommerce Product Bundle that Converts!

Here, we feature several viable product bundling options for your BigCommerce store that will help you convert faster and better.

1.  Pair up Fast-Moving Products with Low-Selling Ones

There are some products at every store that perform better than others. These hot-selling products have better turnover ratios that contribute a lot to generating higher revenues. On the other hand, there are some products that don’t sell really well–making them occupy the shelves for longer periods of time. The turnover rate of these products is low.

There could be many factors affecting this low turnover. However, usually, the problem lies in the pricing, packaging, or positioning of the product. You might be offering a certain product at a higher price, placed somewhere on later pages in your stores, or maybe packaged in a comparatively less favored way.

One of the smartest ways to create a product bundle on BigCommerce is to pair up fast-moving products with low-selling ones. It lets you push out slow-moving products from your stores. For this, you can use the product bundling strategy.

It is a technique in which you can group several products together for sale as a single unit for one price. It appeals more to the consumer than individual products and also instigates them to buy more. McDonald’s Combo Meal is one of the best product bundle examples. It combines burgers, French fries, and soda in one bundle instead of selling all three separately—leading to greater sales.

In BigCommerce, you can make use of this by creating pre-defined bundles as products that would look something like this: (screenshot:

pre defined product bundle


You can then use the Native Recommended Products to entice customers to add on related products:

bigcommerce related products


Perks of combining fast-moving items with fast-moving ones:

  • It seems affordable to the customers.
  • Increases impressions.
  • It boosts sales in the long run
  • Encourages customers to purchase more products.
  • Pushes your less popular products.
  • It attracts value-conscious customers and causes impulsive buying.

2.  Go for Mixed Bundles!

Freedom of choice matters a lot! Therefore, you can also create product bundles in a way to offer more flexibility to the customers. It is one of the most popular product bundling strategies used in e-commerce. You can create a mixed product bundle on BigCommerce to let you sell your combination packages to a wider range of buyers with diverse interests and preferences. How is it better?

Perks of mixed bundles:

  •  Increases the customer base of online stores.
  •  Allows the sellers to control their inventory.
  • Assists buyers in making a purchase decision.

Joe Troyer, CEO & Growth Advisor of ReviewGrower says “Mixed bundles offer an additional perceived value to the customer. A good deal on several items makes their mind to purchase—even if they didn’t plan to. Getting one product alone may not make sense but getting them in a deal surely makes it more attractive.”

Mixed bundles can be achieved in a few different ways on BigCommerce. The easiest way is to use the “product pick list” to create product options allowing the customer to select and add individual products. The downside is that the pick list does not allow you to add products with options as pick list items ie: you can add a mug as an add-on item, but each color or variation of the mug has to be added individually.


You Can also create mixed product bundles using an Upsell App for Bigcommerce, view apps.

BigCommerce Upsell Aps

3.  Go for Pay less, Expect more Bundles

Another way to add thrill to your product bundles and make them irresistible is to go for Pay less, expect more bundles. This approach adds more perceived value to your product bundles which ultimately boosts average revenue per user.

By offering an all-inclusive price reward—you can prevent buyers from underestimating the value of your bundled products.

How this approach works best?

  • Combine 2 or more products at one price. In this combination deal tactic, you will offer two products as a bundle— at a single price.
  • Combine a set of high-priced and low-priced products together at one price. You can attract customers with a demanded product while offering a low-priced product in the bundle too—at a single price. Using this groundbreaker bundling tactic makes you sell the less popular products in your store easily.
  • Combine diverse products together at one price. A bundle with diverse products make the customers get a variety of products at a single price. This may cost them high if they buy all the items individually. They instantly make a purchase to avoid missing it.

Robert Warner, Head of Marketing at Virtual Valley says “Pay less, expect more product bundles to increase your AOV, and reduce your marketing and distribution costs which are indispensable for your e-commerce business.”

On BigCommerce you can achieve this by using the promotions, discounts and coupons features;

Define unique and complex group rules

Offer any of the 70+ built-in promotions and discounts to your customer groups, in any combination. Give groups unique mix-and-match, discount tier and shipping options. Set multi-layered tiers for wholesale groups, or reward loyal customers with a standing percentage off.

bigcommerce promotions

Learn how here.

4.  Offer A Big Discount to Your Customers

Discounted pricing works best while creating product bundles only when it’s done in the right way. Discount bundling is sometimes the only cause of impulsive buying—an unplanned purchase decision made without the actual need for the product. This tactic also works best to create a brand image by offering high-quality products at a reduced price. Discounted bundles make the customers feel positive about your brand—by giving them more than the expected value at a low price.

Abdul Saboor from The Stock Dork says “One of the top discount bundling examples includes buy-one-get-one (BOGO) bundles.” A BOGO bundle makes the customers feel like getting one product for 100% off—which seems really satisfying. This is the reason why 93% of the customers prefer BOGO bundles over other discounted deals, says AMG Strategic Advisors.

5.  Offer a Combo of High-selling Products with Overstocked Ones!

Another way to create perfect product bundles is to pair high-selling products with overstock items. You can then discount this bundle to make it more appealing to the customers. it lets you offer more value to your customers while boosting the sale of the less popular products in your stores.

6.  Please them with Free Shipping!

Not completing the purchase after spending enough time in the store is a nightmare for the customers and for the sellers too—especially when it is due to high delivery charges.

High shipping costs are one of the major causes of shopping cart abandonment. Viewing the total order price in end with huge shipping charges, leave the customers dissatisfied and may result in a change of mind. Lachlan de Crespigny, co-CEO of Revelo says, “Your customers may switch to your competitors who may be offering free shipping or charging lesser than you.” Just like, many studies have shown that companies can boost their sales by offering free shipping. Therefore, it is highly important to ease the customers at this stage of their online purchase.

It is another way to create discounted product bundles. Waiving off the shipping costs makes the customers feel more relieved. It allows them to add one more product to their cart against the waived price which contributes to increasing the AOV.

Many e-commerce businesses use this technique to boost their sales. They set a certain value of the order after which the shipping becomes free. 

Free shipping makes the customers purchase more products in one order which reduces shipping and packaging costs at the sellers’ end. Shipping a bundle of products to a customer all at once costs less than sending all the individual products separately.

7.  Provide them with a “motive” to buy one more item!

You can make your product bundle on BigCommerce more attractive by creating a need for more of your products. For this, you must provide them a motive to buy one more product from your store. There are many ways of doing it, though upselling is a smart technique when it comes to product bundles.  

Just like Mark Valderrama, CEO & Founder of Aquarium Store Depot uses an upselling bundle as a product bundling approach that contributes to an increase in the overall AOV of your customers. Here, you can provide your customers with an upgraded or more expensive version of the product than what they initially intended to purchase.”

Just like, if you want to purchase an iPhone or an android—an upgraded version always awaits you to offer you more than what you were expecting. It includes better features, advanced technology, slimmer hardware, and improved accessories. Your upselling product bundle can simply be an upgrade to your existing product with additional features or it can be an entirely different and improved model of the product range. 

How Can you Make it Easy to Add multiple Items to Cart from a Product or Category Page on BigCommerce?

Great Question! There are a few different ways to do this.

  1. Contact a BigCommerce developer to create the customization
  2. Use a 3rd Party App like;
    PapaThemes Associated Bundle App
    associated bundle app

Perks of Upselling Bundles:

  • It is easier than getting a new customer.
  • It helps in customer retention which increases AOV.
  • Provides more value to the customer

8.  Experiment with Cross-selling for A Revenue Boost!

Cross-selling is one of the best ways to increase e-commerce revenues using product bundling. The researchers at Forrester also concluded in their study:

Cross-selling and upselling make 10–30% off additional e-commerce revenues.

Cross-selling lets you bundle the most desired products by your customers. You can offer a combo containing all the products that the customer may need along with the product of their interest. Just like, if you’re an online oil paint provider—you can also offer a deal containing graphic art tools and accessories along with the oil paints. The customer may need to look for it from other sellers around. Offering a cross-selling bundle would increase the sale of your oil paints while improving the AOV of customers. It will also enhance your revenue that would come from graphic art tools, papers, canvas, or other accessories like containers or brushes.

Steve Elliott, Franchise Owner of Restoration1 says “Cross-selling is a super effective product bundling technique through which you can also give product ideas to your customers by offering additional products. The customers may learn new ways of using your products for their day-to-day use. It works great for lower-priced items that are related to the buyer’s product of interest. Cross-selling is widely used in fast food chains.”

If you are an online trip organizer, you can create a cross-selling bundle offering discounted air tickets, travel accessories, food chain coupons, discounts at specific hotels, a percentage discount on booking intra-city rides, and much more.

You can also add product recommendations for your customers stating “Frequently bought together” for a more personalized experience. Pop-up suggestions are also a good option to let your customers know about more product options to choose from.

You can easily form product bundles for bought-together products by reviewing your product performance data. You can examine how the buyers made their purchases. It helps you create personalized cross-selling product bundles including all the relevant product combinations.

BigCommerce has dozens of easy-to-install upsell and cross-sell apps that integrate quickly;

bigcommerce upsell cross sell

9.  Give Due Consideration to Personalization

Giving maximum liberty to choose to the customers is also a smart way of designing product bundles. You can let your customers create highly personalized product bundles to suit their needs. 

You can offer a flexible bundle of products to allow the buyers to design their own bundles. Just like, offering the customers to pick any two out of five products to earn a discount. It also brings the luxury of experiencing the freedom of choice while buying a discounted deal – Alex Savy, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at ComfyNorth.

Final Words

Not all of your products are hot favorites of your regular customers, but you can create a product bundle on BigCommerce to build a more appealing offer. 

Offering them in a value-added product bundle may, however, result in improving those low-selling items. Product bundling is an effective strategy for e-commerce stores to boost conversion, improve inventory turnover, and maximize profits. It gives the customers more options to make their purchase decision easier. Getting the product and saving some of their money makes them more satisfied with your product offerings. All of these effective ways of designing product bundling are envisioned to increase VOA and generate more sales to make your e-commerce business perform better than ever!