Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Marketing in 2018

If you made it through 2017 now is NOT the time to let your guard down, there are plenty of new challenges for your digital marketing strategy in 2018!

digital marketing 2018


2017 has been a great year for digital marketing. New strategies and better digital marketing instruments allow even small businesses to reach thousands of viewers – potential customers – for a relatively low amount of money. The increasing popularity of digital marketing also makes the current landscape very competitive.

The success of your digital marketing campaigns in 2017 doesn’t mean you can relax. 2018 will be even more competitive and it is time to up your game. Here are some of the things you can prepare to overcome the challenges of digital marketing in 2018.

Stronger, More Compelling Stories

Storytelling is a key ingredient in every successful digital marketing campaign this year. To be successful next year, you will need to formulate a stronger story that the audience can relate to, and then package that story beautifully.

There is a story to tell in everything you do. Stories about product development, manufacturing, customer experience, and even the people behind the success of your business are very compelling when delivered correctly. These are the stories that you want to focus on.

More Video Marketing

The trend is very clear when it comes to video marketing. The infrastructure is readier, which means more users will consume high-quality video contents as we enter 2018. The signs are there too. YouTube is pushing HDR video and high-resolution contents to more devices. The same can be said for other video sharing platforms.

If you haven’t used video in 2017, you definitely need to start thinking about video marketing in 2017. While blog posts and articles will continue to be the anchor of all online activities, not utilizing video as a content marketing medium will put you behind your competition.

Experience and Insight

Digital marketing is always about knowing your audience and delivering what the viewers really want. It is as much about saying things and broadcasting key messages as it is about listening to the viewers and engaging users directly. Experience and expertise in the specific field you are in will be very important next year.

The same shift is happening across the digital marketing industry. Law firms, for instance, are now counting on law firm consultants such as LawBiz for help with digital marketing. Instead of relying on general digital agencies, they benefit more from working with specialized consultants; insights and expertise are what set these specialized consultants apart.

Effective Remarketing

One last instrument that will remain extremely popular in 2018 is remarketing. It is an effective way of encouraging potential customers into making that final step and converting. However, remarketing will be very different next year.

Instead of using raw data for remarketing purposes, businesses can take a more personalized approach and boost the effectiveness of their remarketing campaigns. Instead of offering the same product that the customer saw earlier, big data and AI allows businesses to also push relevant products and contextual messages to further persuade the customer.

There will be a lot of new challenges in 2018, but these strategies will help you survive the challenging digital marketing landscape. If you are serious about staying ahead and making the most out of your online marketing efforts, now is the perfect time to start preparing for next year.