How to Improve Your Business with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Just as live chat can be a top tool for boosting your business this year, so can using social messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The reason is that these social tools can further enhance your business’s integrity, reputation and sales.

How to Improve Your Business with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Over a billion people worldwide use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. With so many people connected to these apps and regularly using them to communicate and share media, it’s a natural part of their mobile experience. If given the option, many customers would far prefer to send a quick instant message via WhatsApp or Messenger rather than call a helpdesk.


With that in mind, here are some key ways of how you can use these two social messaging services to improve your business.


Customer support – convenience for small businesses

As long as you don’t have hundreds of customers contacting you daily, providing your customers with an instant messaging support option gives them another easier and more comfortable way to reach you. In fact, depending on the nature of your business, these messaging programs also allow you to provide customers with live video help.


If you’re interested in using WhatsApp or Messenger for customer support, there are companies that can help you and provide you with the tools and the API you need to make it happen. Wazapper is a great example for WhatsApp.


As for Facebook Messenger, Facebook recently announced a plugin for business websites. This plugin will allow customers to talk with businesses directly on their website via Messenger and continue these communications across multiple devices including web, mobile and tablet.


Provide a highly personalized real-time experience


Customer support is only the tip of the iceberg. WhatsApp and Messenger give you the opportunity to personalize your interactions with your customers by engaging in one-on-one communications. For a small business, establishing this meaningful relationship can be very important for securing repeat customers.


Having a direct relationship with a customer can make the customer feel more comfortable with your business. As such, they may message you if they have a question, are interested in a particular product, or need support.


Enhance the way customers use your services


Depending on your business, social messenger programs can be used to help consumers easily connect with, access and use a service you provide, quickly and conveniently. For instance, to help make it more convenient and faster for customers to place online sports bets, some bookmakers like William Hill, Paddy Power, Boylesports, etc. enable customers to instantly place bets via the Facebook Messenger mobile app. This is achieved using a special chatbox provided by Onionsack, which enables IM and SMS Text Betting.


As said by Onionsack CEO, Jonathan Power, “the reason [sports bettors] use messaging apps – and operators use our services – is that messaging is simply the easiest way to do it. They use the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp in their every day life, so it takes little effort to use it for their betting too.”


Another example of a way that WhatsApp and Messenger can be beneficial for enhancing customer service is by allowing consumers to use it to book an appointment or even place an order.


Gain invaluable feedback


One of the many ways to use WhatsApp for business is as a tool to obtain customer feedback. Of course, the same can be said for Messenger, too. Find out what your customers think about their experience with your company. They’re far more likely to answer a few questions sent to them via WhatsApp, for instance, than to engage in a phone or email survey.


Customers do want to make their opinion count, but their time is important to them. If you want them to spare some time for you, make it worth their while. Make the questionnaires short, non-intrusive and give them a little incentive (e.g. a coupon) for taking part.


Boost your sales

WhatsApp and Messenger are excellent marketing channels. Once you’ve established a relationship with your customers via these channels, keep them up to date about your latest deals and specials to entice them back. This could mean sending them coupon codes, exclusive offers or advertising a special flash sale that lasts for only two hours or one day, to help drive traffic and create buzz.


For instance, in regard to WhatsApp, based on interaction levels, you can expand your promotion with WhatsApp-Status exclusive promos or coupons.


That said, there’s plenty of ways to market. Just remember to advertise relevant products and services and to do so at appropriate times. If your marketing tactics are intrusive or too pushy, this will only drive customers away.



What it all comes down to is that making social messaging services a part of your business communication model could be highly effective and successful. They are a brilliant method by which you can provide customer support as well as connect and engage with your customers in a meaningful way. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger present a wonderful, convenient and cost-effective opportunity for you to build a quality relationship with your customers and clients.