A Mini Guide to Hiring an Offshore Email Team [Infographic]

There are a lot of benefits to hiring an offshore email team to help manage your email marketing, this post lays it out in an easy to understand infographic.

Hiring an Offshore Email Team

Hiring an offshore team is growing to be a convenient option of getting your work done. It has the advantages of hiring an in-house team and helps overcome the disadvantages that come with it. With global expansion, the world is getting smaller and the geographical barriers no longer matter. It has allowed businesses to hire skilled, updated, and affordable talents from across the globe and outsource their tasks. 


Let’s take a look at the perks of hiring a distributed workforce for email marketing strategy


1. Outsourcing offers you the freedom to hire expert and updated talents

You get access to skilled resources with different levels of expertise. You can choose the talent according to your requirements. You can even select qualified and certified talents who are updated about the latest software and technological advancements. 


2. It is a pocket-friendly option

With outsourcing, you have to pay for the talent according to the pay scale in the country where the agency is located. If you are a startup or small-scale business, it can be beneficial for you to outsource. 


3. You can scale up or down, considering the workload

Hiring an offshore team gives you the flexibility to scale up or down based on the workload. The number of projects would increase during the Holidays. Accordingly, you can adjust the number of resources hired from the agency. 


4. It is hassle-free hiring

The agency provides you a pre-vetted talent pool. They take the responsibility of finding, match-making, and onboarding the talents. Therefore, you do not need to spend time shortlisting the candidates, scheduling interviews, setting up the induction calls, and training them. 

5. Outsourcing facilitates geographical expansion of businesses

Hiring from all over the world helps you overcome the geographic boundaries and expand your business worldwide. It also promotes inclusive hiring without discrimination of any kind. 


Which email talents can you hire from an agency?

You can hire email designers, developers, campaign managers, and automation experts from an agency.


Let’s take a look at the responsibilities of each of them. 


1. Email designers

They are responsible for designing emails that boost engagement and click-through rates. The brand identity lies in the hands of these professionals. The best email designers stay abreast with the advances in technology and design trends. 

2. Email developers

Email developers code email templates that render well across all email clients. These HTML emails are responsive and can be easily integrated in the client’s CRM or ESP. Professional email developers can accurately resolve complex coding issues and rendering issues. 

3. Email campaign managers

Email campaign managers are responsible for planning and maintaining the email calendar. They ensure timely deployment of the emails according to the timeline set in the calendar. Email campaign management also involves imparting a cohesive experience across all channels. They formulate segmentation strategies to personalize the communications. Once the emails are deployed, they analyze the campaign performance and prepare reports. Based on these reports, they can then optimize the campaigns. 

4. Email automation experts

Email automation helps schedule thousands of emails at one go so that you never miss a deal. It allows you to reach the right person at the right time with the right message. They also track the email deliverability. Automation experts take care of the multi-channel automation programs too. They analyze the performance of the workflows and optimize them for desired results. 


Cost Comparison Between In-house and Offshore Talent:


Challenges of Hiring Offshore Email Teams and Quick Fixes


1. Language and Cultural Barriers

You can train your staff to coordinate with the offshore team and be sensitive to their cultural beliefs. Furthermore, you must have some rules and expectations around communication before hiring the resources. 


2. Lack of control over the team or talent

As the resources are working remotely, you might be skeptical whether you will be able to check the project’s progress. You must pick agencies that provide talents who report directly to you. Maintain clear documentation about the daily reporting, leaves, and holidays. 


3. Issues with data security

Sharing your business secrets, market research, and other confidential data can be a problem while hiring an offshore team. Overcome this issue by getting an NDA signed and stating every minute detail in the clauses. Mention that the talent will protect your intellectual property and you have the right to take action if they fail to abide by the rules. 


Wrapping Up


Once you make up your mind to hire an agency, you must evaluate the different hiring models at the agencies. Define the roles and responsibilities clearly. If you need more insights into the same, take a look at the infographic created by the folks at Email Uplers: Hiring an Offshore Email Marketing Team: Benefits, Challenges, and Everything in Between and Beyond.


Hiring an Offshore Email Marketing Team

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