Google Adwords Support & PPC Management Services

Grow to love the most accountable form of online advertising.

The fact is that PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is the most accountable form of advertising online. Google Adwords is a flexible, effective and completely accountable marketing avenue.

Paid advertising campaigns allow you to establish your own budget and put your ads in front of your customers right when they’re looking for you. Most people run into trouble by dabbling in PPC and this is a sure fire way to waste money and clicks.

How Do We Determine PPC Pricing and Fees?

Our Adwords support and Management pricing is based on the specific budget of the campaign and can also vary depending on the level of campaign development and implementation, such as landing page design, re-marketing and website conversion analysis reporting. We have included a services and pricing chart below for more details on our PPC Management.

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Reoccurring Monthly


$39900Reoccurring Monthly


$59900Reoccurring Monthly



Real World PPC Case Studies

See how we’ve helped other businesses succeed with Google PPC campaigns.

Google Shopping Campaign Case study

Case Study: The Math on Creating a Successful Adwords Campaign

Setting up a successful Google Adwords Campaign is all about doing the math…
Case in Point, RiffRaff Diesel Performance wanted to drive traffic with the main goal of increasing conversions to their online store. Establishing realistic goals on the front side is essential to the success of the campaign, so let’s do the math:

To start off we want to work towards a 10% increase in sales, so we look at the average online sales for a 30 day period as well as the average conversion rate for the store.

Based on an average CPC of $1.12 we would require a budget of $4,000 per month to drive an additional 3,600 visitors and at an average order value of $240 with a conservative conversion rate of 2% this would provide a return of $17,280.

The first 30 days we actually spent $4,358.25 at a 2.37% conversion rate driving 5,646 clicks for a Total Conversion Value of $37,362.10

This was a 7.57% ROI or increase in sales.

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Google adwords for local businesses

Case Study: Using Google Adwords to Dominate Local Search

One of the most difficult marketing strategies for small businesses is mastering Google PPC for local advertising.
There are many different ways to utilize Adwords and one of them is to begin building brand identity locally. DishRepublic contracted us to design and develop their eCommerce idea for a local fresh dinner delivery service where the meals are prepared by local gourmet chefs. They also contracted us to launch a local Adword PPC campaign to help build and support their brand online. This campaign was to work in conjunction with local print and television media all geared towards promoting the brand name. Consequently, this would drive many “branded” search queries for which the website would need to capture and funnel traffic appropriately.

For an average 30 day campaign cost of only $250 we were able to bring in an average of  200 laser targeted visitors at a whopping 1,314% conversion rate making the cost per conversion only $.15.

Get a PPC strategy that works!
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Combining PPC with Other Lead Generation Techniques

As a Google Adwords support agency, we typically combine PPC advertising with onsite optimization and contextual link building to increase organic search results. We can also incorporate social media publishing in order to create a well rounded campaign and also to avoid that “all my eggs are in one basket” type of scenario. It’s funny, many people are gun shy when it comes to Google and PPC advertising. Most new site owners lean towards pursuing organic search optimization without PPC. We don’t recommend doing that. What most people find is that organic seo is a “in for the long haul” marketing effort with little return on investment for the better part of the first year. Google PPC advertising run in conjunction with your organic optimization efforts can be a great way to bring in customers now. Finding the right Google Adword management company to help convert traffic and prevent dollars flying out the door is one of the most beneficial things your business can do.

Pixel Productions Inc., will get your PPC campaigns set up and optimized for improved CPC and ad quality for conversions. We primarily focus on Google pay-per-click advertising, but certainly provide full coverage services which include Bing Search and Display networks or Facebook advertising. We take mobile devices into consideration when setting up your campaigns to ensure your business is always covered where people are searching.

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Google Adwords Tips for E-Commerce

Looking for ways to improve your online presence with Google Adwords? Keep up-to-date here.

1912, 2016

New Image Requirements Spotted in AdWords Responsive Ads

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712, 2016

Google Adds Store Visits and Distance Reporting to AdWords

Google Adds Store Visits and Distance Reporting to AdWords Head's up retail store owners: you can now find store visits and distance reporting data within your Google AdWords campaigns.   The Mountain View company announced this new reporting feature earlier this month, enhancing the effectiveness of its pay-per-click (PPC) platform for local businesses. Located under [...]

2311, 2016

Google AdWords to Launch New Click to Text Message Extension

Google AdWords to Launch New Click to Text Message Extension Adwords marketers are always looking for ways to enhance their PPC campaigns and the new click to text message extension could be a great way to improve ROI.     Extensions are a great way to enhance your AdWords campaigns, adding new functionality to further [...]

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5 Steps To Dominate with Google Shopping Ads

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