Online Marketing Tips for Mobile Catering Van Business

Food trucks & mobile catering businesses have an advantage of being highly visible, but successful ones use online marketing to build & maintain customers.

Have you thought of starting a mobile catering business?

That is a great idea, but you will have to market your business properly before it can succeed. For food trucks, location is critical, but an online presence is also a great tool leveraged by successful mobile catering businesses to interact with potential clients.

Also, online marketing is the most convenient as it puts you in a better position to win more consumers. Other than getting a good food catering van, here are the online marketing tips that you will need to enhance your chances of success.



●    Take food photos

The very first strategy is to get into taking incredible photos and then share them online. Whether it is the photo of your stainless steel camper trailer kitchens or well-spiced chicken nuggets, you can always get a large audience online with pictures.

If you have ever used Instagram, you will learn that food porn is a great way of drawing attention to your eatery.

With high-quality photos on Instagram and other social media platforms; you can attract the attention of many potential clients. If you are not good at taking professional photos, you can hire a pro to do it for you.



●    Use Instagram

Having a good Instagram account and keeping it active is another online presence hack that you might not go without. Almost everyone lives online nowadays, and you can place your business strategically by giving it a good online presence.

If you have visual content that you need people to see, you have all that space on Instagram. Showcase your dishes and van, and use this incredible platform to play around with your brand while answering questions from clients.


●    Embrace loyalty programs

The mobile food apps must be in your online marketing plan. New apps are developed every day, and that means you can always find the best one that has the features you are looking for. If you sign up with online app companies, you can encourage users to check out your food mobile catering van business through loyalty programs.

You can liaise with specialists providing food van conversions to modify the truck for you so that you have a whole package to display in the app of your choice. These loyalty programs provide users with discounts or free purchases in case they visit a given number of times. The most popular loyalty programs currently used are Belly and LevelUp.



●    Manage your Yelp account and reviews

Yelp has massive power and keeps getting better. If you could accumulate some positive reviews from Yelp, your mobile van catering business will start to do amazingly well.

What you need to know about this feature is that users will always review you, even if you are yet to set up an account. As a van owner, you must take control of your account as much as possible. This implies that you need to add details such as typical locations, price range, menu, typical hours, photos, and many more.

The other crucial thing to keep in mind when using Yelp is how you handle feedback. Whenever a Yelper provides a review, make sure to show some gratitude, whether it is negative or positive. If you have to drop a negative line, do so politely and professionally.



●    Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Clients are always looking for the best services on social media. With Facebook Messenger for Business, you can keep in touch with your clients, pitch more customers, and even inform your audience about the current issues around your business and industry at large.

If your consumers are looking for information, you can reply to their chats quickly to show that you care for them. Facebook Messenger for Business lets your users have a look at your portfolio and browse through what is available. They can also place an order and pay directly on messenger. It is a sure way to stay on top of your competitors and grab as much attention as you can for your catering van business.


●    Send out email newsletters

Note that you don’t have to do this every day. For a fact, your prospects will appreciate it if you don’t flood their inbox with newsletters. Just try to deliver one every month and keep it short and precise. You can give them one every month. This is a great tool that helps you celebrate your success and progress as you run your business.

If you have some changes in your menu or other parts of the business, you want to inform your clients through Email Newsletter. You might as well tell them about a special discount to evoke their curiosity.


●    Keep tabs with your social media presence

In today’s world, social media marketing is one of the best tools for SMEs. Therefore, you want to take your online presence seriously by keeping it strong at all times. With this kind of competition in the food industry, ignoring social media and other online platforms might be a death sentence to your business.

Come up with a good Facebook business page and keep it alive. With a Twitter account, you can share what is going on in your business, such as a new location and other improvements. You can also tweet about discounts, exclusive coupons, and even share incredible photos. But opening a social media account can only take you so far. After that, you will have to keep tabs with what is going on in the industry and take the necessary steps.


●    Food blogger outreach

Your mobile catering business should be as competitive as possible. You can hype your business if you create a blog for it. This can be a great way to accumulate reviews and get your business over a vast audience.


The Final Thought

Starting a mobile catering business is easy, but it needs a lot of work to succeed. If you employ the online marketing tips mentioned in this guide, your mobile catering business will stand out from the competition. Make sure you also employ other offline marketing strategies so that your business grows even further.